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Rail Freight from China to Europe

Why Rail Freight from China to Europe? | Importer’s Guide 2020

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    Rail Freight from China to Europe is on the rise rapidly. The volume of goods moving by train rose drastically in one year. Moreover, Rail transport helps to lower costs for European companies. Railway transit to Europe is highly recommended because it serves 35 cities in China and conveys 34 destinations in Europe, plus air freight being rather costly is another good reason. In this article by ddpch, you can read all about why choosing Rail Freight from China to Europe is a good idea. 

    European Routes

    There are two major railroad routes: the first one begins in northern China and connects to the popular Trans-Siberian (Russia). The second goes west through Kazakhstan until in Yekaterinburg then meets up with the Trans-Siberian Railway. This place in the western part is the main junction for rail freight. Furthermore, these routes provide logistics options for the deployment of over-sized items (also called Project Cargo).

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    European Transit Times

    In this table, you can see the main destination cities on the way of rail freight from China to Europe.

    Destination CityTransit Time
    Lyon14 – 17 days
    Brussels12 – 14 days
    London18-20 days
    Warsaw12 days
    Hamburg14 days
    Paris16 – 18 days
    Moscow12 days

    DHL Rail Line and DHL Rail Connect 

    When choosing Rail Freight from China to Europe, DHL is a very convenient option. DHL offers DHL Rail Line and DHL Rail Connect services based on your needs. Below you can read about both of these services offered by DHL.

    DHL Rail Line: 

    This DHL service possesses standard types of equipment such as containers and trailers. This service also offers pre- and on-carriage, that are either operated by chassis truck or trailer.

    DHL Rail Connect:

    The DHL Rail Connect service handles loads that are less than a container. This service also offers palletized cargo with the maximum weight per item of 1.5 tons and a maximum dimension per item of 2.4 meters long, 2.2 m wide, and 2.2 m high.

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    DHL Standard  Features

    DHL offers the following features for rail freight from China to Europe:

    • Highly effective links between DHL’s regional networks in Europe and Asia
    • Dedicated railway hubs in Europe and Asia
    • Structured service from pick-up to delivery
    • Safe and controlled loading and handling state-of-the-art track and trace
    • Efficient handling of import, export, and transit formalities
    • Highly reliable door to door lead times

    Why Rail Freight from China to Europe?

    Now that we know all about the rail freight features, let us dig in more into the advantages of rail freight. Below, you can read about why rail freight from China to Europe:


    Connecting continents with competence centers in Europe and Asia.


    Stable energy costs and economies of scale, creating the specific benefits of multimodal solutions. 


    Flexible door-to-door solutions that are able to follow company peaks and shifts in the industry.


    High level of time and cost control With accurate transit times and stable pricing conditions, ensures the best possible start in planning the supply chain. 


    Transparent and secure processes ensure that your shipments are safe and always visible via DHL’s state-of-the-art Track and Trace system.

    👉 Why Chose Rail Freight from China to Europe?

    Rail Freight service from china one of the fastest way for shipping from china to an EU. Rail Freight cheaper the air and truck service is the best way for shipping from china.

    ✔️ How long does Rail freight shipping take from china to Europe?

    Transit time for rail freight service from china to Lyon:14 – 17 days | Brussels: 12 – 14 days | London: 18-20 days | Warsaw: 12 days | Hamburg: 14 days | Paris: 16 – 18 days | Moscow: 12 days

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