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DDPCH, based in Shenzhen, was launched in 2015. DDPCH has 45 dedicated staff members and is the most famous freight forwarder agent. DDPCH, a multilingual freight forwarder in China, offers effective logistics solutions that meet your needs while keeping to deadlines. DDPCH offers low-cost logistics services while keeping to international quality standards. Our services exist to meet your demands, thanks to our knowledge of international shipping and legislation. DDPCH provides services with the sole purpose of the meeting and exceeding regulations. DDPCH offers air freight, ocean freight, door to door, express courier service, road freight, and rail freight from China to any country worldwide.


DDPCH your freight forwarder in china

DDPCH has over 7 years of experience in the logistics business which located in Shenzhen, We have the best partnerships with several carriers and airlines such as China Airlines (CA), Jade Cargo(JI), China Southern Airlines (CZ), German Airlines (LH), China airlines(CI), Cathay Pacific(CX), Emirates (EK), Singapore Airlines(SQ) . And the shipping lines like MAERSK, YANGMING, EVERGREEN, “K”LINE and MSC. and we receive lower contract rates than the market.This enables us to provide the most cost-effective freight forwarding service from China to your country. Air, sea, road, rail, and door-to-door freight service are all available.

The DDPCH team is continuously up to date on customs regulations. They provide you with a correct classification of items and ensure that your product is cleared by customs as soon as possible and With over 45 highly qualified employees and powerful international agents all around the world, we can provide you with professional, first-rate logistics services at any time.

We may pick up your goods at the factory depending of where your supplier is located in China. We have professional inspectors in several cities around China. Our goal is to make it easy for you to import from China!

DDPCH’s major business includes Amazon FBA, FBA Shipping, Express shipping, Air shipping, Sea shipment, Train shipping, inspection, DDP/DDU, FCL/LCL, Labeling, Repacking, Warehousing, Sourcing, Trading, and other services.

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James Chen
James Chen
CEO & Founder
Tina Chain
Tina Chain
Sales expert
Eric Long
Eric Long
Logistics Director
Jenny Murtaugh
Jenny Murtaugh
 Andy Chan
Andy Chan
Business Development Manager
VIP Cusomer Support manager
 Vincent Guo
Vincent Guo
Local Sales Manager
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Christina Fan
Foreign Trade Assistant
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Air Freight

Air freight service f is a quick and safe way to move cargo from China to anywhere in the world. It's the best option if you need your items in 10 days or less and your shipping volume ranges between 25 and 5000 kg.

Ocean Freight

Shipping your goods from China to the rest of the world by sea takes about 15 days to the west coast or +35 days to the east coast. Ocean freight is the most cost-effective mode of shipping from China.

Rail Freight

Rail freight transit between China and Europe is fast and cost-effective, so if you're seeking for the finest option to export from China to Europe and Russia, we recommend DDPCH rail freight service.

Raod Freight

DDPCH have a widespread and highly efficient network of Road freight and services from china. To provide our high quality, efficient and affordable services, we are covering the China’s major cities including Hong Kong, Qingdao, Tianjin, Ningbo, Guangzhou, and Shanghai, etc.

Why Use DDPCH ?

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Competitive Shipping Cost
DDPCH has a special offer on freight costs from China, and we have strong relationships with all major airlines and agents in China.
Special DDP Service
We provide door-to-door freight service from China; simply sit back and relax while we take care of everything.
Fast Delivery
We offer air and express delivery service for customer who needs fast delivery from china
24/7 Customer Support
DDPCH provides VIP customer service, with online and offline help available even on weekends.
Free Warehousing
We offer our customers a 7-day free warehouse in China, so they don't have to worry about storage fees.
Different payment Methods
We accept payment in a variety of ways, including cash, PayPal, bitcoin, Western Union, and...
Air Cargo
Sea Cargo
Rail Freight
Amazon FBA
Road Freight
Packing service
Express Courier
Product Sourcing
Door to Door (DDP)
International team


Door to Door shipping service is one of the most attractive service for all people that have some business with China.


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Working with a local forwarder in China has lots of advantages. These are the obvious advantages in China: Cost-effective: China's low costs have made it a manufacturing power. This cost-benefit also applies to forwarding charges. Secondly, a forwarder established in China is better positioned to provide you with the greatest rates rather than a foreign company. DDPCH partnered with local freight forwarders in China to provide our customers with the greatest prices. A language advantage: When doing business in China, knowing Mandarin or Cantonese is required. This issue can be solved by hiring a Chinese forwarder. Chinese corporate culture is unlike any other. They do, however, have potential disadvantages. For example, a Chinese freight forwarder is less expensive than a massive international freight forwarder.

DDPCH has been providing efficient international logistics and shipping services to a wide range of industries across China since its establishment in 2010. Professionalism, expertise, and competence in personal management have contributed to our success. Customs regulations are always up to date with our team. They classify your goods accurately and ensure that your shipment clears customs fast. Customers can choose between air freight, sea freight, express freight, or a combination of these modes of transportation (multimodal freight services).DDPCH will appoint a specialized specialist to provide real-time information on the status of your shipment 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

We provide extremely low shipping prices and prompt delivery.

Shipping from China to any country is affordable, trustworthy, and quick.

To find the best freight forwarder in china, you must consider many factors like :

Your freight forwarder in china must be able to handle all types of commodities and move them from any port in China to anywhere in the world.

Your freight forwarder must give the most cost-effective shipping solution.

Your freight forwarder must offer reasonable charges and excellent service.

Your freight forwarder must effectively communicate with all of your suppliers in China. The final reason is that freight forwarders in china must provide other services such as container loading supervision, product classification, receipt and payment with foreign exchange, etc.

To keep shipping costs under control, make sure you pick the most acceptable delivery solution for your items and utilize suitable packaging to minimize space.
The most important step in achieving this is selecting a good freight forwarder,professional freight forwarder always help customers to reduce shipping cost from china

After your freight forwarder booked the container with the carrier, you can query about ETD and ETA on the carrier's tracking website using the vessel voyage and BL number.

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