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Choosing the freight company in china.

Choosing the Freight Company in China | Things to Consider and Avoid

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Finding the best shipping agent in China has always been a hot topic for suppliers. So, the DDPCH team decided to provide a guide on choosing the freight company in China to help everyone out.



Why Does It Matter?

The forwarder you choose can easily damage the cargo and lead you to bankruptcy. So, you have to cherry-pick the one that knows how to handle specific products. We’ve have seen dozens of customers who lost thousands of dollars due to inappropriate packaging or unprofessional delivery techniques.

So, it matters to be careful when choosing the freight company in China if you want to assure the safety of your load.


1.  Ask for Their License

A valid shipping agent in China must be able to provide you with every documentation and license regarding freight laws in China. So, when consulting a company, ask for their certifications and permits before signing any contracts.

Moreover, it’s a good idea to search for the WCA Directory to see if the company is a member of this non-exclusive network or not. That’s because all of the WCA members are known to be valid companies.


2. Check Their Online Presence and Website

What do previous customers think about the courier that you’re about to choose? You can conduct online research on the reputation of several Chinese forwarders before working with them.

Plus, we recommend visiting their website and testing their support team to make sure they are answering their customers. If the freight company’s online presence seems leery or unprofessional, think twice before shaking hands.


3. Compare the Prices

There are lots of couriers offering air and sea freight in China. So, it’s safe to say that there might be several slight differences in the pricing methods and fee estimations.

However, if a company is offering abnormally high or low tariffs, it’s best to be careful. That’s because the market is based on some rules, and the costs are provided with standard formulas. So, extremely high or low prices can indicate something is wrong with the forwarder.

Plus, there are some agencies that customers with verbal promises of discount or lower costs but leave them with a heavy bill by the end of the delivery. That’s why you should always ask for an official written fixed price.


4. Keep Track of Your Load

Do not work with an agency that is not able to provide you with the right tracking methods. A professional transportation company will always send you every documentation you require to keep track of the load from the very initial phase.


What to Avoid When Choosing the Freight Company in China

  • Do NOT choose a freight company in China that has no official office. A forwarder cannot claim that it’s an online business because that’s not even possible. Make sure to have their address and visit them at least once before letting them manage your loads.
  • Avoid working with agencies that are not honest with you. A professional agent would give you a quote only after inspecting your load. So, those companies who try to assure you of a safe delivery without even knowing your goods’ nature are most likely dishonest towards you, and you’re better off without working with them.


Contact us if you have any questions about choosing the freight company in China.

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