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best top wholesale markets in Shanghai, China {2023}

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    In this article from the ddpch website we will focus on 10 top wholesale markets of antiques and artworks, jewelry and pearl, electronic products, clothes, silk and auto parts in shanghai, china.

    As you might know, china is the economic heart of the whole world. Most of the products and services are manufactured and produced by Chinese suppliers and manufacturers.

    No mather what you are looking for, china is the country where you can buy your required items.

    As an importer, you might be looking for the best and top wholesale markets in this country. First of all, you have to select the city. We will focus on the global center for finance, research, technology, and manufacturing, Shanghai.

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    Shanghai is located on the southern estuary of the Yangtze River. This city is also the third most popular city in the world.

    As mentioned above, shanghai could be the best place for importing products and services. Therefore, in this article from the ddpch website, we will highlight the best wholesale markets in China.

    An Overview of Top Wholesale Markets in Shanghai, China

    Shanghai, a global center for finance, research, technology, and manufacturing, is also home to diverse wholesale markets that cater to various shopping needs. These markets, selling everything from antiques, artworks, electronic goods, clothes, silk, to auto parts, make Shanghai a go-to shopping destination for both local and international buyers. As the world’s largest manufacturer, China ensures the availability of a wide range of products within its borders, with Shanghai standing out as a hub for wholesale trade.

    This article provides a comprehensive guide to the top wholesale markets in Shanghai, from those specializing in rare antiques and artworks to the latest electronic gadgets and fashion trends. Despite the bustling nature of these markets, the convenience and variety they offer are unparalleled, turning the shopping experience into an engaging activity. Whether you’re an importer, an entrepreneur, or a casual shopper, Shanghai’s wholesale markets offer not just commercial opportunities, but also a chance to experience the vibrant culture of this cosmopolitan city.

    wholesale market

    The Art of Bargaining in Shanghai's Wholesale Markets: Tips and Strategies

    In the bustling wholesale markets of Shanghai, bargaining isn’t just a financial transaction but also an engaging interaction between buyer and seller, deeply embedded in Chinese cultural practice. Whether you’re on the hunt for the latest electronics, the most refined silk, or unique antiques, knowing how to negotiate effectively can help you secure the best possible prices.

    This article aims to equip you with strategies to ensure successful bargaining. From understanding the initial asking price as a flexible starting point to learning the importance of remaining polite yet firm, we will explore cultural cues and practical tips. We’ll also look at the art of walking away, a strategy that often draws better offers, and discuss why carrying local currency can work in your favor.

    Trade and Treasures: A Deep Dive into Shanghai's Wholesale Market Landscape

    Shanghai’s wholesale markets are dynamic trading hubs where diverse products, cultures, and stories converge. Each market has its distinct appeal, whether it’s the ancient charm of antiques, the sparkle of precious jewelry, or the allure of high-tech electronics. But beyond their commercial aspect, these markets offer a vibrant portrayal of Shanghai’s rich history and its place in global commerce. In this in-depth exploration, we will unravel the unique qualities that define each market.

    We will take you on a journey through the treasure-filled aisles, discuss how these markets have shaped Shanghai’s trade sector, and highlight the cultural exchanges that occur within their bustling corridors.

    Shipping and Logistics in Shanghai: A Practical Guide for Importers in Wholesale Markets

    Understanding shipping and logistics is crucial for importers dealing with Shanghai’s wholesale markets. This involves knowing the pros and cons of various shipping modes—air, sea, and express—and comprehending shipping terms like Free on Board (FOB), Cost, Insurance and Freight (CIF), and Delivered Duty Paid (DDP). These terms define who assumes responsibilities and costs throughout the shipping process. For instance, in DDP, the seller bears all risks and costs, including duties and taxes, until the goods reach the buyer’s location, ensuring convenience and minimal risk for the buyer.

    Further, this guide highlights Shanghai’s sophisticated logistics infrastructure, including seaports, airports, and express courier services. It emphasizes working with competent shipping agents and freight forwarders to ensure goods are correctly classified, packed, and labeled as per customs regulations. Essential aspects of logistics planning, like inventory management, warehousing, and efficient distribution routes, are discussed. Moreover, it offers tips on dealing with common challenges such as delays, lost shipments, and customs clearance issues, highlighting the need for insurance and risk minimization strategies. This comprehensive overview aims to equip importers with the necessary tools to efficiently transport goods from Shanghai’s wholesale markets to their global destinations.

    Best wholesale markets in Shanghai

    Do not forget that all these markets are very populated and crowded, therefore, use your bargaining skill as much as you can.

    Shoppers can experience very easy shopping in this city as you want to buy clothes, for example, you go to cloth wholesales markets.

    Wholesale markets of antiques and artworks in Shanghai

    if you are looking to buy antiques and artworks, shanghai is the best place. treasure hunters come to this city to buy the best works.

