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Why Choose DHL for Shipping from China? | Price List 2023

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    When Shipping your cargo from China, you have tons of delivery options based on your commodity. DHL however, is a very well-known label when it comes to transferring goods and importing from China. In this ddpch article, we will try to find an answer to why choose DHL for shipping from China.

    With our in-depth knowledge of DHL’s services, pricing, and transit times, we provide comprehensive guidance to ensure smooth and efficient shipping experiences. Whether you’re an e-commerce business expanding globally or a company seeking reliable logistics support, DDPCH is here to help.

    Our commitment to customer satisfaction goes beyond merely facilitating shipments. We strive to deliver tailored solutions, transparent pricing, and expert guidance every step of the way. Trust DDPCH as your reliable partner for DHL shipping from China, and experience a simplified and hassle-free shipping process that meets your unique business needs.

    DHL Shipping from China

    Why DHL for Shipping from China?

    DHL Express is the world market leader and expert in foreign shipping services and courier distribution. For more than 50 years DHL has been building and continuously developing its operation. They benefit from a global network, spanning over 220 countries and territories, in which some 100,000 employees provide services to more than 2.6 million customers.

    Unpacking the Popularity of DHL for International Shipping from China

    With its far-reaching network spanning across 220 countries and a team of dedicated employees exceeding 100,000, DHL’s international shipping services have gained unmatched popularity. What makes DHL a go-to choice for many businesses shipping from China? The answer lies in its consistent commitment to speed, reliability, and a wide array of service options. Whether it’s urgent documents or larger freight, DHL’s ability to deliver door-to-door, timely, and trackable services has contributed to its high reputation in the market.

    A Deep Dive into DHL's Export and Import Services from China

    DHL Express Worldwide is a standout service catering to businesses that require swift and efficient international shipping. Capable of handling shipments up to 70kg for pieces and 1,000kg for packages, this service spans more global destinations than any other express delivery service. DHL’s robust infrastructure allows businesses to export goods from China smoothly and reliably. On the other hand, DHL’s import services are equally comprehensive. Through DHL Express Worldwide Import, businesses can import shipments from over 220 countries and territories. DHL’s ‘third country’ shipping feature further enhances the flexibility, allowing a customer in one country to order an import from China to another destination.

    DHL Services

    Core services of DHL are time-defined and provide door-to-door shipping of goods and documents from and to all countries around the world. If you need your shipments to arrive at the beginning, middle, or end of a business day, DHL services provide complete track-and-trace visibility so you always know where your shipment is.

    Now to better understand the answer to why choose DHL for shipping from China, let us go through DHL services:

    Export Services

    DHL Express Worldwide provides a global end of business day distribution service for pieces up to 70 kg and packages up to 1,000 kg. They deliver efficiently and quickly over a single integrated network to more global destinations than any other express delivery service.

    Import Services

    Another service of DHL for Shipping from China is Import Services. For the company DHL Express Worldwide Import, you can import shipments from more than 220 countries and territories worldwide. It is more than any other express delivery company might do. What’s more, customers in, say, the United States can order an import from China not only to the United States but also to other destinations. DHL calls this a shipment to a third country.

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    Domestic Services

    Domestic Services are another reason to choose DHL for Shipping from China. When you want to ship any merchandise within your own country or territory, DHL can offer its own Time Definite Domestic products with a guarantee of delivery time by the end of the next business day.

    International E-commerce

    The online shopping explosion is spreading across borders and this trend looks set to continue. DHL supports the international growth of its customers with the following:

    • Global reach
    • Express options
    • Duty and tax options payable and customs expertise
    • Late pickups
    • Easy return solutions

    Optional Services

    DHL Express provides a wide variety of alternative services for choosing DHL for Shipping from China. These services are from non-standard delivery to climate-neutral shipping and billing options. With DHL Express Delivery services worldwide, you have the versatility to select the right service for your needs. Options to choose among are:

    • Duties and Taxes Paid
    • Dedicated Pickup and Delivery
    • Shipment Preparation
    • Shipment Insurance
    • Extended Liability
    • Direct Signature
    • Residential Address
    • Neutral Delivery

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    In special cases, DHL for Shipping from China levies a surcharge for extraordinary events in order to ensure a consistently high standard of service. This will ensure that all of the customers get fair surcharges. These charges include but are not limited to:

    • Fuel Surcharge
    • Remote Area
    • Dangerous Goods
    • Address Correction
    • Overweight Piece
    • Non-Stackable Pallet

    Customs Services

    DHL Express is an international shipping company with vast know-how and worldwide experience dealing with customs issues. DHL for Shipping from China provides a wide variety of customs assistance for both regular and non-routine customs clearance procedures, for your peace of mind. Custom services include the following:

    • Disbursement
    • Multiline Entry
    • Clearance Data Modification
    • Broker Notification
    • Export Declaration

    DHL Price List from China

    Weight (kg) DHL Economy (USD) DHL Express (USD)
    0.5 30 50
    1 45 65
    2 60 80
    3 75 95
    5 90 110
    7 115 140
    10 160 190
    15 240 280
    20 320 370
    30 480 550

    DHL Express is the world market leader for shipping from china, DHL is time-defined and provide door-to-door shipping of goods and documents from and to all countries around the world.

