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Express Courier Shipping Companies in China | The Top List

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    Looking for a secure and low-cost air-courier for your products? In this article by DDPCH, you will get a full overview of the biggest American, European, and local Express courier shipping companies in China.

    In the ever-expanding global market, effective and efficient logistics management is crucial for any business. As a leading freight forwarder in the industry, DDPCH is dedicated to helping you navigate the complex landscape of international shipping and logistics.

    Our services encompass everything from air and sea freight to door-to-door courier services, with a particular focus on the burgeoning market of Express Courier Shipping Companies in China. We understand that logistics needs are as diverse as the businesses we serve, and we are committed to providing personalized solutions to meet those unique demands.

    Whether you’re a small business looking to expand overseas or a multinational corporation requiring streamlined logistics operations, DDPCH offers comprehensive, reliable, and cost-effective solutions to make your global shipping operations seamless and efficient. Partner with us to unlock the full potential of your logistics and make your mark in the global business landscape.

    Navigating the Landscape of China's Courier Services

    The landscape of Express Courier Shipping Companies in China is vast and varied. It ranges from global giants that offer a plethora of services worldwide to local businesses specializing in domestic delivery. To navigate this landscape, it’s crucial to understand the strengths and weaknesses of these companies. While international companies like FedEx and UPS provide reliable services with comprehensive global networks, they often come with a higher price tag.

    On the other hand, Chinese Express Courier Shipping Companies offer competitive rates and often more localized services. They have a deeper understanding of the Chinese market and logistics network, which can be advantageous for businesses primarily dealing within China. Therefore, it’s essential to understand your specific shipping needs and choose a courier service accordingly.

    Express Courier Shipping Companies in China

    How Chinese Express Courier Companies are Revolutionizing Logistics

    The express courier shipping industry in China has been undergoing a significant transformation. This revolution has been brought about by several factors, including rapid technological advancements, evolving consumer expectations, and government support. The result has been a wave of innovation and change that is redefining the standards of logistics in the country.

    Express Courier Shipping Companies in China, both local and international, are leading this revolution. They are adopting cutting-edge technologies like AI, Big Data, and IoT to optimize their operations, improve delivery speed, and enhance customer service. These technologies are not only streamlining logistics but also enabling these companies to offer value-added services to their customers.

    Furthermore, many Chinese courier companies are embracing green logistics, aiming to reduce their carbon footprint and promote sustainability. This shift towards environmentally friendly practices is not only setting new standards for the industry but also making a positive impact on society. Thus, Express Courier Shipping Companies in China are playing a key role in transforming the face of global logistics.

    Top Express Courier Shipping Companies in China in 2023

    In 2023, the express courier shipping industry in China has seen considerable growth and evolution. A host of Express Courier Shipping Companies in China have managed to stand out due to their high-quality services, extensive network, and customer-centric approach. Among them, international giants like DHL, FedEx, UPS, and TNT have secured their positions by adapting to local market conditions and continuously improving their operations.

    However, it’s not just international companies that are making waves in the Chinese market. Local Express Courier Shipping Companies have also gained substantial recognition in 2023. With their deep understanding of domestic logistics and unique business models, companies like SF Express and YTO Express are providing stiff competition to their foreign counterparts, making the courier shipping industry in China a dynamic and rapidly changing landscape.

    1: DHL

    In the last three decades, DHL has had a presence in China with its regional headquarters based in Beijing. Out of 35,000 companies operating in the same industry, it is now recognized as one of China’s leading courier and logistic firms.

    Some of their main air freight and distribution services include:

    • Worldwide delivery service and international shipping
    • DHL eCommerce which includes business-specific solutions for foreign and domestic parcel pick-up, delivery, and return.

    The number one on the list of express courier shipping companies in China offers other DHL air freight options: DHL Air Priority, DHL Air Connect, DHL Air Economy, DHL Air Charter, DHL Air Thermonet, DHL Air Freight Plus, Lifeconex, and DHL Air Combined.

    2: FedEx

    FedEx began service in China in 1984. The head office is based in Shanghai, with over 9,500 Chinese employees. They have a total of 82 branch offices, with 220 cargo flights operating weekly from China.

    Moreover, FedEx is one of the few international (non-Chinese) express courier shipping companies in China with a domestic shipping license.

    The services provided by FedEx include the following: FedEx International Economy, FedEx International Economy Freight, FedEx International First, FedEx International Priority, FedEx International Priority Freight, FedEx International Priority DirectDistribution, Other Customized Solutions.

