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Packing the Cargo for Shipping.

Packing Your Cargo for Shipping | The Ultimate Handbook

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Importing from China requires an apt course of action. As the first step of such a process, you must know how packing your cargo for shipping works so you can handle your goods by the book.

In this article, therefore, DDPCH will provide you with a 101 guide on how to pack cargo for transportation.



What Do You Need?

Whether it’s air freight or sea freight, there is some stuff you need for preparing your loads. However, we recommend consulting a professional forwarder to make sure the materials you use suite the regulations.

Here’s what you need:

  • A box (choose it concerning the size of your properties)
  • Some stuffing material (e.g., air bubbles, foam wrap, air pockets)
  • Tapes
  • Labels (if necessary)



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Step #1: Choosing and Resizing the Box

Put your merchandise in the box and mark the unfilled area
between them and the lid. This unoccupied part may cause damage to your load,
so you want to fill it before wrapping the box up.

There are two ways to do so. You can either utilize the
stuffing materials you have or cut the box to make it smaller.


However, keep these in mind:

  • Stuffing materials such as Styrofoam are illegal in some countries. So, steer clear of them while packing your cargo for shipping.
  • If the vacant space is too much, it’s best to resize the box. Stuffing may not keep your goods safe when the unoccupied area is more than a couple of inches.


Step #2: Filling in the Empty Space

As mentioned earlier, it’s best to leave no space in the box. So, even if the box fits your goods, it’s still helpful to put some air bubbles in to guarantee the safety of the merchandise.


Step #3: Wrapping the Box Up Properly

Use tapes to wrap the box up. But be careful to leave no bumps on any side. A standard box must have fully flat sides. So, do not up to send it unless its flanks look entirely even.


Step #4: Labeling

As the final stage of packing your cargo for shipping, you should label it. Labels indicate whether or not your load is fragile, dangerous, contains liquid, etc.

Moreover, you can utilize them to show the top and bottom of the carton so the courier knows how to transport it as it should be.

Now, your package is ready to be inspected and sent. But bear in mind that the final fees depend on its volumetric weight.


There’s an Easier Way of Packing Cargo for Shipping

If you don’t have enough time to handle all these steps, contact us right away because we can pack your loads.

Our team is familiar with the importing and exporting regulations in China and will wrap your loads accordingly.


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