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CHTF Hi-Tech Fair Shenzhen

CHTF Hi-Tech Fair Shenzhen | Full Guide 2020

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    A great number of events and fairs happen all around China every year. One of which is the CHTF. This fair attracts more than 500,000 visitors a year from around 50 different countries. If you are importing from China, visiting this fair is a must. Read on to know how to attend the CHTF Hi-Tech Fair Shenzhen.

    What is CHTF Hi-Tech Fair Shenzhen?

    CHTF Hi-Tech Fair Shenzhen is China’s biggest and most prominent trade show for science and technology. This combines performance sales, product show, high-level platforms, project merchant attractions, and partnership & exchange. This fair focuses on emerging technologies and goods in fields such as energy efficiency, environmental protection, new information technology development, engineering, high-end machinery production, new energies, innovative materials, and new energy vehicles, etc.

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    After years of growth, CHTF Hi-Tech Fair Shenzhen has become a significant portal for external opening in the high-tech sectors of China. This fair has played a more important role in the commercialization, industrialization, and internationalization of high-tech achievements. Moreover, the CHTF has resulted in the promotion of economic and technological exchanges and cooperation between countries and regions as well.

    What happens at the CHTF?

    CHTF Hi-Tech Fair Shenzhen is a look into the innovations and hi-tech products of China and the world. At every CHTF, Chinese ministries, provinces, Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, universities, as well as international delegations, and renowned companies from over 100 countries and regions will attend, taking the latest products and innovations with them.

    What’s in it for Importers?

    There are a wide number of high-tech domestic and international items at CHTF that may be helpful for purchasing your one-station. These products are unique and technologically advanced, why not bring them to your home country? 

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    CHTF Dates

    The CHTF Hi-Tech Fair Shenzhen will be held from Wednesday, November 11th to Sunday, November 15th, 2020.

    How to Visit the CHTF?

    CHTF Hi-Tech Fair provides qualified guests with special facilities. During the correct time, you will apply for registration as a qualified user to the CHTF website. Eligible applicants will get free tickets to CHTF. Tickets are also available during the fair in downtown Shenzhen and at Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Center halls. You may either buy a ticket in advance or simply purchase one just before you enter.

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