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5 top tips for the cheapest shipping service from china

5 top tips for the cheapest shipping service from china

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Today, China has become one of the world’s economic hubs. China has large factories and is almost one of the most important trading partners of powerful countries. The world’s largest countries import billions of dollars a year from China. As a result, trade with China and imports from this country are very profitable.This article is not about the best ways to get the cheapest shipping service from China. Due to the very high volume of production, the price of Chinese goods is usually cheaper than in other countries. But an important issue that must be considered is the transportation of goods. In this article, we will introduce the cheapest shipping services from China and also offer very useful solutions to reduce the final shipping price.

Methods of shipping

There are various methods for transportation. More than 95% of world trade is done by land, rail, air, and sea. Each of these methods has advantages and disadvantages. Factors such as product safety, cargo speed, and cargo restrictions, such as cargo volume and weight restrictions, determine the shipping price in each method. In general, the following methods can be used for transportation.

1- Rail freight

2. Land shipping

3. Air freight

4. Sea freight

Pay attention to these restrictions

As we have said, various factors are influential in determining the final shipping price. The most important thing to note is the geographical constraints. Many countries may not have access to high seas. When a country does not have access to the high seas, the sea freight option will be eliminated. So it is better to consider these limitations before choosing a shipping method. If you have any questions about shipping from China and shipping cost from China, you can get help from the consultants of ddpch trading company.

What is the cheapest shipping method?

In this section, we review these shipping methods. We will introduce the advantages and disadvantages of each method and finally decide on the cheapest shipping service from China.

Air freight

Air freight is often the most expensive method. This method is more expensive than other methods due to its high speed and high security of goods. In addition, all countries, even the smallest ones, have at least one airport. As a result, there are no restrictions on this method. Although the speed of this method is very high, cargo planes have a limited capacity. For this reason, air freight cannot be used to move bulky and very heavy loads.

How save money for air freight ?

here we make ready all tips how save freight cost in air freight service:

Don’t ship all at once

When figuring out how much a freight job will cost, there are two main things to think about: how far it has to go and how much it weighs.

When you send a lot of small, light packages, the price you pay always covers the distance.
If you combine these into one large shipment, you’ll pay a lump sum all at once, but it will probably be cheaper overall than the first option.

Use a consolidated shipping service

Consolidation services take small packages and put them together in the “extra space” of other shipments.

This is the perfect solution for any business that has to send out a lot of small packages.

You don’t pay for your own expensive shipping space. Instead, you “fill in the gaps” in another shipment and only pay for the space you use.
The company sending the bigger shipment saves money because it doesn’t have to pay for empty space, and you get a great price on shipping.

Talk about a long-term contract

Don’t just keep using the same shipping service if you want to spend less on shipping.
But we don’t always mean to look for a better deal.

Getting to know someone is more valuable than looking at other providers for short-term gains.
Talk to your regular provider about making a deal that will be good for both of you in the long run.

best shipping costs

Rail freight

Rail freight is one of the main methods of freight transportation. This method is basically used for long distances. Due to the type of fuel used in trains and also the large size of freight trains, the cost of rail freight is not very high. One of the disadvantages of rail freight is that in many countries there is no rail and rail route. In addition, the rail method does not have a very high speed.

Land shipping

Another method used to move cargo is the land shipping. The advantages of this method include fewer customs hassle, low packing cost, relatively good speed, and cheap shipping cost. On the other hand, high risk due to road conditions and the possibility of accidents is one of the disadvantages of this method. Land shipping is usually used for short distances.

Sea freight

More than half of world trade is done through high seas and sea freight. This method is cheaper than other methods. Although sea freight is not very fast, it is the most suitable option for carrying bulky goods.

