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top air freights in China.

The Top Active Air Freights Agent in China in 2020

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    [vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Twenty-Twenty hit the calendars, and companies are now preparing their strategies for the new decade. For this reason, we decided to provide you with the list of the top air freights in China so you can choose your forwarder accordingly.



    How to Determine the Best Chinese Forwarder?

    Finding the best shipping agent is a complicated practice. However, you can use the IATA 2019 world air transport statics as an indicator. It shows how much cargo has been transferred by the couriers all around the globe.

    The more a company transfers, the better it is, and the IATA index points it out. Below you can find a list that is based on the abovementioned data to display the top 5 air couriers in China.


    Cathay Pacific – Hong Kong

    Although FedEx, Emirates, and Qatar Airlines are dominating global transportation, Cathay Pacific is the only Chinese courier that can compete with them. The company was so close to becoming the 3rd leading cargo airline in the world.

    However, this Hong Kongese company ended up owning the 5th place in 2019, right behind the UPS. The total transportation of Cathay in the previous year was 11,284 FTK, which is nearly 6% of the total transportation of the top 25 air freight agents in the world.

    Note: FTK stands for Freight Tonne Kilometers, which is a scale of evaluating air transfers.


    Air China

    Being Beijing’s largest airline, Air China is the most popular freight in PRC—excluding the Cathay Pacific. Having delivered more than 7,000 FTK, we’re talking about one of the main candidates of becoming the top air freight in China soon.

    If your ending point is Sanya, Shenzhen, or Hangzhou, this company is the best forwarder you could ever work with.


    China Southern Airlines

    If you analyze the IATA index, China Southern Airlines in Guangdong is one of the main competitors of the previous two. Cathay is the leading cargo airline in Asia — and no one can knock that. However, having delivered only 500 FTK less than Air China, Southern Airlines is a thinkable candidate for the 2nd place in 2020.

    CSA is also known for its hub that connects Shanghai, Guangzhou, Chongqing, Amsterdam, Stansted, Frankfurt, Los Angeles, Chicago, and Ho Chi Minh and Hanoi.


    China Airlines

    This Taoyuan based company managed to deliver 5,800 FTK shipments in the previous year. Although it’s the most important airline in Taiwan, it falls short of becoming the top air freight in China compared to the other names on the list.

    However, China Airlines is one of the best options when it comes to sending shipments from PRC to the USA.



    Being a sparkling star in Shenzhen, DDPCH should top the list of the top air freights in China.

    DDPCH has created a reliable international hub that connects China to 220 countries. However, they’re specialized in importing from China to the Middle East nations such as Qatar, Iran, Kuwait, Pakistan, and Russia.



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