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How To Import From China 8 Tips!

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How to import from China is the most important question of the merchants who are seeking to import their goods from China. There are many special tips you should know before importing your goods based on China’s transportation and trend law and based on measuring the risks. The important thing in getting information before any other tip is having a good agent to give you enough information on transporting and importing your trading. You can find out the best DDP agent in China from our door to door service agents list, also reading the blog articles will give you enough information on transportation and trading with China. Every day there are so many people that accept a huge risk of losing by sending the unaccepted goods or forbidden goods, and because they have not enough information on how to import from China.

8 Tips For Importing From China

Analyze your importing merchandise

China is one of the most crowd countries in the world which has many types of tastes and characteristics of people also there are not so many goods that they didn’t produce themselves because they are also one of the giants in the business. For importing from China, you should analyze the audiences very much and you should have great knowledge of their needs. Business strategies are the most important step for any merchant not only for importing from China but also to trade with all around the world.

The rules how to import from China

As mentioned before there are some range of goods which are forbidden in China or them are limited, to know how to import from China you should know the list for example : arms, ammunition, and explosives of all kinds; counterfeit currencies and counterfeit negotiable securities; printed matter, magnetic media, films, or photographs that are against China rules, economic, cultural and moral interests of China; lethal poisons; illicit drugs; disease-carrying animals and plants; foods, medicines, and other articles coming from disease-stricken areas; old/used garments; and local currency (RMB). Food items containing certain food colorings and additives deemed harmful to human health by the National Health and Family Planning Commission (NHFPC) are also barred entry. The following list is very important and there are no options on them, all of the mentioned lists is forbidden and never try to import them from China

Have truthful and strong suppliers

When you want to import any goods from China firstly you should have two steps, finding the best importing agent in China and then a strong company or institution to distribute your goods because a weak supplier can destroy all of your analyzes in the hard business .

Costing strategies

Chinese people are on the smartest business owners in cost strategies and the values of their goods. You should have very deep analyzing the costs of your goods and the competitions in China. Different strategies are available that you should choose the most useful one which can promote your goods in competition with the local one.

Pay attention to contracts

If you ask how to import from China before to know how you should be very careful in all of your contracts with agents and suppliers. In earlier articles on DDP transportation from China, we mentioned that you should read all of contracts with all options very carefully to not forget any point or loose.

Save your tracking and importing code

You should save your codes to track your goods through transportation and importing. If you lose any of codes maybe you will lose your freights so be very careful in saving the codes.

Have reliable documentation

You should have reliable documentations to do your transportation from China easily. Having a DDP agent in China will help you very much.

Calculate taxes and other added costs

If you are searching how to import from China without taxes you should use our door to door services where all of the payments are accepted by the seller and you are free of charges.

Select best product for import from china

After analyzing the regulatory and fiscal process, let’s now focus on the more practical aspects of the trade: which products to import from China? Of course, a lot depends on your business and the type of business you want to start.

You have to keep in mind that costs can vary significantly depending on the products handled and that not all goods can be imported, or in any case, require a more complex bureaucratic process, increasing in shipping and production times.

On the other hand, it is more complex to import food, drugs, beverages, toys, and cosmetics, for which a more significant number of health and safety certifications are envisaged. Whatever your type of business, remember to check the presence of the CE certification, which certifies its compliance according to European regulations.

5 Top profitable products for import from china

The first thing that you have to know about how to buy in China

The offers obtained in China are, without a doubt, one of the main reasons why buying in this region of the world is so popular.

Chinese online stores offer everything from a simple mobile headset to next-generation television through various items for different uses.

Importing clothing from China is one of the most active businesses because of the relatively low costs of this type of goods.

 Other items that can be safely imported include

  • Electronics
  • Appliances
  • Wood
  • and jewelry

Finding a Chinese seller and supplier

While you have an idea for a product or think you have channels in the market for certain goods, you want to find a supplier in China thanks to product development and low-cost manufacturing. If you search for the product name or concept, many Chinese suppliers/manufacturers will find it.

