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Air and sea freight in China

Air and Sea Freight in China | Upsides of Each Cargo Technique

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We, at the DDPCH, offer several transfer procedures to the costumers. However, air and sea freight in China are the most popular ones.

That’s primarily because both these carriage approaches have specific advantages when it comes to importing from China.

Analyze Your Payload in Advance

Whether it’s the top cheap courier services from China to USA, the Middle East, etc., or just an ordinary delivery company, getting a good deal is not possible unless you know your load.

Cargo experts recommend the traders to get their heads around the idea of volumetric weight before sending any shipments. That’s the only way you can determine which service suits your needs the best. 

Air Cargo in China

According to Aircargo News, China-Europe air cargo rates expected to rise despite unexpected dip.

However, sending goods with airplanes in China is still a very prevalent practice as it’s fast, reliable, and economical—to some extent.

  • Fast

It’ll take only five days (at most) to deliver a shipment via aircraft.

  • Reliable

Since a flight is always smoother than a ride, even the most fragile items pull in safely through this method. Plus, three of the leading cargo airlines in Asia are based in China. So, the quality and dependability of every flight are guaranteed.

  • Economic

For those loads with small size, low weight, and high value, air freight is the most cost-effective alternative.

How Long Does It Take to Deliver an Air Cargo?

SchemeStarting PointEnding PointTime (days)
Air CargoChinaUSA8-10

Sea Cargo in China

Being known as Ocean Freight in some regions, this shipment technique is among the oldest ones. It’s simple, versatile, trustworthy, and trouble-free. All you need to do is to wait for the ship to dock and deliver the goods—though it might take a while.

  • Versatile

Ships are mainly large enough to carry hundreds of containers at once. That’s why you can rely on them for your large-sized packages, not being worried about a big-ticket payment.

  • Trustworthy

There are not many sea incidents to concern you. Moreover, the routes the watercraft choose are controlled and safe.

Although both air and sea freight in China are safe, it’s best to avoid sending precious and extra fragile objects through the later.

How Long Does It Take to Deliver a Sea Cargo?

SchemeStarting PointEnding PointTime (days)
Sea CargoChinaUSA30-40

Let Us Take Care of Your Needs

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We have extra services such as Amazon FBA, DDP, along with the capacity of Warehousing your goods.

Moreover, you can always contact us to consult our experts and plan the best delivery program for your loads.

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