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One of the matters that has always been discussed in international trade is transportation. Transportation is one of the most critical factors that many people who order products from China consider it a challenging issue. Although with the evolution of international trade and the specialization of affairs, transportation has become more specialized and safer, its complexity has also increased.

This article aims to discuss shipping from China to France. At the end of this article, you will have enough information.

Different ways of shipping from China to France!

As you know, there are different ways of shipping from China to France that they are as the following:

  • Sea Freight
  • Air Freight
  • Rail Freight

If you want to choose one of these ways, it is better to have comprehensive information in each of them. In the rest of this article, we try to cover all the essential information in these ways.

Sea freight from China to France

For talking specifically about shipping from China to France, you should know this way completely.

When to choose sea freight for shipping from China to France?!

This method of transportation still has an essential role in the transport of various goods. Because ships can carry a wide range of goods with different weights and sizes, they do not have any restrictions on the carriage of goods than planes and trucks.

For the below situations, sea freight is the best:

  • Very heavy
  • The bad or awkward shape of goods
  • Super large goods
  • Goods are more than 200 kg

What ports are for shipping from China to France?

There are some essential ports in China to France that they are as the following:

  • Tianjin
  • Dalian
  • Shanghai
  • Guangzhou
  • Qingdao

Two important ports for transportation of packages from China to France are as follows:

  • Port of Marseille Fos (it is the largest port in France and all types of goods can be handled in this port. More than 2 million passengers use this port to travel)
  • Port of Harve (it is the second largest port in France)

How long does it take for shipping from China to France by sea freight?

It may come to the mind how long it takes for shipping from China to France by the sea. Generally, it depends on the ship’s speed, but, on average, it takes 31 to 47 days.

It is as below:

  • From Tianjin to Marseille Fos 38 days, to Le Havre 35 days
  • From Dalian to Marseille Fos 35 days, to Le Havre 47 days
  • From Shanghai/ Ningbo to Marseille Fos 31 days, to Le Havre 27 days
  • From Guangzhou/ Shenzhen/ Hong Kong to Marseille Fos 31 days, to Le Havre 29 days
  • From Qingdao to Marseille Fos 37 days, to Le Havre 31 days

Please pay attention; they are not the exact time!

Sea freight contracts from China to France

There are some rules that you, as s businessman and businesswoman, should know them. A contract of carriage by sea is a contract concluded between the parties. Under the contract of carriage by sea, one party undertakes to move the goods mentioned in the agreement from one country to another.

The sea contract is usually set in several copies, and these copies are distributed among the parties. Both parties must keep the agreement up to the end of the transportation by the sea.

Why is it important to conclude a shipping contract Sea freight from China to France?

As international regulations state, a shipping contract is a critical process in sea freight from China to France. Goods may break or damage while moving. Also, some goods have a time of consumption, and if they stay on the ship for a long time, they will spoil. There is also the possibility of missing and stealing goods. In some cases, the goods may be shipped to another port incorrectly or arrive much later than the recipient wants.

These are reasons that lead the parties to the contract to ensure the goods’ safety during shipping from China to France. These documents can guarantee any party’s possible to refer to litigation authorities in case of these problems. The use of these contracts will provide security for the parties during the transfer of goods. All this information is necessary for Rail freight transport VS Sea freight transport.

Types of shipping contracts in Sea freight from China to France

There are different contracts in sea freight from China to France as the following:

  • Ship rental contracts:

One of the essential types of shipping contracts is the “ship rental contract.” It is a contract under which the company or the shipowner agrees with the other party to use the ship for cargo. The term of this contract is limited. In conventional ship rental contracts, the crew and all the equipment inside the ship are given to the person or company renting it, and he/she must return everything to the owner safely after the end of the contract. If the landlord does not need a crew, this should be stated in the agreement. Information such as the name of the ship, its specifications, capacity, cargo specifications and its quantity, ports, and places of loading and unloading, rental rates and payment methods, the time allowed for loading and unloading are mentioned in these contracts. These contracts are based on the specified time. This means that the ship may be rented for one or more trips or a specific period.

  • Bill of Lading

In this way, the ownership of goods on the sea is specified. Shipping companies conclude various bills of lading with the company, and they determine the conditions of the goods during the ocean. Some features such as the carrier, the goods transported, the weight or volume of the shipment, the payment terms, the special handling instructions, the transport class of each package, and the rate and amount of the cargo are among the information the bill of lading.

