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Air freight VS ocean freight, which one?

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    In the past, it took so much time to send the goods from one place to another. They used different ways, such as camels, to go through deserts, and there were many bandits on the roads.

    But in this century, you have many options for the transportation of goods. There are various ways, such as air freight and ocean freight, which are very popular. Then, it is not surprising to see them in this position “air freight VS ocean freight”!

    When merchants buy their staff, this question arises for them that which way is better! They are in a complicated situation to choose the air freight or the ocean freight. 

    It is essential to know that “better” is a partial concept. Therefore, you can’t say the air freight or ocean freight is better. It depends on many things, and the person should choose one of these ways based on the situation.

    In this article, we aim to talk about “air freight VS ocean freight.” At the end of this article, you will have enough information, and it helps you choose the best one!

    Air freight VS ocean freight, a burning dilemma!

    To compare “air freight VS ocean freight,” you need to have a complete look at different parts of sending goods because it will enlighten your mind for your final decision.

     Each way has some advantages and disadvantages. Various factors such as costs, time, safety, and so on are considered essential in selecting the form of sending goods from one country to another. Hence, we suggest to you to compare all these factors in both ways. 

    Air freight VS ocean freight, the cost 

    Cost is one of the most critical factors in choosing the best way. As it is evident, every person aims to use the form of goods transportation which is financially viable for him or her. 

    Undeniably, in air freight VS ocean freight, air freight is more expensive than the ocean freight. For example, a 195 $ for shipment is 1000$ by air. 

    Therefore, if your financial resources are limited, it is better to use ocean freight. Because it is more affordable, and almost every person can pay for it. 

    Time, the crucial issue

    Definitely, you have heard this proverb that “the time is gold.” Time of delivery is vital for many people, particularly for businessmen and businesswomen. In these ways, there is no faster way than by air. 

    It is crucial to mention that it rarely happens to keep ships at ports for a long time. In this modern, ships are high-speed, and it never takes a long time to receive your packages by ships. However, no matter how fast ships are, because they are not as fast as airplanes!

    Air freight VS ocean freight, the number of goods

    The numbers of goods influence on your choice. Absolutely you know that the vast and massive amount of goods can be sent by ships, but there are some limitations by airs. Therefore, it is a good idea to investigate the number of goods before choosing air or ocean!!

    Safety, challenging matter for every one

    In the air freight VS ocean freight discussion, security is a vital matter. Every person expects to receive her or his packages safely. As you know, there are strict and rigid regulations for air cargo, such as proper storage and handling packages. Everything is clear, and if the slightest unpleasant problem occurs, one can claim damages.

    These words don’t mean that there is not enough security in ships. The safety of the sea fright is high, but the regulation is not as evident as the air freight.

    It is suggested that those people who want to use sea freight to do proper packaging. It is one crucial issue that saves the packages.  

    Do you care about the environment?

    The environment is a challenging issue these days! If, you, as a person who lives on this planet, care about the environment, you should pay attention to it in the matter of “air freight VS ocean freight.”

    As the studies indicate, airplanes are the most critical polluters on this planet. They bring pollution to the sky, and it will make the air warmer. It is evident that this matter will change the lives of creatures in the future. It is better think for some minutes!

    However, ships are not as dangerous as an airplane. Therefore, it is up to you which one to choose!

    Become familiar with air freight restriction!

    If you, in the matter of air freight VS ocean freight, want to choose the air freight, it is better to know the restrictions of this form of goods transportation. To send some materials is entirely prohibited by air as the following:

    • Items contain gases such as lamps 
    • Flammable items 
    • Toxic items 
    • Magnetic items 
    • Chemical medicine 

    This list doesn’t contain all the materials. If you want to use this system (the air freight), you should become familiar with all these restrictions. 

    Air freight VS ocean freight, in one glance!

    Up to here, we mentioned some advantages and disadvantages of both ways. If we want to have a conclusion on this matter, we say:

    “In the matter of air freight VS ocean freight, the air freight is the right way, when you want to send the goods directly from one city to another city or from one country to another one. It is a speedy way. Hence, if, for example, it is near to the New Year, and you want to receive the packages as soon as possible, the air freight will be the best way for you. Besides, because of the strong regulations, it is a more reliable way to obtain the packages safe.

    However, if you want to choose the air freight, pay attention to this issues:

    • It is expensive 
    • Not many packages are allowed 
    • There is a restriction on the nature of the goods 

    Again, in the matter of air freight VS ocean freight, if you want to send the goods at a very long distance, absolutely the sea freight is the best way. You can send big and bulky packages at a suitable price. And another essential matter is that there is no limitation in sending goods in the sea freight! (I am sure you say “oh, so many advantages”!)

    But it is remarkable to know it may take a few times to receive the packages. And if you don’t use a sound packaging system, the goods may damage during this way. 

    All this information about air freight VS ocean freight will help you to analyze the situation. Then, according to this information, and by the precise analysis of your situation, you can decide which way is better for you.”

    Consult a trustable forwarder!

    Sometimes you are in a situation that you have enough information about air freight VS ocean freight, but you cannot decide!

    Don’t worry! Such a thing happens for many people! In this step, it is better to get the advice of a reliable forwarder. As such companies have great experiences in this field, they can show you the best way.

    But now this question arises that how to find a reliable forwarder! DDPCH is an excellent company that can help you to select the best way!

    Use DDPCH to import your packages from China to all over the world!

    Door to Door or the DDPCH group is a china company that helps you send your packages (not important big or small) to many countries such as the United States of Emirates, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Qatar, Israel, Iran, Germany, and the United Kingdom. 

    The only thing you should do is deliver packages in china to the DDPCH group and then give them the destination. You can choose the air or ship transportations. After that, the DDPCH team will call you in the destination, and you can receive your packages safely.

    For more information, please contact DDPCH team. 


    What chose Air freight service?

    Fastest transport, highly reliable, Ship your goods almost anywhere, very secure, Reduced costs for packaging

    What chose ocean freight service?

    Economical, Efficiency, Oversized, heavy and bulky cargo capability,Safety, Environmental friendliness

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