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DDPCH is here to assist you if you are looking for competitive global shipping rates for shipping from China to Colombia by different methods. We support easy and affordable to ship from China to Colombia by offering economical modes of transportation such as air freight and sea freight, as well as accommodating your request’s transit time.

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One of the most significant exporting countries globally is China. China is providing the world’s market in different business fields to Colombia or other destinations. In 2019, shipping sales from China to Colombia were 9.2 billion Dollars in various air freight and sea freight services.

Between some of the business products being exported from China to Colombia, the following shipments deserving description:

oil, gas, vehicles (cars), oversize vehicles (buses, trucks), home appliances, drinks, pharmaceuticals, aluminum, electrical supplies, plastic gear goods, advanced electronic elements, epoxy chemical composites, adhesives, foam tapes, machines, farming equipment, medical facilities, heavy machinery, food processing facilities, solar power symbols, LED products and many others.

These completed items and raw materials are transported globally using different ocean and air freight shipping services from China to Colombia. Many international freight companies offer container shipping services and air cargo transportation from China to Colombia, but DDPCH can provide you a competitive rate. However, it is essential to work with a freight forwarder that will better adjust to your requirements. Good presentation and dependability are crucial which DDPCH can provide you for your shipments from China to Colombia. In this Article we provide you necessary information about shipping from China to Colombia

How to transport the shipments from China to Colombia?

During the years, the Shipping from China to Colombia division has developed Airfreight, Sea freight, door-to-door service, LCL, and FCL services. This service permits us to give the most affordable way to ship from China to Colombia and protected space availability when conveying your cargo.

We use our expertise to handle your shipment so that you may generate more substantial relationships with your Chinese suppliers and customer in Colombia.

Different Services for shipping from China to Colombia China to Colombia?

there are two ways of sending shipments from China to Colombia, which are used for exporters from China to Colombia as below:

  • Ocean Freight from China to Colombia
  • Air or Cargo Freight from China to Colombia

Ocean or Sea freight from China to Colombia

Sea Freight is the most economical e way to move shipments from one country to another, like China to Colombia.

DDPCH provides different services for Shipping from China to Colombia, like door to door, door to port, and port to port ocean Freight.

Our vast ocean freight carriers network allows us to give a broad range of sea shipping resolutions that will provide any cargo or project type from China to Colombia. Here are some important Services from China to Colombia by us:

FCL Ocean Freight

FCL (Full Container Load) is the most reliable and cost-effective way to ship from China to Colombia. FCL sea freight presents you with exclusive entrance and control over your shipping container. Because you are not sharing the container’s space, you are entirely in charge of the security of your belongings from China to Colombia.

DDPCH can provide 20ft, 40ft, Reefer, Flat Rack Shipping Container, etc., from China to Colombia, whatever size or type of sea freight container you need.

Our FCL ocean or sea freight service line can manage all your shipping needs to Colombia. Our team of experts always tries hard to find the resolution that best suits your needs regarding price, routing, and transition times for shipments from China to Colombia.

LCL Ocean Freight

LCL (Less than a Container Load) is the service use if you do not have adequate cargo to fill a complete sea freight container from China to Colombia. By sharing space with other consumers that are also shipping to the same destination as Colombia, you will be able to store money while still having clarity and control over your cargo from China to Colombia.

DDPCH offers ocean consolidations with superior transportation times and competing sea freight charges to Colombia from China.

Break Bulk Sea Freight

Breakbulk sea freight shipping is the more proper choice when your freight does not become regular containers because of the shipment’s volume or weight. Your breakbulk cargo from China to Colombia is arranging individually onto the sea vessel rather than in a container.

Whenever you need to ship over-dimensional or large cargo from China to Colombia, our marine transportation and sea freight experts maintain the required information and expertise to proactively propose each detail. DDPCH is the most reliable ocean freight forwarder to transport oversized, bulky, and costly value shipments worldwide and China to Colombia.

Transit time from Ocean Freight from China to Colombia

If you want to send your shipment by sea from China to Colombia, it takes at least 20 to 30 days.