There have been some international regulations for sea freight since the 19th century, and gradually, the rules of the bill of lading have been determined. It is usually stated in different laws that the bill of lading must be set in 3 copies. In this paper, the seller is obliged to deliver the carrier’s goods in proper conditions and packaging. The carrier on the ship is obliged to have this bill of lading with him. In case of deduction of delivery or additional unloading or delay in delivering goods, the carrier is responsible. The carrier must also observe the following conditions before starting the transportation of goods: Preparing the ship for cargo operations, Accurate calculation of sufficient fuel supply, Preparing warehouses, cold storages, and other cargo storage areas a plan for loading and unloading goods and transporting and unloading them. In many ports, a bill of lading is required to unload cargo. In international transport, the state customs are allowed to seize goods imported without a bill of lading in its favor.

  • Contracts with exceptional cases

In some cases, it is impossible to carry the desired cargo in the conventional shipping contract’s terms and conditions. For example, ordinary agreements cannot be used if the parties intend to lease the ship under certain conditions, such as increasing cargo or carrying dangerous goods such as chemicals or corrosives that require special permits. For these cases, outstanding contracts must be concluded in which these provisions are mentioned. For composite and multilateral agreements, such an agreement must be concluded between the parties.

  • Insurance

it is very significant in ensuring the health of goods during the trip is insurance. Any goods that are legally transported must be insured. Usually, before the ship starts moving, the insurance contract is set by the owner of the goods, and in return, an amount is paid to the insurance company. In case of a threat to the goods’ health by any unintentional risk and proofed, the insurance company will pay according to the insurance contract’s provisions.

F.C.L. and L.C.L from China to France

When it comes to sea freight you have 2 options for shipping from china to France, it is essential to choose F.C.L. and L.C.L., and you should have the necessary information in this field.

What is F.C.L.?

F.C.L. or full container load is a way to shipping packages by the ocean. The cargo of any size occupies a full container.

if you have a heavy shipment in china that looking for a cheap shipping way to France we suggest u use FCL sea shipping service.

When is F.C.L. used?

This method can be used when the volume of our goods is the size of a container because, in this method, the cost of one square meter of cargo volume is less than the L.C.L. method, and it is suitable for goods that occupy the entire container.

What type of import is suitable for F.C.L. transportation?

  • Suitable for investors
  • Suitable for high volume goods (more than 20 cubic meters)

Difference between L.C.L. and F.C.L., Why is F.C.L. cheaper?

Because instead of paying for each C.B.M. (cubic meter), you pay for each container. The whole cargo belongs to a customer, and it has a customs license. The review is for one case only.

Why is F.C.L. more secure?

Because only the customer and the supplier of goods have access to this load, the container does not move at all.

Why is damage less likely in the F.C.L.?

Because the goods are not transported from inside the container, all contents inside the container belong to one buyer, and no other containers can be moved. This lack of displacement causes no damage to the goods.

What is L.C.L.?

L.C.L. or less than container load is the best when the packages are not occupied all the containers, and there are not many packages. It can be said that goods with a volume of less than one container, which belong to different buyers, are jointly placed in one container next to each other.

What type of import is suitable for L.C.L. transportation?

  • Suitable for start-up
  • For beginners
  • Carry sample load
  • Partial import

How does the L.C.L. process work?

  • First, you will be contacted by the supplier of your goods in the country you are considering.
  • Necessary coordination is done.
  • After your goods are packed and ready, they will be sent to the port of origin.
  • The carrier ship is selected according to the desired conditions.
  • Send goods documents to the carrier company
  • Guide the container from the ship to the dock
  • Loading goods at the dock
  • Navigate to the destination port

L.C.L. and F.C.L. difference: Shipping cost in L.C.L.

For calculating the cost of transporting goods in this method, the most critical issue is to calculate the volume occupied by the goods. In this transport, C.B.M. is the unit of volume of goods (Per square meter = one C.B.M.).

Note: If your product has a low volume and high weight, the calculation method will be different

Some differences between L.C.L. and F.C.L.

  • Calculation of the weight of goods in L.C.L.: each C.B.M. is one cubic meter.
  • Calculation of the weight of the goods in the F.C.L.: Calculated based on each container.
  • In the L.C.L. method, upon clearance, your goods are taken out of the shared container, and the packages are opened and sent to you in cartons.
  • In the F.C.L. method, your packages will not be opened and will be delivered to you precisely as they were originally packaged.
  • In L.C.L., your goods are placed in a truck to be delivered to you. At this time, you can use the elevator to put your goods on the ground.
  • In F.C.L., goods are placed in a container and placed in the back of the truck. If your cargo is packed as a pallet when you pack, you can move it with a lift.
  • Affordable for small L.C.L. shipments.
  • Cost-effective for large FCL shipments.
  • At F.C.L., you also have to pay for the container in addition to the product’s cost. But this is not the case in L.C.L.
  • Generally, in L.C.L., you only pay for the space occupied in the container, but in F.C.L., you have to pay for a container’s total capacity.

