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everything about the SEG market in Shenzhen

Everything about the SEG market in Shenzhen importers must know!

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How to import from China? If you want to import electronics, the SEG market in Shenzhen is a destination for importers of electronics worldwide. What happens in the SEG market and how to go there? Read on to know everything about the SEG market in Shenzhen and plan your trip.

About the SEG market in Shenzhen

For years, the cheap electronics prices in Shenzhen have drawn penny wise Hong Kongers. But now, disappointed in the small savings on electronics available in Hong Kong, visitors have started to go to the north of the border to take advantage of the more affordable price tags. Head straight to the huge, and sometimes overwhelming, SEG Electronics Market for the best selection of electronics to import.

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The SEG Electronics Market official name of the Shenzhen Electronics Group is located on the first ten floors of the SEG Plaza. The SEG Electronics Market and the SEG market are, however, also is the area around the Plaza site. Estimating the exact number of sellers in this market is actually, but it is definitely in the high hundreds. The sheer reason that the prices are so low, is that stalls are run as a small business. This way they are able to attract buyers in a cut-throat competition. But this is not everything about the SEG market in Shenzhen, in the next paragraph we will talk about what to buy from the SEG market and price ranges available.

What to buy and price range of the SEG market in Shenzhen

One cannot claim to know everything about the SEG market in Shenzhen, before having experienced the place first hand and shopped from there. The SEG Market prices are cheap but do not expect a steal. Online retailers in the U.S. and Europe are already very active in providing substantial discounts, so do not expect branded products to be half the price. Computer hardware is possibly the cheapest category, especially video cards, monitors, and other equipment used for upgrading a desktop computer.

Everything about the SEG market in Shenzhen for importers

If you want to import electronics from Shenzhen, this place is your paradise! From knock-off microchips to popular Apple products, you will be able to find almost everything there. In short, If something is powered by electricity, you are going to see it being sold in the SEG market in Shenzhen, products from iPads and headphones to flat-screen TVs and Blu-Ray players to Playstations and VR headsets. The true specialty of the market, however, is computer hardware, including an ocean supply of new and old computers, video cards, TVs, and other equipment. If you have ever had an interest in building your own PC, at the SEG Market you will be able to buy everything you need right away. It is also an excellent place to pick up camera equipment, although there are still many customers who prefer Hong Kong for this purchase.

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Even though the range appears to favor domestic mark products, it is also easy to pick up international brands. Large segments of the market are targeting wholesale customers and people who are importing from China. Still there are more than enough retailers selling to people to fill the suitcase of any tech-head.

Getting There

The SEG market in Shenzhen is located on Huaqiang North, Futian, Shenzhen and the best way to access it is by the metro. Ride the metro to Huaqiang North Station on Line 2 (orange) or Huaqiang Road Station on Line 1 (green).

Now that you know everything about the SEG market in Shenzhen China, you can plan your visit.

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