However, you are by no means sure to proceed, as you want to do business with a capable and trustworthy firm that would meet your specific needs and are particularly confident of setting up a business with you.

Many people are frustrated because they communicate with suppliers in China for months only to get stuck in getting to the point. Probably the reason is that they haven’t found the right ones from the start. To successfully identify the right Chinese supplier for you, you need a strategy. This tactic comprises awareness, knowledge, and a good dose of study.

Understand what you need

Before you begin, you have to know what is available and have a way to categorize this information. Here are some categories to help you distinguish between Chinese suppliers: manufacturer versus third party supplier; large corporation versus small family business; third party supplier with the ability to develop the product internally versus third party supplier who buys and sells only; vertically integrated manufacturer versus manufacturer dealing only with the assembly line, etc.

Properly categorizing suppliers will help you understand what you need. For example, if you need to import products in a limited range, you need to choose a manufacturer in addition to a third-party supplier. If you have a small business and need close attention, you should develop a good relationship with a small family business.

Do some preliminary research on the internet to further develop your category system in relation to your specific needs

 Create a data table to help you record your search results so the work can be done more efficiently and effectively. The table should include columns including the company name, contact information, the type of business they do and the purpose, category (important) and additional notes.

Use search engines to search for information related to your product name

The top 100 results would be the most relevant websites linked to the asset you are interested in. You can also find information about your competitors and better understand the market segment and marketing channels.

Use popular websites with business directories to get accurate information on Chinese suppliers

These online pages are also excellent resources for gaining industrial knowledge.

Limit the list of suppliers you want to work with consistently

By now, you probably already know what your actual needs are and what you have available. Engage in contact with the suppliers you want to work with and then develop a relationship with them. Next, you will find the right one. The process can be a fun experience and will allow you to get to know many people.

Find a local Chinese business that can help you

People living and working in China know how to control suppliers, and business approaches unknown to foreigners; find a guide on the spot, all your business work will be simple.

How to start contact with chinse supplier via email

When you send an e-mail to a supplier, your request must not make you look like an amateur

It would be best if you asked some professional questions regarding your products such as, for example, the components, packaging, regulations in force in your country, etc.

When your questions are too general, it isn’t straightforward for suppliers to understand you and follow up on your requests. Be specific about the products you are interested in.

Also, you shouldn’t present yourself as a (too) small buyer. You just started your online store and are missing previous business experiences. No problem, you also have to start somewhere! But there is no reason to tell your Chinese supplier. Chinese manufacturers are not incubators for new businesses. They want to do some serious business now, not in a few years.

How to verify a supplier in china as a safe seller

Of course, you need a supplier who will give you a reasonable price. But it would help if you also had your shipment with as few defects as possible.

How do you do it? I note that the procedure is not unique and straightforward and does not apply to all products. So let’s see a general guideline for dealing with this research process.

If you are looking for products or suppliers in China for the first time, I recommend relying on sourcing companies. American or British companies are fine; the important thing is that they have offices in China. This will allow you to reduce research times and product development times and have more solid results: more reliable suppliers. Not always, but often they will research manufacturers for free; in exchange, they offer you a factory inspection service and then a quality inspection on the product before shipment: essential.

I do not recommend paying these sourcing agencies through a fee or percentage on the product, and you would reduce your margin not only on the first order but on all subsequent reorders. Economically invalid.

Don’t want to envoy the search to third parties? Have you already found your ideal supplier? Before placing your first purchase order and paying the deposit, perform further estimations. Always select your suppliers for Amazon FBA very carefully.

Below is a small part of the points and checks that may be useful to you.

Is it a supplier specialized in the crop you are purchasing? Or is it a reseller of a thousand types of products with different types of production? For example, you are buying glass glasses. If your supplier also sells up metal bathroom accessories and cotton rugs, go ahead. It is probably trading.