What is the meaning of air cargo service?

if you looking best way to shipping from china to France DDPCH team suggest you that use an air cargo service.

Air transport plays a significant role in countries’ business, often as an economic growth indicator. The development of aviation has also made more substantial progress today by improving cultural and social services, expanding economic activities, the increase of regional employment, and tourism development.

The development of air transport depends not only on natural, economic, and social factors but also on political and legal decisions and applying financial and executive rules and regulations.

For this reason, reviewing legislation and removing many restrictive administrative regulations has always been a factor in expanding the airline’s operations worldwide. The pace of change and advancement of aviation technology is inevitable with aviation industry technology development in infrastructure planning.

Air cargo is transported by particular aircraft such as giant Beluga or Antonov 225 from country to destination. It can be the exact meaning of air transportation.

The advantages of air freight from China to France!

Many people think that air freight from China to France is very much more expensive than sea freight!

It may cost a bit pricey, but this way has the excellent advantages that must be considered. These advantages are as following:

  • High speed: airplanes are so faster than any other vehicle. Hence, by using air freight, you can save your time, which is an essential matter in the business world, and it is not needed to wait for several weeks to get the packages.
  • Easy tracking: The timing plan for the arrival and departure of the aircraft is explicit. Hence, you can easily track the airplane to check the exact time of its appearance. It is one of the significant advantages of choosing air freight from China to France.
  • Flexibility: Using air freight to export packages from China to France is a very flexible way. There are different flights to France. Then you can choose the best time according to your plan.
  • High security: According to international rules, high security is in the air traveling, and your goods are not at risk.
  • Light packaging: as in the airplane, the good have a safe place. It is not necessary to use bulky packages.
  • Low insurance: due to quick transit, the insurance premium is not high, and it is significant for all businessmen and businesswomen.

Other advantages of air cargo for shipping from China to France

  • Transit cargo to all parts of the country and the world
  • Cooperation with most freight and airline companies
  • Enjoy high speed in intercity service and transportation
  • Provide door-to-door service
  • Calculate the cost of cargo based on the weight and size of the goods, which saves costs
  • Inquire about the status of the load via SMS and email

What package size is vital for air freight from China to France?

If you want to choose this way, it is essential to know all the detailed information. Air cargo are ideal methods for these conditions:

  • When goods are under 200 kg
  • When goods aren’t in bad shape

It is better to remember air freight is not suitable for super large cargo. In airfreight, goods can transport in the Express or Classic method. In Express, all goods arrive between 1 to 3 business days at the destination, but it takes 4 to 8 business days in a second way.

Airports for shipping from China to France!

There are many flights from China to France. Some cities in France are significant that air freight takes place; they are as the following:

  • Paris Charles de Gaulle / the location is in Paris
  • Paris Orly Airport / The site is in Paris
  • Bordeaux Merignac Airport / the site is in Bordeaux
  • Beauvais Tille Airport / the site is in Beauvais
  • Lyon Saint Exupery Airport / The site is in Lyon

The leading Chinese cities that have flights to France are as follows:

  • Tianjin
  • Ningbo
  • Shanghai
  • Qingdao
  • Shenzhen
  • Dalian
  • Guangzhou

Different airports have flight from China to France. It is better to know them.

Therefore, you know the nearest airport if you are in a city in China. The main airports for traveling from China to France are as following:

  • Xiamen Gaoqi International Airport
  • Harbin Taiping International Airport
  • Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport
  • Qingdao Liuting International Airport
  • Taiyuan Wusu International Airport
  • Kunming Changshui International Airport
  • Beijing Capital International Airport
  • Shanghai Pudong International Airport
  • Xishuangbanna Gasa Airport
  • Hangzhou Xiaoshan International Airport
  • Chengdu Shuangliu International Airport
  • Wuhan Tianhe International Airport
  • Diwali International Airport
  • Hongkong International Airport
  • Shenzhen Baoan International Airport
  • Changsha Huanghua International Airport
  • Haikou Meilan International Airport
  • Urumqi Shijiazhuang Zhengding International Airport
  • Tianjin Binhai International Airport
  • Phoenix International Airport
  • Guiyang Longdongbao International Airport
  • Lanzhou Zhongchuan International Airport
  • Dalian Zhongshan International Airport

Understanding Volume Weight Calculation for Shipping from China to France

When shipping products from China to France, the calculation of volume weight plays a crucial role. Two types of calculations are involved: the final weight of the products and the volumetric weight. For air freight optimization, the volumetric weight is particularly important. If a product has a larger volume compared to its weight, the volumetric weight becomes the primary consideration.

