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How find a safe freight forwarder in China? (2021 Version)

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What do you know about the reliable freight forwarder in china ? For shippers, choosing a professional and reliable international safe freight forwarder company can obtain better transportation security. The merchants in the United States, are more dependent on freight forwarders, and they hope to cooperate with a more reliable freight forwarder in China.

The advantages of Chinese freight forwarding companies?

Generally, large companies have their freight forwarders, including COSCO, China Shipping, and CIMC. There are too many small freight forwarders in various ports, so that I won’t discuss it. In terms of advantages, large freight forwarders generally have relatively good relations with ports. Both bulk and container receiving and shipping capabilities are fairly strong. A simple example is when sending trains; many small freight forwarding companies cannot apply for wagons.

Large freight forwarders also have shortcomings, such as poor service attitudes, relatively high prices, and more complicated financial settlement procedures, which are common problems for large Chinese companies. Small companies are more flexible. However, it cannot be generalized because the environment of the north and south ports is different, and the northern port may have better freight forwarding services. In contrast, the southern port is the other way round, and the freight forwarding is bullish.

5tips to know before choosing a reliable freight forwarder in China?

Know what you need during the storage and transportation of your goods

The first step in choosing the most suitable freight forwarder in china service for your business is to define your needs. Determine the type of service you want, transportation mode, average shipment volume, etc. This basic information is essential for your choice and forwarder to judge whether they can complete the work for you.

Understand whether this freight forwarder meets your requirements

If you have understood some of the special requirements of the transportation services you need, you can continue to work. You must study some qualified freight forwarders in detail and check whether they can provide the required quality and type of service. It is very important to be familiar with the terms and conditions of transportation, industry belonging, and legal physique.

Evaluate the experience and qualifications of the safe freight forwarder

When you are sure that this freight forwarder in china can well meet your basic requirements, you need to investigate whether it can truly fulfill his verbal promise. Has he ever shipped the same type of goods? Know how to handle your goods and prevent possible problems? If he has enough experience, he can deal with unexpected difficulties such as strikes, suspension of work, dumping of containers, changing routes, or customs issues. You have to make sure that he has the know-how, so it is best to ask for relevant qualifications.

Confirm whether your freight forwarder partner has a guarantee

In addition to practical experience, there is also the financial stability of your freight forwarder. You also don’t want to end up having to delay shipping because of their financial difficulties or even default. This is why it is important to confirm whether your freight forwarder has a guarantee.

Ask about the transportation network of this freight forwarder.

The freight forwarder in china company that handles your goods may be very good. Still, if it does not have good links with other freight companies and transportation companies, the additional services it may provide are very limited and cannot meet your requirements. Make sure that the safe freight forwarder you choose has a wide range of agents and partners overseas. When the goods are exported to the destination port, they can also have control and help you deal with the destination port problem.

Why do you need to be careful about choosing the best freight forwarder in China?

Due to the late rapid development of China international safe freight forwarder industry , its service quality is uneven. Everyone can choose a wider range and face more logistics solutions. If you accidentally cooperate with an unprofessional and unreliable freight forwarder in China, it will bring a heavy blow to the store’s operation!


Through which aspects can the reliability of freight forwarders in china be judged? As China enters the international stage, several outstanding freight forwarding industries have emerged under the free market competition. Among them, some of them have been focusing on global logistics and have gained the trust and support of more than 100,000 customers with its professional and caring services. Check out our recent blog about Why choose a Chinese freight forwarder?

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