The transit time to transport a container from China to Colombia is estimated between 20 to 30 days from port to port. The duration of transit time will differ depending on the required service route and sailing plan. DDPCH offers FCL ocean service to Colombia from China in 20ft container and 40ft container.

Shipping Terms from China to Colombia – EXW/FOB/CIF/DAP

Here are four basic terms of shipping when ordering from China to Colombia. A commodity price from China is always valued according to an Incoterm.

Practically how much of the shipping you pay the supplier to handle from China to Colombia. Based on the incoterm you choose; you can give the supplier control the goods transport from China to

  • EXW from china to Colombia – no more place but the factory/manufacturer
  • FOB from China to Colombia shipping -a nearby port in China
  • CIF Shipping to Colombia from china a nearby port in your country, including insurance
  • DAP/DDU is shipping from China to Colombia -to your facility, not including tariffs and taxes.

In summary, it can be classified into 2 levels.

  • EXW and FOB terms of shipping from China to Colombia – the buyer can use your freight agent in China and directly pay for their Colombia services.
  • The other term means the seller uses their freight agent, and you still pay for that.

Usually, you can find the term stated in the Proforma Invoice or Quote Sheet provided by the shipment merchant in China. If not, recommend the retailer to add the documents to withdraw any further mixing, even dispute the shipments from China to Colombia.

When you contrast rates from several suppliers, they are based on a similar term for sending shipments by sea from China to Colombia.

* Most suppliers will quote EXW or FOB price initially and are flexible in providing different prices based on other terms upon your request for ocean freight from China to Colombia.

EXW or FOB shipping from China to Colombia?

Quite a rare clients try advice from us about keeping EXW for the max check of the shipment.

Usually yes, but it depends.

EXW/FOB’s distinction is if the retailer manages the internal trucking to China’s port, prepares customs paperwork, and pays local fees accordingly to send to Colombia.

Pickup from everywhere in China mainland will be sufficient for us. But exporting customs clearance may be in trouble for some specific products, such as wood furniture.

Commodity Inspection is obligatory for fewer goods, and it has to be done by the producer/manufacturer.

The best practice:

  • to ship from China to Colombia If the shipment is just samples or small (under 150kgs and 1cbm), select EXW.
  • To import from China to Colombia If the load is to Amazon FBA warehouse, choose EXW.
  • In other cases of shipping From China to Colombia, ask the seller to quote based on FOB AND list the FOB fees definitely, then we can tell if it’s too much or reasonable.

Containers type for shipping from China to Colombia

These three types of Containers are the most popular ones used for container shipping from China to Colombia.

20’GP = 20’DV = 20FT = 20′ = 20 feet ( for general purpose to Colombia)

40’GP = 40’DV = 40FT = 40′ = 40 feet (for the general purpose from China)

40’HC = 40’HQ = 40 feet high cube for shipping from China to Colombia

* General purpose generally means Dry Container (DC). Sometimes if a flexible container bag packs fluid goods, it can also be delivered by standard DC in Colombia.

20 ft Container 40 ft Container 40 ft Container High Cube
Length 20 ft 40 ft 40 ft
Width 8 ft 8 ft 8 ft
Height 8.5 ft 8.5 ft 9.5 ft
Inside Cube Capacity (cbm) 33.2 67.7 76.4
Cargo Capacity (kg) 28200 28750 28700
Tare Weight (kg) 2250 3750 3940

20’GP is planned to move more weight than bulky cargo from China to Colombia.

For example, crystals, minerals, machinery, etc., all of which are bulky goods.

40’GP is designed to carry large cargo rather than heavy shipments.

For instance, furniture, tires, toys, etc., all of which are large goods.

Though the size of 40ft is twice that the 20ft, the max quantity of both is the same, no larger than 27~28 ton in China, most causes under 20 ton. While you can arrange more than double the 20ft cargo capacity into a 40ft, you cannot put double the 20ft cargo load into a 40ft.