If there is no company address on their site, get an exact address in Chinese and a phone number. Check on the Baidu map if a factory or a shopping center comes out with that address in Chinese.

If you use, check not only that it is a Gold Supplier, but that it is confirmed as a ‘Manufacturer’ and not a ‘Trading Company.’ See the example below: Shenzhen Bright Glassware. Company name relevant to what they sell. It is a Gold supplier, six years of activity in, Verified, Trade Assurance, excellent Response Time but then looking it is not verified as Manufacturer. The representation video does not show any production plant but only the showroom. It could be a trading company, and therefore chances are you are paying at least an extra 10-15%. A site visit might tell you for sure who you’re buying from. Also, consider this in your choice of supplier.

Purchase Products from the supplier

if you have a small business, often the MOQ can be a limit. Importing large quantities of goods from China can cause difficulties for small companies that do not have the necessary liquidity and do not even have the necessary space to contain and store the goods ordered.

So, how to buy goods directly from China at factory prices but minimal quantities?

Buying wholesale directly from China is convenient because prices drop. Still, it is equally valid that it is difficult to find the right supplier, organize shipping and customs clearance, and above all have a clear and concise quote on which to base.

What is Min Order?

Minimum order is a concept that has spread in parallel with the globalization of markets and the growth of e-commerce. Today, a company can source by purchasing from suppliers worldwide.

What is a proforma invoice? and why it is important?

The proforma invoice (or the fee notice) is a document with no tax value. Despite the advent of electronic invoicing, it remains a tool widely used by both businesses and freelancers, as it has undoubted advantages both for whoever issues it and for whoever receives it.

There are various advantages of the proforma invoice (or bill notice):

  1. Being a fiscally invalid document, the supplier who issues it avoids, in case of errors, having to issue credit notes to cancel the wrong invoice. It is a document that can be modified at any time, without the need to modify tax documents already issued.
  2. the customer who receives it has a document on which to check prices, type of goods sold or services provided, the correctness of the data indicated before receiving the actual invoice.
  3. there is the possibility of delivering the final invoice only when the customer proceeds with the payment.

Shipping from China to your country

Shipping from China to your country takes 20-25 days by ordering Post Delivery International Standard service; takes between 2 and 4 days if you use the Poste Delivery International Express service; takes between 2 to 5 days, without considering Saturdays and holidays if you choose the Poste Delivery Globe service.

Airfreight, Sea freight, Which one is the best option for you?

In terms of speed

The urgency of your shipment is the first factor to consider when deciding between air freight and sea freight, as the main difference between sea freight and air freight is speed. Air transport generally varies from a few days to a maximum of 10, considering the waiting time at the available airports, the routing and handling of the cargo at the place of departure (origin), and the place of arrival (destination). Sea transport depends on the distance and available services and can vary from one week to 70 days.

In terms of price

The difference in costs between sea and air freight depends on the market and the cargo you have to ship. Since the capacity of an aircraft is limited in weight and the capacity of a ship in volume, the difference in price for sea freight and air freight is smaller for light loads than for heavy loads.

Customs clearance shipment in your county

Export customs clearance is performed by an authorized customs operator and requires the submission of a declaration specifying the cargo and supporting papers. These papers vary from country to country, but the shipper will usually be able to inform you which documents are needed.

What is Customs Duty (Import Tax)?

The customs duty is an indirect tax applied to all products imported and exported from the country that imposes it. Nowadays, the tax is usually paid to customs by the importer or exporter, through a customs declaration, and constitutes tax revenue for the State.

Why you need a customs broker for customs clearance service?

A customs brokerage is a type of brokerage company that helps in the customs clearance process of goods through the customs departments of different countries. Such a brokerage can represent an importer or an exporter and assist in preparing essential documents and documents that help make the movement of goods between countries orderly and straightforward. In some cases, customs brokerage will also be an intermediary between a customer and a government, especially if a customer has specific shipping issues

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