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Why choose a shipping company in Guangzhou? | All to know

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If importing from China and especially Guangzhou is in your plans, you need to think about shipping options. Choosing a shipping company in Guangzhou should be one of the main items on any importer’s ‘to-do list’. In this article, we will talk about Guangzhou and also talk about choosing a shipping company in Guangzhou.

Why Guangzhou?

Before talking about choosing a shipping company in Guangzhou, let us get to know the city a little bit better. Guangzhou has been a strategic point for China’s trade, manufacturing, and transport since the Chinese economic reform. In terms of population, Guangzhou is the third Chinese city (13 million inhabitants), after Shanghai and Beijing. Surrounded by Shenzhen, Hong Kong, and Macau, Guangzhou is part of China’s largest economic city, but moreover part of the world. 

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Every year the city draws tourists from around the world, mainly for its world-famous Canton fair. Every year, the activities of Guangzhou’s port are growing, mainly because of all the trade and business events that settle in the town. The Canton fairs are managed by the Chinese Ministry of Trade and involve the help of a major logistics program in the region. Guangzhou is thus a world-renowned place of trade and also a hotspot for all the products produced.

The port of Guangzhou

To know more about choosing a shipping company in Guangzhou, you must also be familiar with the port of Guangzhou. Guangzhou and its port are in southern China, in the Guangdong Province. It is predominantly a commercial port. This allows the region to be economically very active, particularly in exports. 

Why choose a shipping company in Guangzhou

Its proximity to the surrounding cities (Shenzhen, Hong Kong, Macau, Foshan, Dongguan) gives the world an amazing vantage point and greater transparency. Nowadays, Guangzhou port operates with more than a hundred Chinese ports and 350 overseas ports.

The traffic of Port of Guangzhou was is at 201 million tonnes of goods and 4.8 million TEU all forwarded by a different shipping company in Guangzhou. The port hit 431 million tonnes and 14.3 million TEU in 2017. It is now ranked the third-largest Chinese port and fifth in the world.

Canton Fair: Cornerstone of Chinese Economy

The Canton fair has grown tremendously since its creation and has gained immense popularity all over the world. This event brings together different businessmen and investors but also promotes economic cooperation between China and foreign countries. This successful trading partnership with its allies is a part of the growth and transformation of China in the world today.

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The Chinese reputation strengthened tremendously on the international scene by dramatically improving its foreign exchanges. During the Canton Fair, there is a tremendous array of items available for visitors. Making it an amazing opportunity to import products from China. In this time, you can choose one shipping company in Guangzhou to forward your goods to their destinations. If you are planning to visit the Canton Fair, read about Registration Guide for Overseas Buyer and Top travel tips in Guangzhou for Canton Fair for visitors.

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