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Leading Cargo Airlines in Asia 2023 | ( Full Guide )

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    This time on DDPCH, we’ll introduce the catalog of the leading cargo airlines in Asia 2023.

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    leading cargo airlines in Asia

    Unlocking Trade and Global Connectivity: The Crucial Role of Cargo Airlines

    Cargo airlines play a pivotal role in driving global trade and economic growth. They form an integral part of the global supply chain, connecting producers and consumers across continents. Whether it’s transporting fresh produce from remote farms to international markets, delivering vital medicines to hospitals, or shipping high-tech electronics across the globe, cargo airlines facilitate the smooth flow of goods, sustaining economies, and enhancing quality of life. They provide speed and efficiency that other modes of transport cannot match, enabling businesses to operate on a just-in-time model, reducing storage costs, and ensuring products reach their destination as quickly as possible.

    Moreover, cargo airlines also play a vital role in humanitarian efforts, often being the first on the ground delivering emergency supplies in the wake of natural disasters or during global health crises. In an increasingly interconnected world, the importance of cargo airlines cannot be overstated. They’re not only pivotal for global trade but also for societal well-being, linking communities and enabling access to goods and services that might otherwise be unattainable. Cargo airlines are indeed the unsung heroes of our global economy.

    Leading the Skies: A Review of the Top Cargo Airlines in Asia

    In the vast and complex realm of international logistics, several key players stand out in the Asian market. These leading cargo airlines, the titans of transport, have a profound influence on the global supply chain, shaping trade dynamics and economic trajectories. Carriers such as Emirates, Qatar Airways, Cathay Pacific, and others, have earned their places at the top through an unyielding commitment to efficiency, reliability, and customer service. Their extensive networks and comprehensive cargo solutions have made them the go-to choice for businesses seeking to navigate the intricacies of international shipping.

    The continued prominence of these cargo airlines is not only testament to their operational expertise but also to their ability to innovate and adapt. In an era marked by digital disruption and evolving consumer demands, these airlines have remained steadfast in their pursuit of excellence. Whether it’s harnessing cutting-edge technology to enhance cargo tracking, investing in sustainable aviation solutions, or expanding their service offerings to meet market needs, these leading cargo airlines are continually redefining what’s possible in the realm of air freight. Their contributions have not only propelled their individual growth but have also significantly impacted Asia’s position in the global logistics landscape.

    Asia's Top Cargo Airlines: Charting the Course in 2023

    As we navigate through 2023, the leading cargo airlines in Asia continue to display resilience and adaptability in the face of a rapidly evolving global trade landscape. Emirates, Qatar Airways, Cathay Pacific, and others have proven their mettle, adeptly maneuvering the dynamic market conditions, changes in consumer behavior, and fluctuations in demand patterns. Their strategic focus on innovation, customer service, and operational efficiency has not only ensured their survival but propelled them to newer heights. The dedication and commitment of these airlines towards constant improvement have ensured they remain at the forefront of the industry in 2023.

    The success of these cargo airlines in 2023 further underscores the essential role they play in the global supply chain. Their contributions extend beyond their home countries, impacting the world economy at large. As we continue through 2023, these airlines are not only navigating the challenges but also leveraging opportunities presented by digitization, automation, and other technological advancements. Their ability to adapt and evolve with changing times positions them as significant players in the global logistics landscape. Their journey in 2023 is a testament to their enduring impact on global trade, and it will be exciting to watch their trajectory in the years to come.

    Who Determines the Candidates and How?

    Our air freight expert analyzed the IATA index for the international air transport and extracted the uppermost names.

    So, the record below is based on the number of transportation these companies had done throughout the past year.

    1. Emirates

    We all know that international shipping from China to UAE is an in-demand service. But Emirates showed that all other countries want to send cargos to Dubai.

    This UAE based company had roughly 13 thousand deliveries which made them the Grade A cargo airline in Asia.

    Emirates, With its world-class facilities in Dubai acting as a crucial hub, Emirates stands at the forefront of air cargo services in Asia. With approximately 13,000 deliveries in a year, it exhibits an unrivaled proficiency in handling both voluminous and diverse cargo types, marking its dominance in the sector.

    2. Qatar Airways

    Arab countries seem to own the much-loved air freight service providers in the continent. Qatar Airways is number 2 on the register, having delivered more than 12 thousand loads.

    Second on the list is Qatar Airways, an airline renowned for its reliable cargo handling and efficient service. With over 12,000 loads delivered, it displays a significant influence in the air freight industry across the continent, playing a key role in the region’s trade and commerce.

    3. Cathay Pacific – Hong Kong

    Cathay was the biggest competitor of the previous two Arab cargo airways. This Honk Kong flag carrier had almost 11,000 shipment contracts last year.

    Based out of Hong Kong, Cathay Pacific serves as a significant competitor to the dominant Arab airlines, with nearly 11,000 shipment contracts completed in a year. It leverages its strategic location to effectively bridge the East and West, providing robust and efficient cargo solutions.

    4. Korean Air

    This carrier is the #1 corporation in South Korea. However, it only gets to be in the 4th place when it comes to leading Asian cargo airlines.

    Nevertheless, this giant airway had nearly 8,000 shipments to compete with others.

    Despite being the top corporation in South Korea, it ranks fourth in Asian cargo services. With around 8,000 shipments annually, Korean Air highlights its steadfast dedication to quality and punctual air freight services.

