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Volumetric Weight in Air Freights of China.

Volumetric Weight in Air Freights of China | What to Consider?

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Most of those who are new to the idea of importation don’t have enough information about the volumetric weight in air freights of China.

So, we, at the DDPCH, decided to provide you with a brief-but-beneficial guide on that.

What Is It?

The dimensional mass is a term that implies an unreal heaviness for your goods based on their proportions.

So, in this case, the bigger your cargo is the heavier it’s assumed by the carrier.

Why Do Exporters Use This Method?

Imagine you have a box that measures 6 cubic meters and weighs about 5 kilograms. Now, there’s another vendor who has 10 boxes that altogether weigh 5 kilograms while each measures only 0.5 cubic meters.

The question is “which cargo is the most beneficial for the carrier?”

If they choose yours, they’ll lose lots of space while sacrificing not much of their weight capacity.

If they choose the other cargo, they can make more money while having some extra space to accept other loads as well.

So, what they do is to use a method such as the volumetric weight to create a balance between the amount of space you occupy, the heaviness of your goods and the money you pay.

Is It a Fair Technique?

Absolutely yes. Via the dimensional mass system, every exporter pays a fee that covers everything equally.

Those who send small items through this shipment method don’t need to face the same bill others with extremely large cargos do.

That’s why experts believe it is a rational way of estimating the costs.

Since our company is the best DDP delivery agent from China to Dubai and other countries, the formula we use to determine the final cost is the most reasonable one

Best Product Type for Volumetric Weight in Air Freights of China

What makes the best cargo regarding the costs of air carriages in PRC? (see below)

  • Costly and Small Goods

Some of the finest candidates are the artifacts that are small in size and burden but cost a lot. Some digital gadgets (e.g. smartwatches) fit in this category.

  • Edibles

Some payloads must be delivered before they expire, die, or perish. Sending them via our air freight service despite the dimensional weight effect is the best option you have.

In this method, the transportation will take 5 days at most (for the longest routes).

  • Urgent Cargos

Let’s assume that you have a contract on Amazon that urges you to provide a certain customer with certain goods before a specific deadline.

In this case, you can only rely on air cargo services as they are fast and safe.

Let Us Take Care of All That

Our company has the fairest prices regarding dimensional heaviness.

Not only will we pick up your load to import it, but we will also offer the best ways of China Tracking Freight.

This will give you the chance to keep track of your goods and get to know the exact time of delivery.

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