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Using Door to Door Service from China.

Using Door to Door Service from China | Is It the Best Alternative?

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[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]According to the DDPCH statics, using Door to Door service from China is quickly becoming widespread. Most traders are now transporting goods to their countries through this procedure.


What Are the Other Options?

DDP, for sure, is not the only way of sending goods from PRC to other countries. You can either get behind it yourself or ask the buyer to do so. Although it’s not recommended, some suppliers deliver their products personally, and some others leave it to the company that bought them.

It’s also possible to let a cargo company handle only the air freight or sea freight procedures. In this case, you or your buyer will be in charge of transferring the shipment to the forwarder’s address and pick it up at the ending point.


The Perks of Using DDP from China

The Door to Door service is popular among the suppliers and traders because it reduces their responsibilities. However, that’s not the only upside. Below you can find four primary advantages of sending cargo via DDP.


  1. Less Paperwork

You can’t transport shipments without legal permission. So, one of the benefits of utilizing Door to Door service from China cargo is that you don’t have to worry about the paperwork.

A professional forwarder will inspect your products and request the permissions accordingly. Whether it’s a dangerous freight or a normal one, they’ll make sure that it doesn’t face any issues in the starting and ending points.


  1. Packaging

Packing your cargo for shipping might become a pain in the neck. However, it can turn into a significant logistic setback when you’re about to transport a couple of LCL and FCL containers per day.

But the good news is that a courier can take care of the packaging process through the DDP delivery so that you have less to worry about. Moreover, you can ask them to handle the labeling phase if you’re working as a member of Fulfilment by Amazon in China.


  1. Automated Procedures

Transporting products to other countries requires an appropriate process. First, you have to ready the packages and label them if necessary. Then, you have to deliver them to the forwarder or airport/seaport. And finally, you have to pick them up at the ending point and deliver them to the customer(s).

However, when you’re using Door to Door service from china, all the abovementioned actions are done by the courier company. So, all you have to do is giving them the address of your factory, choose the transportation method, sign a contract, and wait for the goods to reach the purchasers’ store or warehouse.


  1. Fast and Secure Delivery

Sometimes it might take a lot longer for a personal shipment to be delivered—especially when it’s a Less Container Load. That’s because you have to wait until there’s a proper container to load your stuff in.

But in the DDP service, the forwarder will make sure to send your shipment as soon as possible. Since they manage multiple LCL and FCL freights at the time, it would be much easier to find a place for you on the very first flight or ship.


  1. Reasonable Pricing

Return on Investment or ROI increases a lot when you use the DDP procedure. Since a forwarder will give you a quote based on the volumetric weight, chances of getting scammed are short.

Plus, they work with several shipment at the same time. So, the overall fees they pay for a shipment is less than what you’d pay. And that’s why they can offer you some valuable discounts.


Who to Trust?

Finding the best shipping agent in China could be a complicated task because there are thousands of them. However, you can always trust DDPCH as we’ve been transporting Door to Door cargos for more than four years now.

Top destinations that we cover are:



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