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Importing electronics from Shenzhen

Importing Electronics from Shenzhen | 4 Markets You Must Visit

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The demand for microchip technology is increasing, and importing electronics from Shenzhen has skyrocketed in recent years.

So, as the DDPCH team, we’re willing to lend a hand with wholesalers seeking the best electronic markets in China.

Is It a Money-Making Move?

According to Eurostat, importing electronics from China is among the most profitable businesses in Europe. That’s because the goods in Shenzhen electronic markets are bargain-basement and sometimes even tax-free!

The city is the capital of electronics, having dozens of enormous marketplaces—all selling high-tech items.

So, the variety of the choices you get here is extraordinary, making you capable of cherry-picking the best items to import. And such cargo will turn into the money faster than anything else.

Tong Tian Di

Fulfilment by Amazon in China has been gaining more popularity throughout the past few years. That’s mainly because of the Shenzhen communication markets such as the Tong Tian Di.

You can create a massive cargo of cellphone items (e.g., screens, CPUs, cables, etc.) in this place. Most of those who own cellphone repair businesses buy their stuff here, at Tong Tian Di.

Note: don’t worry about the shipment procedures. Since we’re the best DDP delivery agent from China to Dubai and all around the world, your cargo will pull in safely.

Feiyang Times

One of the main interests of traders importing electronics from Shenzhen is used and nearly new cellphones. And that’s why the Feiyang Times marketplace is a much-loved place in China.

You can find all sorts of electronic devices (but mainly phones) that are repaired, renewed, or bought and sold as a secondhand item from the previous owner.

SEG Electronics Market

There are two different SEGs on the list—so, don’t mix them up. This one is located at a 70-floor tower in the Futian District.

If you’re looking to buy computer-related items, SEG is the best bet. There are eight different floors, all dedicated to such things. Better yet? The prices are incredibly affordable.

Most of the traders who use our Amazon FBA service ship their keyboard, printer, and monitor cargos directly from this marketplace to their homeland.

SEG (Communication)

The second SEG on the list is where you must visit when looking for high-copy phone accessories in Shenzhen. It’s located close enough to the SEG Electronics. So, you can pay them both a visit at once.

The prices here will shock you as most of the products are made in China and, therefore, pretty cheap.

We Lend a Hand with Importing Electronics from China

Our company offers both air freight and sea freight services alongside a full DDP program.

So, if you’re importing electronics from China and want to make sure that your cargo arrives home safely, contact us right away! We will handle your burden.

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