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finding the best shipping agent in China.

Finding the Best Shipping Agent in China | Signs to Look for

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    According to the official website of the PRC government, China shipped more than 19.99 billion tons of cargos in 2019. That’s primarily because of the developing transportation industry, which, by the way, makes finding the best shipping agent in China somewhat of an impossible task.

    However, we, at the DDPCH agency, have a simple but practical guide on how to find the right transportation company in China.

    Does It Even Matter?

    Importing from China is an extensive business that is rapidly growing each year. But the distribution of the cargos is the core element of the whole industry—and no one can knock that.

    Transporting goods is not a simple task, and there are thousands (if not millions) of traders who invest enormous sums of money in this commerce.

    So, being unable to find the best shipping agency in China can equal losing millions of dollars or even bankruptcy.

    3 Steps of Finding the Best Shipping Agent in China

    There are three main signs to look for when searching for the top shipping agencies in China. The following is a guide on these features to help you out with the judgment and decision-making processes.

    1. Inspect the Reputation

    How do you determine a professional freight company? First things first, you inspect its reputation. You must know how much successful air freight, Amazon FBA, or DDP and other comparable operations the company has managed.

    You can search online and seek for their previous customers’ reviews. Or you can visit them in person and see how they’re handling their business.

    2. Check the Certifications

    Not all the agencies in China are certified. That’s a good reason to be careful who to sign a delivery contract with and who to avoid for the sake of your goods.

    So, ask the transporter to provide you with valid certifications and insurance and other official warrants. Otherwise, you might end up having your cargo ruined before even landing in the destination.

    3. Compare the Prices

    How much it costs to ship freight from China to other countries is a subject matter. There are several factors, such as the volumetric weight, the ending point, the nature of your cargo, etc. that can determine the final shipping fee.

    So, don’t trust the verbal promises regarding the delivery costs and ask for an official quote to compare with other companies’ charges.

    You’ve Already Found the Best Courier in China

    Always running out of time? We know how it feels! But here’s a piece of good news: the best shipping agency in China is already at your serve.

    Contact us right away and let our cargo experts lend a hand with your transportation needs.

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