The ocean rates from China to Colombia for a 40′ container are lower than two 20′ container – you may take it roughly 1.5 times for easy source. And the 40’HQ price the same as the 40’GP.

There are particular models if your cargo is not so regular, such as Reefer Container, Open Top Container, Flat-Rack Container, Tank Container, and the higher three standard containers, etc.

No matter which type of container it is, you can find many useful data printed on the door, such as CNTR NO., MAX. GROSS, TARE, NET, CU.CAP…

Air Cargo Shipping Services from China to Colombia

Airfreight is the quickest method to ship your goods from China to Colombia. DDPCH provides an air freight plan and performance guarantee suitable delivery of your Shipment daily and weekly flights to Colombia from China.

We can provide secure and reliable resolutions for all your air freight needs, including time-sensitive and high-value products. Our Air Freight service department handles international freight shipments to any destination, like Colombia from China.

Our air freight shipping services include:

  • airport-to-airport
  • door-to-door
  • airport-to-door
  • door-to-airport

Door to Door Service from China to Colombia

One of the fastest ways of shipping from China to Colombia is Door-to-door service.

DDS or door to door service makes your mind relax, and no issues worry about the shipment you send from China to Colombia.

DDPCH can Pick up your shipment in China for the place you put the order and deliver it to the Consignee’s doorstep in Colombia. So you will not worry about customs clearance in China for export and in Colombia for Import.

Air Cargo Charter from China to Colombia

Air cargo charter is an excellent resolution when all other air cargo freight alternatives cannot fit your needed plans or area capacity needs. Cargo chartering provides your air freight to be transported fast and cost-efficiently from China to Colombia.

Air Shipping Services of DDPCH give you calm when controlling your freight exports from China and imports to Colombia and any Latin American country. With LAC’s Charter services, DDPCH can move your cargo efficiently during your entire supply chain via air freight.

The Goods Can Ship by Air from China to Colombia

Whereas it is with a regular flight or charter service, our expertise as an air freight forwarder permits us to ship any high-value goods or time-sensitive commodities quickly:

· General commercial cargo such as electronics or apparel for your factories from China to Colombia

  • High-value shipments from China to Colombia
  • Sensitive shipment such as hazardous, fresh, or perishable goods from China to Colombia
  • Time-critical freight from China to Colombia
  • Pharmaceuticals, medical supply & humanitarian relief aid from China to Colombia
  • Heavy load & oversized equipment, air containers from China to Colombia
  • Spare parts for professional vehicles, cars, aircraft, and ships from China to Colombia

Airports of Colombia for Air freight shipping from China

There are more than 100 airports in Colombia for the import and export from China. But here we introduce the Busiest airports for shipping by air from China to Colombia:

  1. Airfreight from China to El Dorado International Airport Colombia
  2. Cargo freight from China to José María Córdova International Airport Colombia
  3. Shipping from China to Rafael Núñez International Airport Colombia
  4. Door to airport service from China to Alfonso Bonilla Aragón International Airport Colombia
  5. Airport to airport service from China to Ernesto Cortissoz International Airport Colombia
  6. Air shipping from China to Gustavo Rojas Pinilla International Airport Colombia
  7. Cargo shipping from China to Simón Bolívar International Airport Colombia
  8. Shipping from China to Palonegro International Airport Colombia
  9. DDP service from China to Matecaña International Airport Colombia
  10. Express service from China to Enrique Olaya Herrera Airport Colombia
  11. Door to door service from China to Los Garzones Airport Colombia
  12. Air cargo from China to Camilo Daza International Airport Colombia
  13. Shipping by air from China to El Eden Airport Colombia
  14. Air freight from China to Alfonso Lopez Airport Colombia
  15. Cargo freight from China to Antonio Narino Airport Colombia

