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Calculating the cost for your cargo

Calculating the Shipping Cost for Your Cargo | What to Consider?

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    [vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]DDPCH is one of the best shipping agents in China. Its rates are set and accurate for each specific load of yours. However, in this article, you’ll learn the most critical factors in calculating the shipping cost of your cargo so you can estimate it yourself—if necessary.


    Choose a Professional Agent to Do It for You

    Estimating shipping costs for cargo is not an easy task. So, it’s safe to say that most of you will need some help with that. So, we recommend consulting several professional forwarders in China, asking them to lend a hand with price valuation procedures.

    You can compare their guestimates and select the most fitting deal accordingly. But if you insist on calculating the shipping cost for your payload on your own, here are the factors to concern.


    1. Dimensional Weight

    Volumetric weight is an approximated number that indicated the interrelation of the heaviness and size of your shipment. It’s given in cubic meter scale, and the bigger it gets, the more you have to pay for the transfer.

    This technique provides the forwarders with a reliable evaluation of the fees in air and sea freight from China.

    Remember, each container and aircraft have a limited capacity. So, you can’t charge people regarding only one aspect of their load. Some light goods might require lots of space, while other heavy products might be minimal. So, the dimensional weight makes the overall fees accurate and fair, considering both weight and size factors.


    2. The Quality and Description of the Load

    Some items are known to be dangerous, while others need a special packaging or distribution method due to their fragile nature. So, the quality and description of your load can affect the final bills as well.

    Note: Chinese suppliers should know that the electronics which have batteries or no because shipment with batteries have different shipping procedure in air freight as they’re considered dangerous items. And this factor usually impacts the fees the most for those who’re importing electronics from Shenzhen or other cities.


    3. The Starting and Ending Point

    It’s safe to say that the farthest destinations will charge you the most. The country that you’re sending the goods from and the last stop will change the numbers on your bills. The longer the route is, the more you have to pay.


    4. The Routes and Providers

    One of the issues to consider when calculating the shipping cost for cargo is the route you choose and the provider that will deliver it.

    Take the China-Iran route as an example. You can either send it via Mahan Airlines, which has a direct flight from Shenzhen to Tehran. Or you could choose the Qatar Airline that delivers the consignments in two diverse routes—from China to Qatar and then to Tehran.

    However, the fees you pay in the first route (via Mahan Air) are a bit higher since it’s faster and more dependable.


    We Can Calculate the Shipping Costs for Your Cargo

    If it’s hard for you to get your head around all this stuff, let us lend a hand. Our team can estimate the exact transportation fees from China to any other nation around the globe.

    We’ll inspect your load, ask for the preferred delivery method of yours, and then come up with a fixed price. So, contact us right now to start the whole process as soon as possible.



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