Calculating the volume weight is straightforward. First, obtain the package’s length, width, and height, and multiply these dimensions by a unit to determine the cubic inch of the shipment. To obtain the exact weight, divide the resulting number by 366, yielding the weight in kilograms. For instance, suppose you have 20 packages weighing 10 kg each, with dimensions of 30 x 20 x 15 inches, and you are shipping from Shanghai to London.

Exact weight: 20 * 10 kg = 200 kg
Volumetric weight: (30 * 20 * 15 * 20 boxes) / 366 = 491 kg

As the volumetric weight is higher in this example, it becomes the weight considered for air freight purposes.

Different Types of air cargo from China to France!

The type of air transit is determined based on three critical factors:

  • Volume of goods
  • Delivery time
  • Price

However, it is better to know that none of them is superior to the other. In other words, it can be said that each of them is used depending on the needs of individuals and provides the possibility of easy movement of goods or passengers.

In principle, you should choose the best option for transporting your goods by knowing these methods’ characteristics!

Besides, the costs and value of goods transported, their size and weight should be evaluated; therefore, if the product is gold or banknotes, you should choose the safest air transportation method.

  • Charter flight (both passengers and goods) When all the seats on an airplane are given to one airline, it is called a charter flight. For example, when an airline charters a flight route such as China-Tokyo for a certain period, it is called a China-Tokyo charter flight. These flights are usually used for busy roads so that tickets can be booked at any time. This transportation method chooses the shortest routes to travel so as not to get stuck in air traffic. Of course, private and tourism agencies use charter flights, and other agencies such as sports clubs, government agencies, and offices can book this service for their staff. The most important advantages of the charter method are cost savings, a shorter route than other types of air transport, the possibility of group booking, and long-term reservation, for example, three months, leasing the aircraft for a specified period.
  • Commercial flight: Another type of air cargo is the commercial transit method. In this method, only goods are moved, but their transportation has unique rules and principles determined by ICAO International Airlines. Transportation of goods is done in two ways Cargo and Ferrit. The first method is more cost-effective. In cargo (a commercial method), the goods are shipped on masse, and people can send their low loads to the destination and other shipments. This method is performed by special cargo planes, and it is done under safety standards. Ferrite is also used to transport goods that are intended for long-distance travel and are not commercial. For this purpose, they must use aircraft that can carry their cargo in this way. Usually, most passenger planes can take goods by ferrite, and there is no need to worry about this.

Dangerous goods by air cargo from China to France

There is some limitation on air freight. Dangerous goods are items and materials that endanger the health of the aircraft. Carrying such things must be based on the guidelines of the “International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO)” and the “Association of Airlines (IATA).”

Hazardous materials and goods must be packed according to unique and international conditions and rules of airfreight. This packaging must be of high quality and with a safe structure to prevent leakage in the conditions of temperature humidity changes, pressure, and vibration.

Each package must have a suitable label, a relevant logo, and it must have symbols such as:

  • The international number for hazardous substances U.N. number
  • Businesses are requesting for transporting of dangerous goods and D.G.R.

The customer is obliged to provide the following international documents for the freight forwarder for dangerous goods by airfreight:

  • Certificate for the safe transport of goods
  • Certificate of origin
  • Material safety data sheet

How long does it take from China to France for air freight?

It may come to the mind of how long it takes from China to France. It depends on the city in China and the destination to France. But it averagely takes 12 to 18 hours.

