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Alibaba Suppliers in China How to Trade with Them Like a Pro.

Alibaba Suppliers in China | How to Trade with Them Like a Pro?

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    [vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Most of the small- and mid-sized businesses are seeking Alibaba suppliers in China. That’s because the manufacturers in this region offer the most cost-effective products when it comes to wholesale.

    However, most of the abovementioned businesses do not know how to get in touch with the Chinese suppliers on Alibaba.



    You Need to Find the Right Supplier

    Importing from China is a profitable business, and we’re not going to knock that. But to make that statement right, you have to cherry-pick the best provider out of a million other companies.

    So, here are some bits of advice on how to choose a Chinese supplier on Alibaba:

    1. Always work with companies that are verified and have the blue symbol of Alibaba to indicate it. ( Gold supplier )
    2. Inspect the online presence of the suppliers to make sure they are not exaggerating any fact.
    3. Reviews on Alibaba must be highly influential in your decision. Do not opt to work with companies with a below-average satisfaction rate—no matter how inviting their offers are.
    4. (if possible), send a presentative to visit the actual site of Alibaba suppliers in China in advance.
    5. If you’re not going to handle shipping process, make sure the company is allowed to export goods. Most of the small-sized sellers on Alibaba don’t have the proper documentation and rely on third-party couriers for that.
    6. If they’re responsible for packing your cargo for shipping, ask them to send you pictures of their previous packaging before loading. It would assure you that your payload is boxed carefully too—or vice versa.


    When It Comes to shipping process

    After you find the best seller in alibaba, it’s time to finalize the contract and select the shipment method. If your contractor is also going to handle the transportation, they’ll send your cargo with one the below routes:

    When a shipment needs to be delivered before a deadline, or it’s of high-value products, suppliers send them through air freight services. In this case, your goods will be loaded into an airplane and reach the destination in 5-10 days (or less).

    Since some of the leading cargo airlines in Asia are based in China, air freight is one of the most reliable options. However, some Alibaba suppliers in China might avoid working with the top agencies to cut back on the costs—so, be careful who you work with.

    When money is a concern and time is not, companies send the payloads through sea freights. It’s an economical route for LCL and FCL shipments. However, it’s not as fast as the previous method. Plus, it requires a specific packaging procedure as some ocean paths could damage the goods if boxed inappropriately.



    A Third-Party Courier Is the Best Option – Here’s Why

    But there’s another option to get rid of all the risks mentioned above. If you opt to work with a professional forwarder, there’s no need to worry about the safety and delivery of your purchases.

    You can ask the Alibaba provider in China to bring the goods to the courier’s warehouse and let them take care of the rest. Or you can go even further and ask the courier company to pick up the products at the supplier’s factory—which is called the DDP service.

    Here are the upsides.

    • Management

    The shipping company is like your operational arm in China. You can manage the products you bought with their help and make sure everything is according to the plan.

    • Cost

    A professional forwarder will inspect the goods and choose the most excellent transportation strategy accordingly. It is a great way to reduce the extra costs and come up with a light transfer bill. However, the Alibaba suppliers might not spend enough time to plan the best shipment method for you—which can result in heavier bills.

    • Reliability

    If you work with a trustworthy freight company in China, you can benefit from the specific cargo insurances. Most of the top shipping agencies work with insurance companies to make sure that your investments are safe throughout the procedures.

    • Capability

    There’s no limit for an expert transporter. So, when you work with one, there’s no need to limit your trades to big cities like Shenzhen or Guangzhou. There are lots of suppliers all around China that offer even better prices. So, you can find the most cost-effective provider anywhere in china, and let the courier company take care of the rest.

    It would become an undeniable advantage against your competitor as most of them, unlike you, will have restricted choices.



    DDPCH Works with Alibaba Suppliers in China

    Our company is among the most reliable third-party couriers in china. We offer high-quality transportation services for financially viable prices.

    You can order a customized packaging and labeling at DDPCH in case you’re working as a member of Fulfilment by Amazon in China.

    Moreover, you’ll be able to follow your goods through our unique tracking system from the very initial phase—up until the last one.

    You can book a Door to Door delivery from any cities in China. Our experts will pick up your payload at the location and bring it to your door no matter where you live.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text][/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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