    DHL shipping cost from china to USA: $10 /kg, Canada: $11 /kg, Germany: $6 /kg, France: $6 /kg, UK: $12 /kg, Dubai: $6 /kg, Iran: $5 /kg, India: $12 /kg, Russia:$12 /kg, Mexico: $13 /kg, Spain: $4 /kg

    DHL transit time from China to the middle east country around 3-5 days | Europe 3-7 days | USA and Canada around 5-7 days and other countries around 5-8 days

    Optional Services by DHL: Customizing Your Shipping Experience from China

    Recognizing that every shipment is unique, DHL offers a suite of optional services that provide added convenience and peace of mind. With choices like Dedicated Pickup and Delivery and Shipment Preparation, DHL provides solutions that are tailored to the individual needs of each customer. These optional services embody DHL’s customer-centric approach, offering the flexibility and personalization necessary in today’s fast-paced, globalized world.

    DHL offers a wealth of optional services to enhance the shipping experience from China, providing customers the flexibility to select the right service for their unique needs. These services range from non-standard delivery options to climate-neutral shipping and varied billing choices. For example, DHL’s ‘Duties and Taxes Paid’ service relieves customers of the complexities of customs charges, while the ‘Direct Signature’ option offers an added layer of security. These and other options, such as shipment insurance and dedicated pickup and delivery, demonstrate DHL’s commitment to customization and customer satisfaction.

    DHL Shipping from China

    Understanding Surcharges when Shipping with DHL from China

    Although surcharges can seem complicated, they play an important role in maintaining the high-quality service DHL is known for. These surcharges are only imposed when necessary, ensuring fairness and transparency. DHL offers detailed explanations of each surcharge on its website, providing customers with the information they need to understand and plan for these costs. By doing so, DHL fosters trust with its customers, proving its commitment to fair and transparent pricing.

    To maintain a high standard of service, DHL occasionally levies surcharges for extraordinary circumstances. These surcharges are designed to be fair and are imposed only when necessary. Common surcharges include the fuel surcharge, remote area charge, dangerous goods fee, address correction fee, overweight piece surcharge, and non-stackable pallet fee. Understanding these surcharges is vital to budgeting your shipment and ensuring a smooth delivery process from China to your desired destination.

    Transit Times with DHL: Getting Your Goods from China to the World

    In an age where time is often of the essence, DHL’s impressive transit times set it apart. Their speed and reliability have made them a preferred choice for many businesses, particularly those with time-sensitive shipping needs. Furthermore, DHL’s transparent tracking system allows customers to keep tabs on their shipments every step of the way, providing added peace of mind. With its swift delivery times and comprehensive tracking capabilities, DHL continues to lead the way in global logistics services.

    One of the key factors businesses consider when choosing a courier service is transit time. DHL’s express shipping service from China boasts impressive speed, making it a reliable choice for urgent or time-sensitive shipments. Transit times typically range from 3-5 days to the Middle East, 3-7 days to Europe, 5-7 days to the USA and Canada, and 5-8 days to other global destinations. With DHL’s comprehensive tracking system, businesses can monitor their shipments throughout the journey, ensuring transparency and peace of mind.


    In conclusion, DDPCH is your reliable partner for DHL shipping from China, combining the trusted services of DHL with our expertise in international logistics. We guide you through the complexities of shipping, ensuring safe, timely deliveries. Whether you’re an e-commerce business or need clarity on transit times and costs, DDPCH is equipped to meet your shipping needs. As a premier facilitator of DHL shipping from China, we provide the resources necessary to simplify your global shipping experience. In essence, DDPCH isn’t just a freight forwarder—we’re your strategic partner in global logistics, committed to providing dependable DHL shipping services from China.


    The transit time for DHL shipping from China varies depending on the destination. It typically ranges from 3-7 days for major destinations.

     DHL offers a range of shipping options to accommodate different sizes and weights of goods. However, there may be restrictions or additional charges for oversized or heavy shipments.

     Yes, DHL has restrictions on shipping certain items such as hazardous materials, perishable goods, and prohibited items. It’s important to check with DHL or consult their guidelines for specific restrictions.

    DHL provides comprehensive customs clearance services, handling the necessary documentation and procedures to ensure smooth clearance for shipments from China.

    Yes, DHL may apply a remote area surcharge for deliveries to certain locations that are difficult to access. It’s advisable to check with DHL for specific surcharge details.

    DHL offers online tools or calculators to estimate shipping costs based on factors such as weight, dimensions, destination, and shipping speed.

    DHL offers a range of packaging materials and supplies, which can be purchased or obtained for proper packaging of goods being shipped from China.

    Yes, DHL specializes in shipping documents and offers secure and efficient document shipping services from China to destinations worldwide.

     Yes, DHL provides comprehensive customs assistance for both export and import shipments to and from China, ensuring smooth clearance processes.

     Yes, DHL provides comprehensive customs assistance for both export and import shipments to and from China, ensuring smooth clearance processes.

    Yes, DHL specializes in shipping documents and offers secure and efficient document shipping services from China to destinations worldwide.

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