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Gold suppliers on Alibaba

Why Gold suppliers on Alibaba are Important? | A buyer’s guide

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We already know how Alibaba operates. Tons of suppliers use this platform to present their products to countless buyers visiting this website. However, among these sellers, what stands out is a Gold member on Alibaba. But what are Gold suppliers on Alibaba? And Why Gold suppliers on Alibaba is More Important for the buyer? In this article, we will discuss it.

What are Gold suppliers on Alibaba?

According to Alibaba, a Gold Supplier is a paying associate on All the Gold Suppliers in China must pass the Onsite Check, on the other hand, those suppliers based in other countries or regions must pass Alibaba’s A&V Check.

When certified, members of the Gold Supplier are allowed to show the Gold Supplier icon to prove their company has been checked as a legally registered business by a third agency. The number of years a customer has been a Gold Supplier on Alibaba is shown along with the logo and updated annually.

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Advantages of a Gold member on Alibaba

Being a member of Gold Suppliers on Alibaba certainly has its own benefits. Alibaba offers advantages such as Business Opportunities, Online Events & Promotions, Communication & Data Tools, and der Protection Service. Moreover, as a Gold supplier member, you are eligible for the following services from Alibaba:

  • Site operation
  • Free training
  • Free Services
  • Invitation to Alibaba Star Lecturer workshops
  • Minisite design
  • Product posting
  • Private service with an specialist
  • Advanced Paid Services

How can buyers recognize Gold members on Alibaba?

Suppliers approved to become a Gold Supplier will have two badges alongside their names. One demonstrates the number of years they were a Gold member, the other shows the phrase: “Gold Supplier”.

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Why should Gold members on Alibaba be Important for buyers?

Contrary to Free Members, Alibaba verifies all of the Gold members. In short, Alibaba tests the business license of the supplier and guarantees that all the listed companies are licensed businesses.

Alibaba shares extensive information on each of the Gold Suppliers that register, which is useful at the time of the supplier evaluation. The Alibaba Gold Supplier database is indeed by far the largest verified database for suppliers in China and other Asian countries.

Even so, many entrepreneurs and small businesses are aware of this advantage. Some startups are even less aware of how they can use this data treasure to stop unqualified vendors and zero in on the ones that really matter.

In ddpch, we encourage you to look out for Gold Suppliers on Alibaba when importing from China or Asia for that matter. You can benefit from our door to door ocean freight or air freight services from China.

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