    Yunzhou curio City

    Yunzhou curio city is the only place left for curio lovers. In this market, you can find all your required antiques, such as teapots, old pieces of jewelry, coins, and old banknotes.

    We suggest you to visit this market during the weekend as touts are apperant in the surrounding streets.

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    it is highly suggested not to forget visiting this market if you are looking to buy antiques. Hand shop is filled with French antiques from the 18th and 19th centuries.

    in this market you can find antique pieces of furniture, jewelry and accessories and more over, music boxes for sales.


    ARTifacts is not just an antique shop but also serves as an art gallery, showroom, and museum. In this store, you can find everything about past of the china.

    This market is a six floor shop which filled with beautiful antique pieces.


    Wholesale markets of jewelry and pearl in Shanghai

    they are numerous shops in shanghai which sell jewelry and pearl pieces but the most famous ones which you can find all kinds of beautiful pieces of jewelry are the following ones.

    Laomiao Jewelry

    Laomiao jewelry shop is one of the best shops in Shanghai, China which was founded in 1906. You can find new jewelry, gold or silver pieces, and crafts in this market.

    Beside selling ring and pieces of jewelry, Laomia also sells gold vessels and best presents for older people.

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    wholesale market in China

    jewelry plaza

    By vising this huge and crowded market, you will face a variety of pieces of jewelry. These suppliers have loads of ready-made jewelry for you to look over and select one of them.

    Alongside selecting the ready made ones, you can order your required ones. You can design them with pearls, seawater pearls, natural stones, and crystals.

    They are professional enough and make your orders in just a short time. However, for wholesale, you have to wait a bit more.

    Wholesale markets of electronic products in Shanghai

    As you might guess, they are lots of electronic markets in shanghai, China. Therefore, an increasing number of these markets makes difficult the process of choosing the best one.

    So, in following section we will point to the best ones in whole china.

    Shenzhen SEG Electronics Market

    Some believed that SEG Electronic Market is the biggest of its kind on the globe. This market has more than 3.000 shops and over 15.000 employees. It is not possible to look for some electronic pieces and not find them in this huge market.

    Products available in this market are categorized in several kinds and hundreds of varieties, such as computers and accessories, electronic components, all kinds of peripheral products, flat-screen TVs, and PlayStations.

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    Although for years thousands of Hong Kongers attract to the cheap prices of these markets, now tourists take advantage too.


    Cybermart is the biggest electronic market in Shanghai. If you are in Shanghai city and looking to buy electronic products, such as cameras or cell phones, it is highly suggested to straight forward to CyberMart.

    Most of the shoppers in this market are professionals who know everything about Phones, cameras, and other electronic pieces.

    Each model of Phone you are looking to are available here, such as iPhone, Nokia and Samsung.

    Modern Electronic City

    If you are looking for a place with low prices for electronic products, we suggest you visit Modern Electronic City. But it should also be noted that their quality is not as good as which offers in CyberMart.

    This market offers you all electronic products from cables to amps, and remote control cars for kids.

    electronic market

    Wholesale markets of clothes in Shanghai

    Here we point to just one wholesale market of cloths in Shanghai, as it is the best one in this city.

    Qipu Road Clothing Market

    This one is the largest wholesale market of shanghai which is a total length of 680 meters and including large numbers of wholesale clothing markets.

    Whether you want to buy clothes wholesale or retail, everything could be found here. Its shopping environment is not as luxurious as high-class malls in Shanghai but they follow international trends.

    Products available here are sold at cheap prices and also, local people call it Cheap Road. Therefore, each time of the day you visit this street, you see it is full of people with full hands.

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    Do not forget two things: your bargain skill and do not rush in buying.

    Products available in this street are fashion clothes, watches and much more things you are looking for.

    clothing market in China

    Wholesale markets of silk in Shanghai

    They are a numer of large wholesale markets of silk in Shanghai which we will discuss below.

    Shanghai Silk Commersial Building

    A variety of pure silk, silk linens, and also raw silk are founded in this three-floor building. browse through all the stores before decide to buy.

    This commercial building offers great quality silks at reasonable prices. Widely focused on your own knowledge and do not decide based on the sellers’ words.

    South Bund Fabric Market

    Fabric Market is a famous silk market in Shanghai with hundreds of tailors and shoppers. It is a great place for tailor-made suits and just at a reasonable price.

    The price for a qipao, for example, is between 1.000 to 2.000 yuan without embroidery which is a reasonable price.

    Alongside silks, this market houses custom made suits, dresses, coats and required accessories.

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    Each market has a Chinese and English name. in recent years, the number of foreigners who visited this market increased dramatically.


    Wholesale markets of auto parts in Shanghai

    China produces most of the world’s auto parts, therefore, you might expect huge wholesale markets in this Country. Shanghai is one of the best places in this country which you could purchase your required tools.

    We will point to one of the best wholesalers in this city.

    Auto China Parts

    Auto China Parts which is located in Shanghai, is a leading auto parts supplier and manufacturer. This market has more than 150.000 pieces for automobiles.