Ports of Colombia for Sea freight from China

Ports have a very dynamic character in the growth of trade transactions in Colombia. More than 90% of Colombian imports and exports are made through ocean freight from China or other origins. Colombia has nine seaports, seven of them via the Caribbean Coast: la Guajira, Santa Marta, Ciénaga, Barranquilla, Cartagena, Golfo de Morrosquillo, Urabá y San Andrés, and two through the Pacific Coast: Buenaventura and Tumaco. In the Caribbean area, we can highlight some of them below for shipping from China to Colombia:

  1. Sea freight from China to the Port of Cartagena in Colombia
  2. Ocean freight from China to the Port of Barranquilla in Colombia
  3. LCL and FCL service from China to Port of Buenaventura in Colombia

The chart is a brief of the Ports and airports of China and Colombia for Import and export.

China POL Colombia POD
Shanghai Buenaventura
Shenzhen Barranquilla
Ningbo Cartagena
Qingdao Santa Marta
Guangzhou Tumaco
China POL Colombia POD
Shenzhen (SZX) Bogota (BOG)
Shanghai (PVG) Cali (CLO)
Beijing (PEK) Medellin (MDE)
Qingdao (TAO)
Ningbo (NBG)
Xiamen (XMN)
Guangzhou (CAN)
Hong-Kong (HKG)
Zhengzhou (CGO)
Xi’An (XIY)

Ports of China to ship the goods from China to Colombia

China is a very spread Country which has many ports for shipping via ocean from China to Colombia.

Here we introduce some important of them as below:

  1. Shanghai Port for shipping to Colombia: is located in Shanghai Municipality, East Coast placed at the tip of the Yangtze River delta, it enjoys several economically advanced hinterlands in China. It can increase its reach extra to the interior regions via river ports on the thousands-mile-long waterway. There are numerous factories in neighboring Jiangsu and Zhejiang provinces.
  2. Shenzhen Port for shipping to Colombia: is located in Guangdong Province, South Coast. This port is the gateway to Hong Kong and the Pearl River Delta. Making it another key port as it combines China’s southern hinterland globally. Qianhai-Shekou Free Trade Zone, which covers the entire west port area, provides more effective customs clearance in China and better trade links with overseas markets, like Colombia.
  3. Ningbo-Zhoushan Port for shipping to Colombia: Is located in Zhejiang Province, East Coast. Ningbo is given by its excellent hinterland and realistic situations, while Zhejiang is a wealthy region with a full-blown manufacturing industry. Following attempts to build an effective intermodal transportation network, Ningbo has increased its reach further into the hinterland, to central and west China, making larger box volumes to the port.
  4. Hong Kong Port for shipping to Colombia: is located in Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, South Coast, As a transshipment harbor for freight mainly focused on China’s exports and imports to Colombia, HK gives about 340 container liner services weekly, joining around 470 destinations globally, like Colombia. It’s on the way into an “international shipping service hub” with core competencies in the marine services division, including ship administration.
  5. Guangzhou Port for shipping to Colombia: Is located in Guangdong Province, South Coast Placed in the Pearl River Delta, Guangzhou has historically been a critical center of trade in China. It tries to make itself into a genuinely international shipping hub within the Maritime Silk Road segment. It gives additional origin port options for importers, exporters, third-party logistics companies, and ocean carriers for shipping from China to Colombia and promoting the Nansha Port Area.
  6. Qingdao Port for shipping to Colombia: is located in Shangdong Province, East Coast Qingdao is the most influential port in northern China and part of the essential Bohai Bay port cluster that serves this region in China. It is also going great on data, mechanization, and e-commerce, in line with top global ports like Colombia. It’s the origin point for the first Qingdao-Central Asian global cargo train in July 2015, with the capacity to link up with Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, and other strategic countries through to Europe.
  7. Tianjin Port for shipping to Colombia: Is located in Tianjin Municipality, North Coast Tianjin is one of China’s most essential and busiest ports and second only to Qingdao port in capacity in northern China to export to Colombia. The port’s container-handling market remained reserved, additional domestic and international plans are improving. It will stimulate its container business community, consolidate the scale of existing programs, develop new global ways with stable stores, and explore new ways for emerging businesses.
  8. Xiamen for shipping to Colombia: Is located in Fujian Province, South Coast Xiamen sits in the Jiulongjiang River’s mouth and has over 68 shipping directions, shipping to over 50 countries, like Colombia, and has strong links with Kaohsiung in Taiwan.
  9. Dalian for shipping to Colombia: Is located in Liaoning Province, North Coast, Dalian’s port is the most northern ice-free port and is the largest port in North-East China with connections to ports in over 160 countries, like Colombia. It also serves seaports in East Asia, North Asia, and the Pacific Rim. It hopes to benefit from China’s One Belt, One Road policy by opening international container routes and using multimodal carrier systems. The group has also pursued aggressive purchasing procedures to support the port. It is looking to utilize its competitive advantage in intermodal shipping to cooperate with the relevant authorities to develop the railway network from China to Europe, thus linking up its maritime transportation.