    5. Air China

    As the title of this article suggests, China is dominating the list. That’s mainly because there are 3 Chinees companies on the index—excluding the Cathay.

    Air China, however, seems to be the most preferred one as it had delivered 7,000 loads throughout the last year.

    We suggest you read our article on how to import from China for more information.

    tanding as the preferred Chinese air cargo carrier, Air China facilitated the delivery of 7,000 loads in a year. It capitalizes on China’s manufacturing power, linking businesses across the globe to the bustling Chinese markets.

    leading cargo airlines in Asia

    6. China Southern Airlines

    Another Chinees cargo company on the category is a Guangdong based business with more than 6.5 thousand carriages in one year.

    Guangdong-based China Southern Airlines makes its mark with more than 6.5 thousand cargo movements in a year. It leverages its extensive network to provide businesses with seamless, efficient freight solutions.

    7. Singapore Airlines

    Pretty girls are not the only feature this corporation is known for. Singapore Airlines managed to deliver 6,000 cargos in one year to build its way up into the inventory of the elites.

    Known for more than just its excellent service, Singapore Airlines also made significant strides in the cargo industry with 6,000 deliveries in a year. It harnesses its strategic location to act as a vital link in the global supply chain.

    8. Turkish Airlines

    Shipping to Turkey services is what most vendors require these days. So, Turkish Airlines used this opportunity to become the 8th most infamous Asian cargo airway.

    Capitalizing on the increased demand for shipping to Turkey, Turkish Airlines ranks as the eighth top Asian cargo airline. It provides effective and reliable cargo services, supporting Turkey’s rapidly growing economy.

    9. China Airlines

    Having more than 5,000 successful transfers, China Airlines is the last Chinees company in the catalog.

    Completing over 5,000 successful transfers, China Airlines represents the last Chinese entrant in the top cargo carriers. It maintains a strong presence in the Asian freight industry with its reliable and timely deliveries.

    10. AirBridgeCargo

    There are lots of corporations that want to make shipping to Russia an accessible service. However, none of them can compete with AirBridgeCargo as they’re the most powerful company in Russia.

    Dominating the Russian air cargo services, AirBridgeCargo is an essential player for businesses seeking access to the expansive Russian markets. It has carved out a niche for itself in the sector, setting the standard for shipping services to Russia.

    Comparative Overview of Asia's Leading Cargo Airlines in 2023

    Airline Country Number of Deliveries Key Features
    Emirates UAE Approximately 13,000 High volume handling, diverse cargo type capabilities
    Qatar Airways Qatar More than 12,000 Reliable and efficient service, significant regional influence
    Cathay Pacific Hong Kong Nearly 11,000 Strategic geographical advantage, robust cargo solutions
    Korean Air South Korea Around 8,000 Quality service, punctual freight deliveries
    Air China China 7,000 Preferred Chinese carrier, links to vast Chinese markets
    China Southern Airlines China More than 6,500 Extensive network, seamless freight solutions
    Singapore Airlines Singapore 6,000 Strategic location, vital link in the global supply chain
    Turkish Airlines Turkey N/A Meets increasing demand for shipping to Turkey, supports growing economy
    China Airlines China More than 5,000 Reliable and timely cargo services
    AirBridgeCargo Russia N/A Dominates Russian air cargo services, provides access to Russian markets


    In conclusion, Asia’s top cargo airlines play a pivotal role in facilitating global trade, moving vast quantities of goods seamlessly across borders. Emirates, Qatar Airways, Cathay Pacific, Korean Air, Air China, China Southern Airlines, Singapore Airlines, Turkish Airlines, China Airlines, and AirBridgeCargo, each have contributed significantly to the overall growth of the air freight industry in Asia. They offer reliable, efficient, and timely freight services that businesses worldwide have come to depend on. The role they play in the global supply chain is indispensable, linking producers, consumers, and markets, thereby propelling economic growth and global connectivity. Their continued growth and innovation promise a vibrant future for the cargo industry in Asia.


    Qatar Airways is the second largest cargo carrier in Asia.

    The future of the cargo airline industry in Asia is expected to remain vibrant with continued growth and innovation, given the strategic focus of the leading cargo airlines on customer service, operational efficiency, and technological advancements.

    The exact number of deliveries made by Turkish Airlines isn’t specified, but it has capitalized on increased demand for shipping to Turkey to become a leading Asian cargo airline.

    Air China links businesses across the globe to the bustling Chinese markets, taking advantage of China’s vast manufacturing sector.

    Emirates is known for its high volume handling and diverse cargo type capabilities.

     Cargo airlines are leveraging opportunities presented by digitization, automation, and other technological advancements to adapt to changes in the market in 2023.

    Cathay Pacific leverages its strategic location to effectively bridge the East and West, providing robust and efficient cargo solutions.

    China has the most cargo airlines in the top 10 list in Asia with three entries: Air China, China Southern Airlines, and China Airlines.

    There are three cargo airlines from China on the top 10 list in Asia – Air China, China Southern Airlines, and China Airlines.

    Qatar Airways displays significant influence in the air freight industry across the continent due to its reliable and efficient service.

    The exact number of successful transfers made by AirBridgeCargo isn’t specified, but it’s the leading cargo airline in Russia.

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