    Express Courier Shipping Companies in China send parcel to all around the world.

    3: UPS

    In 2001 UPS began its services in China in collaboration with China Express and in 2005 launched the first non-stop delivery service to China. China’s head office is located in Shanghai, with two additional regional offices in Guangzhou, and Beijing.

    UPS also has a Chinese domestic shipping license. Therefore they can arrange supplies from one manufacturer to another as well.

    Some of the main services offered by this one of the express courier shipping companies in China are as follows: UPS Internet Shipping, UPS Campus Shipping, Worldship, UPS Marketplace Shipping, UPS Import Control, UPS Trade Direct, UPS Worldwide Expedited, UPS Worldwide Express Freight.

    4: TNT

    TNT Courier is also a well-known foreign courier based in Belgium, in Liege. FedEx acquired TNT in 2015, but it operates as a separate organization in 61 countries, including Mainland China and Hong Kong S.A.R.

    Further Reading: How to find cheap shipping from China? | DHL, TNT, and FEDEX express

    This one of the Express courier shipping companies in China has its headquarters in Shanghai, founded in 2004. It also has regional offices in China, in 37 cities.

    Lastly, the services provided by TNT include: Fastest Express, Economy Express, Air Freight, Air Charter

    Ddpch offers air freight, door to door services or sea freight from China. Fill our shipping quote form to get a quote on your cargo delivery.

    Major Express Courier Shipping Companies in China

    The cost of services offered by Express Courier Shipping Companies in China varies significantly based on the provider, service type, package weight, and distance. International giants such as DHL, FedEx, UPS, and TNT are often known for their premium pricing. However, these companies also provide exceptional global reach, reliable services, and an array of specialized solutions that often justify the extra cost. In addition, they provide extensive customer support, insurance options, and tracking facilities that ensure the safe and timely delivery of your goods.

    On the other hand, domestic courier companies like SF Express or YTO Express often offer competitive, if not lower, pricing for their services, particularly for domestic shipping. These companies have an extensive local network and an in-depth understanding of the Chinese market, enabling them to deliver efficient services at cost-effective rates. However, their international reach and additional services may not be as extensive as their international counterparts. Therefore, when choosing an express courier company in China, it’s essential to consider not just the cost but also the value and relevance of their services to your specific needs.

    Comparison of Key Services Offered by Major Express Courier Shipping Companies in China

    Company Domestic Service International Service Specialized Service
    DHL Yes Yes DHL eCommerce, DHL Air Thermonet, Lifeconex
    FedEx Yes Yes FedEx International Economy, FedEx International Priority
    UPS Yes Yes UPS Internet Shipping, UPS Trade Direct
    TNT Yes Yes Economy Express, Air Freight, Air Charter


    Navigating the dynamic landscape of Express Courier Shipping Companies in China can be challenging. Yet, with the right knowledge and support from a trusted freight forwarder like DDPCH, businesses can unlock numerous opportunities in this growing market. Through personalized, efficient, and cost-effective solutions, DDPCH strives to turn logistical challenges into strategic advantages. Whether you’re looking for domestic delivery or international shipping, let DDPCH guide you towards successful and seamless logistics operations in 2023 and beyond.


    The major players in the industry include both international companies like DHL, FedEx, UPS, and TNT, as well as local companies such as SF Express and YTO Express.

    The reliability varies between companies, but major players like DHL, FedEx, UPS, TNT, and leading Chinese companies like SF Express are known for their reliable services.

    You can usually get a quote online by providing details about your shipment on the courier company’s website.

     The cheapest method depends on various factors like weight, dimensions, and delivery timeframe. For small, lightweight items, air express might be cost-effective, while sea freight could be cheaper for larger shipments.

     Yes, Chinese New Year and other holidays can cause delays and higher shipping costs due to increased demand.

    Door-to-door service means that the courier company handles the entire shipping process, from picking up the package from your location to delivering it to the recipient’s address.

    Proper packaging and sealing, using tracking services, and opting for insurance can help ensure the security of your package.

     Express courier shipping offers fast delivery times, reliable service, package tracking, and customer support.

    Heavier packages generally cost more to ship. Most courier companies charge based on either the actual weight or the dimensional weight of the package, whichever is greater.

    A courier is a company that handles the direct transportation of packages, while a freight forwarder like DDPCH coordinates shipments using various transportation methods and courier services.

    While you might not have to include your details on the external packaging, courier companies typically require the sender’s information for their records.

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