Advantages of air freight from China to Colombia

There are various ways of shipping from China to Colombia, and each style has its advantages and disadvantages. Airfreight is frequently used for great value and low amount shipments, as your strength already knows. But what are the other (standard) reasons for applying air shipping?

  1. Air freight from China to Colombia is very Fast, When your shipment needs to be transferred soon, air freight is the best solution to sea freight or road transport.
  2. Highly safe arrival and departure times from China to Colombia
    The entry and exit times of flights are highly secure, as airlines tend to be very on top of their plans. Even refraining from a flight wouldn’t cause many obstacles as there are usually flights leaving every hour.
  3. Send your cargo almost anywhere from China. Most airlines have an extensive network of destinations, like Colombia, that covers nearly the entire world. It means that you can ship to approximately every destination, like Colombia
  4. Low insurance premium means considerable savings for shipping from China to Colombia
    since the transit time for air cargo is similarly short, the insurance reward is lower. If air freight can be costly, this makes for savings in terms of lower insurance prices.
  5. High level of protection and decreased risk of theft and damage for shipment sent to Colombia from China, Shipping by air gives the advantage of a high-security group, as the airport security controls over cargo are tightly managed. Tightly regulated airport controls also reduce cargo danger of theft and damage.
  6. Less need for warehousing and fewer items in stock for air freight from China to Colombia
    With the faster transition times of air freight, you have a smaller requirement for local warehousing and do not need to keep stock. Customs clearance in China and Colombia, cargo inspection, and cargo handlers are more effective, as most cargo is cleared within a subject of hours.
  7. Less packaging is required for shipping from China to Colombia, Typically, air freight demands less significant packing than, for example, ocean shipments. This means that you keep both time and money to assist with additional fill.
  8. Follow the status of your cargo to Colombia from China, Many companies allow you to track your shipment using a website which means you can control your cargo’s situation from leaving to arrival to keep it frequently updated.

Advantages of shipping to Colombia from China by sea

Everyone knows that sending cargo from china to Colombia by Sea is a choice that gives shippers moving services at a reasonable price point. Ocean freight from China to Colombia is the oldest choice for freight transportation also. It is one of the most convenient shipping way to Colombia from China. here you will find some advantages of shipping from China to Colombia by sea:

  1. It is Economical to choose Sea freight from China to Colombia
  2. It is Efficient to use sea freight service from China to Colombia
  3. Oversized, heavy, and bulky cargo capacity can be sent by ocean freight from China to Colombia.
  4. Safety of service from China to Colombia by sea
  5. Environmental friendliness is available for ocean freight from China to Colombia.

Prohibited Items to send to Colombia from China

All the countries around the world have some restrictions to imports some goods which Colombia is the same.

Here we point to some items which are not allowed to send from China to Colombia by sea or air.