Finally, among these methods, sea freight and land shipping are cheaper than rail freight and air freight. If you are looking to reduce shipping costs, it is better to use land and sea transportation.

sea freight

Use the FOB (Free on Board)

Suppose you are in the UK and bought goods from Guangzhou. The goods must be shipped from a warehouse in Guangzhou to a seaport. The goods must then be moved to the deck of the ship. That means you have to pay two fees. If you use FOB condition, you will no longer have to pay these amounts and your final shipping cost will be reduced. According to international law, in the case of FOB, the seller is obliged to bear all the costs of the goods up to the place of the main shipment, and the buyer must pay all costs after this stage, including freight, insurance, import tariffs, etc.

Pay attention to the dimensions of the package

The volume of cargo packing affects the final price of the cargo. For example, in sea freight, containers are used to move cargo. If your cargo is large and fills a container, you will have to pay a lot of money. But if your cargo volume is small and the container has empty space, the shipping cost will be greatly reduced. So try to reduce the volume of packages.

Take the geographical location of the origin into account

China is a vast country. Except for a series of special goods that are produced in only one city, other goods are produced in many cities. Try to buy from cities that are close to commercial ports and airports. This reduces the cost of shipping goods in China.

Use indirect airlines

For long distances, you basically have two options. You can use direct and indirect flights. Let’s use the same example from Guangzhou to Britain. You can take a direct flight and take your cargo directly from Guangzhou to China. You can also use indirect flights. That means first your cargo goes from Guangzhou to another country and then from that country to England. Indirect flights are a bit cheaper.

Choose the right shipping company

Be careful in choosing a shipping company in China and shipping agent in China. Use first-hand companies. First-hand companies are companies that take your cargo directly from origin to destination. Some companies pick up your shipment from the origin and then use another company to move. In this way, you have to pay the shipping cost twice and the final shipping amount will increase. For example, you can use some international shipping companies such as DHL and FedEx. If you have any other questions about shipping companies in China, you can get help from ddpch trading company consultants.

Be opportunistic

Supply and demand have a direct impact on prices. In principle, prices rise before major holidays, such as Christmas, due to the sharp increase in demand for postal packages and the fixed capacity of shipping companies. So do not send your cargo at the peak of freight.

Why use DDPCH service?

DDPCH is one of the most important international shipping companies in China. It has more than 10 years of experience and is ready to be your shipping agent in China and offer competitive freight services from China. The DDPCH team is always ready to answer all shipping quotation ( freight quote ) in one day.

The DDPCh international shipping company offers different shipping solutions, including:

  • Air freight from China
  • Sea freight from China
  • Rail freight from China
  • Trucking service from china
  • Amazon FBA service
  • Warehouseing service in China
  • Door to Door ( DDP) freight
  • Express and courrier service
  • Packing service
  • Product sourcing service

We are happy to offer this service to all of our customers around the world. We are happy to offer all of these shipping solutions from China to many countries like:

Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Bahrain, Bangladesh, Denmark, Egypt, France, Germany, India, Iran, Indonesia, Israel, Italy, Japan, Jordan, Kuwait, Malaysia, Mexico, Norway, Oman, Philippines, Portugal, Qatar, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Thailand, Turkey, Turkmenistan, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, United States of America, Uzbekistan, Vietnam, Russia, Iraq, South Korea, Colombia, Hong Kong

So you can get in touch with one of our sales staff and find the best shipping price from China to your country.

Last Word

In this article, we reviewed the cheapest shipping services from China. We also explained the different shipping methods and ways to reduce shipping costs. If you have any other questions about shipping from China, you can get the help of ddpch shipping company.

What are the ways of shipping goods?

Land, air, sea, and rail are the most common modes of freight.

Which shipping methods are cheaper?

Land and sea shipping methods are cheaper.

Is it cost-effective to use direct airlines?

No, it is better to use indirect airlines.

In the FOB condition, who is responsible for the initial shipment of goods?

In FOB condition, the seller is responsible for the initial shipment of the goods.

From whom should I get my questions about importing goods from China?

You can use the services of ddpch trading company.

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