    This market is among the markets which export auto parts to all over the world. They produce high-quality goods at reasonable prices.

    auto china parts

    The Importer's Guide: Maximizing Your Business in Shanghai's Wholesale Markets

    For importers worldwide, Shanghai’s wholesale markets present a vast array of opportunities. These markets’ broad product range, competitive pricing, and large supplier base make Shanghai a strategic sourcing destination. However, to reap the full benefits, importers need a solid understanding of the market dynamics and a well-thought-out sourcing strategy. In this comprehensive guide, we will provide valuable insights to empower importers to thrive in Shanghai’s markets. From identifying the most relevant markets for your business to effective negotiation tactics and understanding local business etiquettes, we will cover it all. We will also delve into strategic sourcing, ensuring efficient logistics, and maintaining robust relationships with suppliers for sustainable business growth.


    China is a huge country with large markets which produce all types of products at reasonable prices. We mentioned the best wholesale markets in Shanghai, China.

    You as an importer can purchase all your required items from Chinese suppliers. No matter what you are looking for, Shanghai has wholesale markets for all required products and services.

    Wholesale Market Unique Characteristics Product Range Remark Best for Accessibility
    Shenzhen SEG Electronics Market Believed to be the biggest electronic market globally. Over 3000 shops and 15000 employees. Computers and accessories, electronic components, peripheral products, flat-screen TVs, and PlayStations. A vast range of products catering to all electronic needs. Variety and volume buying. Can be crowded; it's best to plan and prepare.
    CyberMart The biggest electronic market in Shanghai. Popular among professional shoppers. Various electronic products including cameras, mobile phones from all major brands. Excellent for latest electronics, but be prepared for crowds. Latest gadgets and brand-focused shopping. Located centrally in Shanghai; can be busy during peak hours.
    Modern Electronic City Known for its low prices for electronic products. Cables to amps, and remote control cars for kids, among other electronics. Good for budget shopping, though quality may vary. Budget shopping and buying in bulk. Conveniently located; quality may vary due to the focus on lower prices.
    Pacific Digital Plaza Known for a wide variety of digital products and accessories. Computers, digital cameras, mp3 players, mobile phones, flash drives, and related accessories. Offers a balance of price and quality; reputable for genuine products. Digital accessories and gadgets. Located conveniently; moderately crowded.
    Buy Now A large IT mall housing many famous international and Chinese brands. Laptops, digital cameras, smartphones, and more. More organized compared to other electronics markets; price bargaining is less common. Shopping for known brands in a mall-like environment. Easily accessible; less crowded due to its organized nature.


    In conclusion, as a premier freight forwarder, DDPCH ensures seamless, cost-effective solutions for navigating Shanghai’s wholesale markets. We aim to equip clients with the necessary knowledge and tools to tackle these bustling markets, from identifying suitable sourcing venues to understanding shipping terms and efficient distribution strategies. Our goal is to facilitate the smooth transportation of goods from Shanghai to worldwide locations, providing customized solutions tailored to each business’s unique needs. With a dedicated team, superior resources, and an unwavering commitment to customer service, DDPCH looks forward to becoming your trusted partner in securing a safe, swift, and economical delivery of your goods from Shanghai’s wholesale markets.

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    There are many wholesale markets in Shanghai catering to various industries, but some of the best include the Yunzhou Curio City for antiques, Laomiao Jewelry for pearls and jewelry, and Qipu Road Clothing Market for clothes.

    Bargaining is an art in Shanghai. Start by quoting a price lower than what you’re willing to pay, remain patient and calm, and don’t show too much interest in the product. Always be ready to walk away, which often prompts the vendor to offer a better price.

    You can find a vast range of products, from antiques, clothes, silk, jewelry, auto parts, to electronic products. Each market has its unique offerings and specialties.

    It’s essential to understand shipping terms, the pros and cons of various shipping modes, and how to work with competent shipping agents and freight forwarders.

    Yunzhou Curio City is a haven for antique lovers, offering items like teapots, old pieces of jewelry, coins, and old banknotes.

    Handshop is filled with French antiques from the 18th and 19th centuries, including furniture, jewelry, and music boxes.

    Qipu Road Clothing Market is the largest clothing market in Shanghai. It offers trendy clothes at cheap prices.

    The Shanghai Silk Commercial Building offers a variety of pure silk, silk linens, and raw silk at reasonable prices.

    Yes, Modern Electronic City offers a wide range of electronic products from cables to amps and remote control cars for kids, although their quality may not be as high as other markets.

    Yes, markets like Auto China Parts are renowned for providing high-quality auto parts. With over 150,000 pieces for automobiles, this market caters to a vast range of auto part needs.

    The Handshop market is known for its variety of French antiques from the 18th and 19th centuries. It’s a fantastic place to find antique furniture, jewelry, accessories, and even music boxes for sale.

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