  • Antiques (breakable and fragile) from China to Colombia
  • Asbestos shipment by sea to Colombia from China
  • Furs shipments are exported from China to Colombia.
  • Dangerous or flammable materials (as determined in IATA Regulations) shipping from China to Colombia
  • Asbestos to Colombia from China.
  • Dangerous goods, haz. or comb. mats to Colombia
  • Military equipment by air or sea freight from China to Colombia
  • Pornography from China to Colombia

Some other shipments are prohibited from China to Colombia, like Vegetables or greens, plants, and plant substances are banned from China to Colombia by sea or air freight. Meat and animal-based foodstuffs are also forbidden to import to Colombia via China. Guns, explosives, and munitions are prohibited from being imported into Colombia without stated permission from Colombian authorities.


To estimate fixed costs (duties, taxes, and other import fees) for shipments sending from China to Colombia, contact DDPCH.

Importers must be registered under the RUTRegistro Unico Tributario for the shipments from China to Colombia. The commercial invoice must declare the complete shipper’s and consignee information once it is sending from China to Colombia by sea or air, Incoterms rules, the currency of origin, date, and invoice number. Colombian Customs requires that all invoices are declared in USD imported from China. All shipments that pass either 50kg or USD 2000 or 6 items of the same commercial source coming to San Andres Islas (ADZ) cannot be moved due to Colombian Customs Regulations. If a consignment arrives, ALL costs will be charged back to China’s origin and will be returned. If the weight or value is below that range, it will have an additional charge of USD 200 Weight over 50kg – an authorized broker is required in Colombia Custom. Original commercial invoices, consignee tax ID, PoA/Import license are required.

Transit time from China to Colombia by Airfreight

Shipping by air from China to Colombia can take between 3 to 7 days. Depending on the transportation path chosen, the medium transit time for air cargo from China to Colombia is usually 3 to 7 days.

Colombian Customs Regulations

When exporting to Colombia from China, please make agreements with a Customs Agency in Colombia to receive the commodity and clear it through Colombia’s customs. The following are the main levels to be followed:

  • Customs inspects the commodity in Colombia when they consider it needed and then authorizes the withdrawal of shipment.
  • Fill out the “Andean Custom Value Declaration” when the import value to Colombia from China is equivalent to or more than USD 5,000.00 FOB.
  • Fill out the Import Declaration from China to Colombia. When the import value is similar over, or more than USD 1,000.00, Customs Brokers in Colombia should do all the paperwork and clear the shipment through Customs of Colombia.
  • Go to a confirmed economic entity and pay the import duties, VAT, surcharges, and other fees for the shipment from China to Colombia.
  • Show all documents to customs for shipments from China to Colombia.
  • The importer to Colombia from China must keep import documents for no less than five years.

Customs leaders in Colombia have tried to examine commodities to confirm that the description and classification are consistent with the importer’s declaration. In Colombia, a customs inspection group usually works after-clearance periodic examinations to detect fraud, foreign exchange irregularities, and tax evasion.

Ware Housing of DDPCH in China for Shipping to Colombia

DDPCH warehousing facilities in China provide our clients with various services such as loading and unloading, temporary warehouse, palletizing, and packing whenever required to send from China to Colombia.

Needed Documents for custom Clearance in Colombia

The customs clearance method is a course. During that course, you must have a good experience. Of course, there may be some subjects and affairs about how to clear your imports at customs of Colombia from China. Still, a particular customs broker in Colombia will be able to solve all of those issues. In addition to being notified and asking your broker questions, maybe the customs clearance process’s most critical features are document preparation. Proper document arrangement will protect you and your customs broker from a large amount of time and failure in Colombia. There are four essential import documents you need to clear customs quickly and easily in Colombia imported shipments from China.

COMMERCIAL INVOICE for export from China to Colombia

This paper is used for international business. The commercial invoice includes detailed information about the goods you are shipping from China to Colombia. The company, origin, destination, and HS code are essential to clear your shipment. The person or company that makes the goods is the company. Calculating tariffs is the primary goal of a commercial invoice. A commercial invoice must show the buyer and the seller in China and Colombia. Other requirements of a commercial invoice carry:

  • Type of Packaging in China
  • Description of Goods in China
  • Shipping Information in china
  • Date and Terms of Sale in China

Read and fill out the invoice carefully in English, as required by customs. It is essential to include all information needed on your customs invoices for clearance at the U.S. Port of entry.

