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Fulfilment by Amazon in China.

Fulfillment by Amazon in China | How to Ship Your Products

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During recent years, more traders have been trying to retail their artifacts through Fulfilment by Amazon in China.

DDPCH, therefore, created a new FBA service dedicated to such businesses.

But first, let’s see what is Fulfilment by Amazon.

The FBA Function and Its Offers to Venders

It’s a program that offers sellers to keep chunks of their stuffs in various warehouses all around the world.

This will eventually give them the chance to provide the consumers with their products in the fastest way possible.

Let’s say you have an item in PRC that grabs the attention of customers in Dubai and they order it.

In this scenario, sending the imports through normal distribution methods even when using the best DDP delivery agent from China to Dubai would take a long time.

However, FBA allows you to send them some of the goods that you already stored in Dubai depots. This way, you’d not need to lose sleep over the transportation nor having unhappy buyers.

Why Do I Need It?

If you own a company that has international buyers, FBA is a must-have.

Fulfilment by Amazon in China is a new phenomenon that deserves more attention. Through this program, you can pass on your commodities much hastier and find more customers around the globe.

Moreover, you get to benefit from the options below.

  • Delivery

Amazon Prime will be available for all the goods that are a part of the FBA in PRC.

  • Packaging

You don’t need to worry about the packing and tagging processes because Amazon will take care of that.

  • Client-Oriented Service

Your buyers will be able to seek help whenever necessary since the 24/7 support line is and will be on hand.

  • Management

Every aspect of the sales from the beginning up until the last phase and even the rejection processes will be handled by Amazon.

We Ship Your Products to Fulfilment Centers

To use the FBA, you need an official carrier. Otherwise, your merchandise will not be accepted.

But don’t worry at all; our company is one of the most reliable FBA shippers in PRC.

The Fulfilment by Amazon fees in China might be salty. But we offer a cost-effective cargo contract that is chipper than most of our competitors.

So, contact us and let our payload experts lend a hand with the whole process.

Our team will send your freight from China to any target supply center in another country/city.

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