The time from all the important cities in China to France are as following:

  • Tianjin to Paris 15 hours, to Lyon 18 hours, to Nice 18 hours, to Marseille 17 hours
  • Dalian to Paris 15 hours, to Lyon 16 hours, to Nice 16 hours, to Marseille 17 hours
  • Shanghai to Paris 12 hours, to Lyon 15 hours, to Nice 15 hours, to Marseille 14 hours
  • Guangzhou / Shenzhen / Hong Kong to Paris 12 hours, to Lyon 15 hours, to Nice 16 hours, to Marseille 15 hours
  • Qingdao to Paris 14 hours, to Lyon 15 hours, to Nice 16 hours, to Marseille 15 hours

Rail freight from China to France

Transportation by rail is under certain conditions from China to France. Unique freight cars are used to move goods, each of which has a unique function. There are different types of freight wagons in terms of appearance that they are mentioned in the following:

  • Flat wagons: Flat wagons are used in various types of rail transport. These wagons are used to carry heavy machinery and goods that are long. Goods such as iron parts and beams are transported by two-axle, four-axis, or six-axis flat wagons.
  • Wagons with roofs: These wagons are designed in such a way that after placing the goods, the door is closed and sealed. This will keep the goods away from any damage. Some goods that are not resistant to sunlight, oxygen, and moisture are moved through these wagons. Usually, these wagons are made in two forms, two-axle and four-axle.
  • Short-edged and long-edged wagons: These wagons are used in various types of rail transportation. Short-edged wagons are used to transport hardware and building materials, and long-edged wagons are used to transport minerals and industrial goods. These wagons are capable of carrying heavy loads, and, in many cases, they have several tons of load.
  • Tank wagons: Another wagon used in the rail transport industry is tank wagons. These wagons, like other wagons, are made in two types, two-axle and four-axle. These wagons are used to transport fuel and various liquids. Many traders faced many difficulties in transporting such goods, and f tank wagons have eased their concerns about transporting liquid goods. These goods will reach their destination in the shortest possible time.
  • Refrigerated wagons: Other wagons used in various types of rail transportation (and it is essential to know them in Rail freight transport VS Air freight transport) are refrigerated wagons used to transport a variety of perishable materials such as dairy, meat, and vegetables. These wagons have a professional cooling system, and the refrigerator temperature is adjusted automatically during the trip.

Rails station for shipping from China to France

If you, as a businessman and businesswoman, want to choose this shipping method from China to France, you should know the rail station in China to France. The rail stations are as the following:

  • Xian
  • Shanghai
  • Shenzhen
  • Guangzhou
  • Qingdao
  • Ningbo

The rail station in Franc are:

  • Paris
  • Lyon
  • Nice
  • Marseille

How long does it take for shipping from China to France?

It is an essential question for all people who want to use this way. Averagely, it takes 25 to 30 days for shipping from China to France by rail!

Rail transport rules and regulations for shipping from China to France

Many countries have signed international conventions on various types of rail transport, each of which addresses a specific issue.

These conventions include:

  • The International Convention on the Carriage of Passengers and Luggage by Rail (217) 1916,
  • The Comprehensive Convention on International Carriage by Rail (COTIF) 1980,
  • The International Convention on the Carriage of Goods by Rail (C.I.M.) 1961,
  • The Convention International Transport by Rail (FITOC),
  • Amending Protocol to the Comprehensive International Transport Convention by Rail 1990
  • The Amending Protocol to the International Transport Convention (F.T.C.).

These conventions are designed for international rail transport so that the member states can enjoy all the global facilities and capacities!

Advantages of rail transportation for shipping from China to France

Rail transport has unique advantages, the most important of them are mentioned below:

  • Less environmental impact
  • Less pollution
  • Reduction of stop time

What documents are required to transport goods by rail transport for shipping from China to France?

One of the critical factors for shipping from China to France is to be familiar with the documents needed. To transfer goods through rail freight, all relevant documents must be prepared and delivered to freight forwarders.

In addition to the country’s laws in which goods are transported, many transportation companies add several personal rules to the contract that must be signed. Otherwise, the company will not send your goods to the destination. In general, relevant contracts include these factors:

  • Name
  • Product details
  • Sender and recipient address
  • Insurance

These contracts specify all the amounts and conditions of shipment, and if the transport company does not comply with one of them, it will be obliged to compensate for the damages.

After the above contract is settled, a bill of lading will be exchanged between the parties. This form is a document, and in case of loss, the transport company will not take any responsibility for your goods.

In some cases, the shipping company from China to France has not paid any damages despite damaging the customer’s goods. Because the bill of lading has been lost by the customer and the company has taken full advantage of this opportunity to acquit itself!

Disadvantages of rail transportation for shipping from China to France

The disadvantages of rail transportation are as the following:

  • It is impossible to provide services to deprived countries by using this method(due to lack of services).
  • Mechanical problems may cause service problems.
  • Rail transport is not very fast (it is one crucial matter that must be taken into consideration in Rail freight transport VS Air freight transport)
  • It is possible to damage the product.

Customs clearance for shipping from China to France!

