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Alibaba vs aliexpress

Aliexpress VS Alibaba (2021 Version)

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Are you serching to get more about Alibaba vs aliexpress? this blog is you answer! Alibaba claims that the current Alibaba .com website is where merchants can buy wholesale products from some of the best Chinese suppliers. These purchases can be shipped almost anywhere in the world. Not to mention, Alibaba boasts extremely low unit prices due to its wholesale strategy located in the developing country of China.

What is

You need to know that the Alibaba company concept is somewhat different from other marketplaces. This site can be regarded as a directory platform for suppliers, manufacturers, and wholesalers to display the products they provide.

That way, Alibaba does not provide direct transaction services for the products you are after. This website itself does not have these items but directly on its active members. So when consumers are interested in buying an item, they must access the related seller to discuss prices, payment systems, shipping costs, and shipping methods.

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Alibaba vs aliexpress: Alibaba marketplace advantages

For those who want to use this platform to shop wholesale for products from abroad, you should not hesitate anymore because of the following advantages.

  • Only on Alibaba can you get items that are unique and very creatively designed. These products are even difficult to find in the country. Maybe it never crossed your mind that these exciting products can be obtained online.
  • When buying with a lot system or wholesale, the product will be priced cheaper. If this is the case, apart from being used for your use, these items can also be resold domestically, and you can start your own business. You can even give your brand for the product you ordered.
  • Some goods are equipped with free shipping facilities or free shipping to their homeland. Getting good and quality products without needing to be confused about shipping costs is certainly a golden opportunity that should not be missed to shop a lot.
  • Consumers can choose the payment method they think is most convenient, such as PAYPAL, Alipay, bank transfer, Western Union, credit, or debit card.
  • Your transaction is guaranteed security because money will be returned if the product received is not following the agreement.
  • Alibaba can provide such diverse types of goods and in large quantities. This is a quality that is still difficult to match by competing marketplaces at home or abroad. You can also order custom for a certain amount.
  • The long delivery time is indeed an obstacle because it can reach up to 1 month. But when compared to the satisfaction of having managed to get unique items, the waiting time is quite worth it.

What is AliExpress?

To know the safety and comfort when Buying AliExpress Goods. Of course, you must first learn about the product. If you’re not very familiar with AliExpress, here’s a quick explanation: AliExpress is a large online retailer owned by the Alibaba Group. A large company has made millions of dollars by selling and buying on a Business-to-business (B2B) basis and then developed into Business to Customer (B2C), Customer to Customer (C2C), Cloud Computing, to payment services. Because as a container or a place to sell goods from sellers to buyers, of course, many things will make you anxious when buying AliExpress goods.

Alibaba vs aliexpress : Aliexpress marketplace advantages

  • The prices for products sold on AliExpress are friendly price . So if you buy within a certain quota, even the price offered is much cheaper than the initial price.
  • If you want to buy a product and expect to get a lower price or expect to get a product at a discounted price, you can purchase an item or product through AliExpress e-commerce.
  • In shopping activities on AliExpress, there are various shipping methods available. You have to choose which shipping method you want, and later the seller will automatically adjust the shipping method you have specified.
  • Free shipping or free shipping is one of the facilities for all customers around the world. So, wherever you are, you don’t have to worry about shipping costs because you can enjoy free shipping by purchasing certain orders
  • AliExpress accepts many payment methods. Today AliExpress carries payments through a variety of payment procedures. You can pay for purchasing a product on AliExpress by using a credit card, doku, Western Union, and even Alipay.

Alibaba vs. AliExpress comparison

Alibaba is strictly a B2B market. Similarly, an ordinary person can continue . Alibaba and buy 1,000 custom shirts independently, but this is not exactly the shirt that the site usually uses.

Therefore, Alibaba is of little value to ordinary consumers because it usually takes a longer production time. The delivery time is not particularly fast, and you cannot visit Alibaba and buy one or two items for your house. On the other hand, AliExpress does not have so many minimum purchase. order requirements. Most items sold are listed at ex-factory prices, and there is no minimum purchase obligation.

Therefore, AliExpress has two purposes. This is similar to Amazon. On Amazon, many users go to the website to find divi, and their houses have double items. But at the same time, this is a godsend for merchants worldwide, who are worry about buying large amounts of inventory Alibaba in this way.

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