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10 international fairs in Guangzhou in 2021

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Each year, many exhibitions are held to exchange knowledge and technologies and start new collaboration in new fields.

Sometimes, in these places, many new ideas come to mind and influence the future of technology. 

China is a great country with many top industrial cities. Therefore, it is not surprising to see different fairs in different cities in China.

This article aims to introduce “10 international fairs in Guangzhou in 2020”. At the end of this article, you will have enough information. 

Why are exhibitions held?

Before we start to talk about the international fairs in Guangzhou, it is better to talk a little about why exhibitions are held!

The exhibition is a center for the exchange of new technologies. The presence in exhibitions causes in indicating the capabilities to find a new customer or introduce your company for further investment. In other words, the exhibition is a live advertisement. 

In the 21st century, the exhibitions are not merely held for trading goals, and there is something beyond them. 

Establishing understanding, friendship, and dialogue between nations are significant achievements. 

Today, most advertising and marketing experts consider exhibitions as one of the essential marketing methods. 

Then, it is crucial to know the time of the exhibitions related to your business and take participate in them. 

International fairs in Guangzhou in 2020

Now, you know the importance of exhibitions. Every year many fairs are held in Guangzhou. This city has modern commerce, and it is famous for its annual “Canton Fair.” 

This fair (also known as China Import and Export Fair) is held in spring and autumn. It is the oldest and largest trade fair in China. Since 1957, many technologies and companies have taking participating in this fair. 

Other important international fairs in Guangzhou in 2020 are introduced at the rest of this article.


CIAME is one of the international fairs in Guangzhou, which is once a year. In this fair, automotive engineering or general automobiles are presented. This fair usually takes three days. Many suppliers and partners will take part in this fair. This fair is public.

Guangzhou International Gas Application Technology and Equipment Expo 

This exhibition is one of the top international fairs in Guangzhou, and it is held once a year. All companies and technologies working in the Oil or Gas industries or related fields can take participate in this fair.

The audience of the exhibition is the trading public. 


This exhibition is one of the top international fairs in Guangzhou, and it is the international trade for natural home products made of willow, bamboo, rattan, wood, and straw. This fair is held twice a year. It is for the public. 


This is another international fair in Guangzhou. In this fair, all new technologies for education are offered. This fair is once a year, and many people and educators come from different countries to become familiar with modern technology in this field. 


It is one of the most important fairs in Guangzhou. All new charging equipment and battery are introduced in this exhibition. This fair is briefly in such fields:

  • Electrical engineering 
  • Power electronics 
  • Clean energies 
  • Renewable energies 

Verified Manufacturing Matching 

This fair is the international trade show for the wire and cable industry. This is held once a year, and the audience is the public. 


It is one of the international fairs in Guangzhou. International wine, Brewery and Beverage, Processing technology, and equipment are presented in this fair. 

All wine manufacturers from all over the world come to this exhibition to renew their companies. It is twice a year!


Automobiles are significant parts of human beings! Auto Guangzhou is one of the vital international fairs in Guangzhou. It is held once a year to introduce new achievements in this field. 


This exhibition is held twice a year, and new technologies in drinking processing are presented. All coffee, tea, and food manufacturer can attend this fair. This exhibition is suitable for general people too. 


It is another fair for the drinking industry, and it is held once a year. 

Concluding remarks!

In this article, we tried to introduce the top international fairs in Guangzhou in different fields. 

If you are a manufacturer in one of these fields, it is better to organize your plan to attend the related exhibition. 

Because it will create new windows for your business, and many new ideas will come to your mind. 


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Is it essential to go to the international fair?

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