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How to find a freight forwarder in china?

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    Imports of Chinese goods have become a favorite for local entrepreneurs to reap the maximum profit. China is a destination for importers to import goods because the prices are relatively cheap . This makes its growth from year to year increase. To get more information about freight forwarder in China, keep on reading this article..

    What is the freight forwarder?

    freight forwarders are middlemen who do not own ships or planes, or shipping companies and airlines are all freight forwarders. The responsibility is to transport the goods entrusted by the consignor from one place to another through a defined transportation route.

    What are the freight forwarder services?

    Freight forwarders act as agents for transportation companies (sea, land, and air) to collect, transport, and collect goods. In the international freight market, the freight forwarding industry is between the shipper and the carrier. It accepts the shipper’s entrustment to handle chartering, booking, storage, preparation of relevant documents, customs declaration, inspection, insurance, container transportation, unpacking, Issuance of bills of lading, settlement of freight and miscellaneous expenses, and even presentation of documents for negotiation and foreign exchange settlement.

    Sea freight forwarder in china

    shipping products or goods weighing more than 500 kg, sea freight is the cheapest option. Sea transportation offers a large scale and space to carry large quantities of containers in one transportation. Like other cargo, sea freight rates vary greatly from time to time.

    Air freight forwarder in china

    refers to freight forwarders that provide air cargo transportation and related services. Such as import and export air transport, domestic trade air transport, etc. The biggest advantage of air transportation is the timeliness, safety, and large space span, but the freight rate, load capacity, and weather-affected factors of air transportation are relatively large. For example, the price of air freight from China to the west coast of the United States is at least ten times that of sea freight.

    Land transportation agency

    Refers to freight forwarder that provide road, railway, pipeline transportation, and other cargo transportation services and related services. Such as import and export railway, international land transportation, domestic trade land transportation, pipeline transportation, etc.

    The main characteristics of road transportation inland transportation are strong flexibility, short road construction period, low investment, easy to adapt to local conditions, and low requirements for receiving station facilities. Still, it is not suitable for long-distance transportation.

    The main characteristics of railway transportation are large transportation capacity, low transportation cost, little influence from natural conditions, and guaranteed timeliness. Pipeline transportation uses sealed equipment, minimizing the loss and loss of transported goods during the transportation process. At the same time, the transportation volume is large, and the transportation is not limited by time, but the relative flexibility is poor, and the goods are transported.

    Ways to find the freight forwarder in China?

    If you are looking for a freight forwarder or logistics agent who will be in charge of helping you in all the tasks related to the transport of your merchandise, contact us.

     Search google

    A Google search is one of the easiest ways to find a freight forwarder in China, although you may not be able to find the information you need about the quality or reputation of freight forwarding in your search results.


    Alibaba is one of the most trusted choices to find the best suitable freight forwarders. It offers a range of freight partners to ship goods from China to around the world.

    Made in china

    Made in China offers a Broadcasting Services of freight forwarders in china includes cost-effective, forward-looking, and flexible options tailored to your business, which you can safely choose from China.

    Business Directory and Database of International freight forwarder Companies

    It mainly comprises the global shipowner database, global ship database, global maritime enterprise database, and international second-hand ship transaction records. This information is mainly collected and sorted out through various channels in the daily business process of Shipping Online, which has a high reference value.

    Tips to know about freight forwarder in China?

    Freight forwarders are agents for booking, customs declaration, inspection, and towing of imported and exported goods. Freight forwarding means breaking the traditional business philosophy and organically combining the previously scattered ocean, land, air, and warehousing industries.

    So for those of you who plan to ship to China, want to ship to China, want delivery from China, trust us. We are ready to help you whenever you need our services.

    DDPCH can find national or international safe freight forwarder in China. If we are going to look for one to help us import from China, it must have an international presence. But, if our freight forwarder also has a physical presence in China, everything will be much faster and more efficient. Get your freight quote here

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