PACKING LIST for export from China to Colombia

Presented by the shipper or freight forwarder in China, the packing list may be used by customs to check the freight. The data in your invoice should also be on your packing list. For this reason, the invoice and packing list work mutually to provide vital data for the customs clearance process. The packing list should immediately answer with the invoice. Remember, a packing list is not a replacement for a commercial invoice. A packing list only helps to confirm the freight. The type of package must define on the packing list. The shipments can transport in various ways, including a box, crate, drum, or carton from China to Colombia.

BILL OF LADING (BOL) for export from China to Colombia

A Bill of Lading (BOL) is the carrier’s paper to China’s shipper of goods. This paper is necessary for exporters of China to get paid and importers to get their merchandise in Colombia. Should something happen to your freight, a BOL is required for consideration in the case of any injury, suspension, or loss. The BOL presents a tracking number to track your shipment and covers international shipping details from China to Colombia.


For any shipment that you want to transport from China to Colombia, as we mentioned, there are different services like door to door, port to port, airport to airport, door to airport, FCL, LCL, etc.

All these services above can be provided through Air freight, Cargo Freight, Sea Freight, or ocean freight from China to Colombia.

DDPCH team is here to help you find the best way of shipping based on your needs on shipment, considering the time and price.

Please keep in touch in the sales department.


The fastest method of shipping is typically through a Door-to-door (DDS) service offered by many logistics companies.

The transit time for ocean freight from China to Colombia can vary greatly depending on specific factors such as the exact departure and arrival ports, the shipping line used, and the route. Generally, you can expect a transit time ranging from 30 to 45 days.

We provide services including Airfreight, Sea freight, door-to-door service, Less than Container Load (LCL), and Full Container Load (FCL) for shipping from China to Colombia.

The key shipping terms are EXW (Ex Works) – where you’re responsible for the entire shipment from the factory, FOB (Free On Board) – you’re responsible from a nearby port in China, CIF (Cost, Insurance, and Freight) – you’re responsible from a nearby port in your country, and DAP/DDU (Delivered At Place/Duties Unpaid) – you’re responsible for tariffs and taxes at your facility.

Our air freight forwarding services can handle a variety of goods. This includes general commercial cargo like electronics or apparel, high-value shipments, sensitive goods like hazardous, fresh, or perishable items, time-critical freight, pharmaceuticals, medical supplies, humanitarian relief aid, heavy load and oversized equipment, air containers, and spare parts for professional vehicles, cars, aircraft, and ships.

Air freight from China to Colombia offers several advantages including faster delivery times, high reliability, less handling and hence lower risk of damage, and the ability to ship almost any kind of goods including sensitive or high-value items. It’s also ideal for long-distance transportation and not restricted by geographical obstacles.

Shipping from China to Colombia by sea is a cost-effective and convenient method, particularly for larger cargo. Being one of the oldest forms of freight transportation, it’s a reliable and well-established option for international shipping. Ideal for non-urgent deliveries, sea freight allows for large volumes and diverse types of goods to be transported, making it a versatile choice for many shippers.

Certain items are prohibited for shipping from China to Colombia due to customs regulations and import restrictions. These may include certain drugs, weapons, counterfeit goods, certain agricultural products, and other potentially hazardous materials. It is advisable to check with both countries’ customs authorities to ensure the items you plan to ship are not on the prohibited list.

Importers must be registered under the RUT (Registro Unico Tributario) and provide complete shipper and consignee information on the commercial invoice. Invoices should be declared in USD, and shipments to San Andres Islas (ADZ) have restrictions based on weight, value, and item quantity.

The main methods for shipping goods from China to Colombia include air freight and sea freight. The choice between these methods depends on factors such as the urgency, the volume and nature of the goods, and the shipping budget. Air freight is faster but typically more expensive, while sea freight can accommodate larger volumes and is generally more cost-effective, but takes longer.

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