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China Public Security Expo (CPSE)

China Public Security Expo (CPSE) | Full Guide 2020

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    Serving more than 9,700 security firms and 651,741 customers, China Public Security Expo (CPSE) has been not only the largest security show in the world but also Asia’s most prominent exhibition in Shenzhen. If you are in the security industry, attending this exhibition is a must for you. Read this article for more details on China Public Security Expo (CPSE) when importing from China.

    What is the CPSE? 

    CPSE, the largest security fair in the world, brings together security professionals from all over the world to learn more about the latest security technologies and developments. These advancements include video storage systems, video monitoring, cameras, access controls, etc.

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    Over 1100 exhibitors will be showcasing their new technologies and solutions for flexible applications such as Smart City, Security Protection, Police / Law Enforcement, Emergency Response, Biometric Identification, and Advanced Robot as well as Drone solutions. More than 140,000 professionals from over 150 countries are expected to attend the show this year according to the organizer.

    History of China Public Security Expo (CPSE)

    Founded in Shenzhen in 1989, the CPSE has organized 15 sessions successfully. More than 9,700 security companies and 651,741 purchasers represented. It is truly the world’s largest exhibition and Asia’s most popular series. The internationally-favored CPSE brings together the most knowledgeable buyers and customers.

    What Products are Available at the CPSE?

    CPSE includes product display such as video analytics system cameras, video storage systems, monitor, display and access control systems such as card readers, control devices, apps, smart cards, etc. There is no admission fee, and tourists should be able to gain access during the exhibition time during the business hours from 08:30 to 17:00.

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    China Public Security Expo (CPSE) Location

    Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Center is a super-large public building with multi-functional hosting of exhibitions and conferences, industry, restaurant, and entertainment. It is invested by the municipal government of Shenzhen and planned by a German GMP firm.

    Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Center is located within the city’s downtown district. It is Shenzhen’s largest single structure, occupying approximately 220,000 square meters, measuring 540 meters from east to west, 282 meters long from south to north. The building rises up to 60 meters above ground level with 6 floors and 2 floors below. The estimated area of the building reaches 280,000 square meters. 

    Planning to attend the China Public Security Expo (CPSE)? DDPCH can help you in every step of the way and offer you shipping options from Shenzhen to worldwide.

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