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5 tips for finding the best price in the Chinese market (Top Guide)

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The Chinese market is a good choice because the cheap labor market makes Chinese manufacturers also offer a variety of products at low prices. Even so, you also have to be careful about the practice and business rules in China especially if you are still a beginner.

How to find the best price in the Chinese market?

Find a trusted and famous merchant

Wholesalers you choose in the Chinese market must be reliable if you want to succeed in business. For this reason, before you decide to choose a wholesaler, then make sure you find information about business ethics and while dealing with foreign buyers.

There are many wholesalers in China but finding honest traders are quite difficult. If indeed you have found a trusted wholesaler, then maintain a healthy relationship with traders such as sending text messages regularly.

Prepare shipping method from the Chinese market

After you decide on the right wholesaler products and traders, the next step is to prepare for shipping to your home country which of course needs a lot of procedures. Buying through wholesale is almost the same as buying from a factory in the affairs of the supplier even though some things make how to buy from wholesale and the factory has a difference.

Buy online from the Chinese market

Buy online requires a lot of consideration. There are various sites like Alibaba, made in China, and several other sites that you can use to buy wholesalers from China.

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Also, use shipping trackers and make sure you have received the tracking number from the item supplier. Confirm the product before you decide to pay for the item. Also, try so that your order has enough inventory to avoid delivery delays.

Visit the Chinese factory

Visiting a China factory is a better choice than you can do because you will deal directly with the factory without passing the intermediary. You can later meet directly and talk to suppliers. For an approach, you can offer an informal party or dinner so you can find out the latest things from the Chinese market.

In this way, you can get a greater advantage and of course a friendlier price while helping to build good relations with suppliers.

In addition, you also have to follow some ethics like using your hands when you want to give or receive a business card. It will be better if your business card is printed in English and Chinese because you also can’t hurry to talk to wholesalers. Do patiently and take your time to agree with the merchant.

Visit trade show

Trade shows are also an effective way to get many opportunities to meet with many business leaders in one area.

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Why find the best prices in the Chinese market?

As previously said, that many products in China’s marketplace are sold at low prices.

Unique and varied products

China is well-known as a country that has an abundant industry. If you notice many unique and varied products to be made there that read Made in China in each product made. This makes the outside people interested in buying products from the Chinese market.

Good quality

Products from China are not always in bad stamps, many countries such as the United States who entrust the Chinese state in producing its products. In China itself available a variety of products that you can search for good quality. If you also have to be smart in finding the product you want to buy in the Chinese market.

Many interesting promos

One way to attract consumers is to do a promotion. It is also often done on the Chinese market, they often provide promotions that make consumers interested in buying products. China has many industries with advanced technology, which makes production in China so fast. Besides that the average employee or worker in China has a high work ethic.


In the end, in the process of looking for a supplier, you are not only looking for a cheap price, but also the quality and credibility of the supplier. The same is true when you sell and run your online shop. Make sure to be an online shop that can be trusted and can maintain the quality of your goods . Make sure the way your store operations work is efficient. And the employees or packing workers you use are reliable and experienced personnel.

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