After the goods are at the E.U. customs office, they are temporarily stored (no longer than 90 days) to set aside for release. Everything in this matter is clearly explained on the E.U. import procedure website.

An essential question in this matter is how much taxes must be paid. It is better to be familiar with the Harmonized System (H.S. code). It is an internationally standardized system of names and numbers that classify traded products to determine the traffic barriers.

All information about shipping from China to France (full Guide)!
This code is significant because it is the identification number attributed to goods. If you don’t have such a number, you must go to the Find H.S. Code website.

Besides, you must pay EU Anti-Dumping Taxes. The list of goods that they are not free from duty is as the following:

  • Goods for a secondary residence (duties + 20% V.A.T.)
  • Raw materials + Semi-finished products
  • Tobacco
  • Alcohol and cellar provisions

Door to door shipping from China to France

Door to door shipping service from China to France is a unique way to transport packages. All you do is go to the company, sign a contract with a freight forwarder, and pay the fee. In this contract, based on your situation, you choose one of these ways mentioned in previous sections to transport goods.

Then, all affairs are done by the freight forwarder. She/he is responsible for delivering the packages to the mentioned destination in the contract. Door to door shipping service from China to France includes these steps:

  • Pickup
  • Prepare the transport documents
  • Handle the custom clearance
  • Do the freight forwarding by the air or the sea
  • Deliver the packages to the final destination

How much does it cost shipping from China to France?

It is an essential question that almost every person who wants to ship from China asks. It is better to know that the exact answer to this question is not possible. Because the price depends on various factors such as:

  • The way for shipping (by air or sea, if by air classic or Express, if by air or sea door to door or any other services)
  • The nature of goods
  • The weight of goods

Therefore, if you want to know the exact price, it is better to consult with a reliable freight forwarder.


Dear customers

If you need an impressive rate and competitive offer for Air freight, Sea freight, Express, Door to Door Rail, and Trucking service from China to France, please contact our Sale Team.


There are three main shipping options for shipping from China to France: sea freight, air freight, and rail freight. Each option has its own advantages and considerations. To make an informed decision, it is important to have comprehensive information about each of these methods. The rest of the article will provide essential details about these shipping options.

Sea freight is ideal for shipping goods that are very heavy, have a bad or awkward shape, are super large, or weigh more than 200 kg. Ships have the capacity and flexibility to handle such cargo, unlike planes and trucks.

Sea freight shipping from China to France typically takes around 25 to 35 days. However, actual transit times can vary due to factors like departure and arrival ports, weather conditions, shipping routes, and customs clearance. For more precise information, it is recommended to consult shipping providers or freight forwarders.

Air cargo service is the preferred option for shipping from China to France due to its significant role in economic growth, cultural development, and regional employment. Legislative reviews and advancements in aviation technology have led to efficient and direct transportation using specialized aircraft.

 Air freight offers several advantages worth considering. These include high speed, easy tracking, flexibility in flight choices, high security, lighter packaging requirements, and lower insurance costs. While air freight may be perceived as more expensive, these advantages make it a favorable option for shipping from China to France.

There are two types: charter flights and commercial flights. Charter flights involve reserving an entire aircraft, offering flexibility and cost savings. Commercial flights transport goods either in cargo holds or through specialized cargo planes, following specific rules and principles. The choice between these methods depends on factors such as volume, delivery time, and price.

Shipping dangerous goods by air freight requires compliance with ICAO and IATA guidelines. It involves high-quality packaging, proper labeling with relevant symbols and logos, and the provision of necessary international documents such as certificates for safe transport and material safety data sheets. Adhering to these requirements ensures the safe transportation of hazardous materials.

 The duration of air freight from China to France varies depending on several factors such as the specific cities of origin and destination. On average, it typically takes around 12 to 18 hours for air freight shipments between China and France. However, it’s important to note that these times are approximate and can be influenced by factors like flight schedules, routing, and any potential delays.

Freight wagons used for rail transportation from China to France include flat wagons for heavy and long goods, wagons with roofs for protected cargo, short-edged and long-edged wagons for various types of materials, tank wagons for liquid goods, and refrigerated wagons for perishable items. Each wagon type serves a specific purpose in transporting different types of cargo efficiently.

Door-to-door shipping service simplifies the process of transporting packages from China to France. After signing a contract and selecting the transport method, the freight forwarder handles pickup, document preparation, customs clearance, freight forwarding by air or sea, and final delivery to the destination. It offers a convenient and comprehensive solution for hassle-free shipping.

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