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FBA service from China 2020

Top tips about FBA service from China 2020

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    Every Amazon seller has only one aim and that is finding best selling Amazon goods, get it produced, and ship it at the cheapest rates to Amazon FBA warehouses. In this article, we will talk about FBA service from China 2020 and how it works. By reading the text, you will gain more insight on FBA service from China to the USA and Europe 2020.

    How Amazon FBA Works

    Within FBA, Amazon does all the hard work for the supplier and the way it works is pretty easy. Below you can read about the process of FBA service from China 2020:

    1. The supplier sends the products to Amazon
    2. Amazon sorts and keeps the products in reserve
    3. Customer buys the product
    4. Amazon ships the goods
    5. The customer service is taken care of by Amazon

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    Amazon FBA service from China 2020 to Europe and the USA

    Importing to Europe and the USA via Amazon FBA service from China 2020 is possible via a set of various services. Below, you can read about these services.

    International solutions offered by FBA enable the business to grow across Europe. They help suppliers get goods closer to consumers with less difficulty ensuring faster delivery.

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    European Fulfilment Network (EFN)

    EFN allows suppliers to fulfill orders from any European Amazon marketplace while shipping their products to Amazon’s fulfillment centers during FBA service from China 2020 in just one country.

    Pan-European FBA

    Using the Pan-European FBA to attract more consumers with lower prices is a great option for the suppliers. They send their goods to distribution centers in the country they want, and Amazon distributes them for storage across Europe.

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    American Prep Service Company

    Amazon’s FBA service from China 2020 is specifically fascinating in the USA. Companies such as American Prep Service Company, are on the west coast of the USA. these firms are helping Amazon sellers ship their products to Los Angeles from China.

    The benefit of having an American Amazon Prep service company is that these companies will help the supplier do the inspection of the delivery to verify the quality of the goods after a long period during sea freight. Eliminating such questionable items will help reduce poor reviews on the amazon listing.

    Chinese Prep Service Company

    Similarly, the Chinese prep service company will ship the products directly to the FBA warehouse at Amazon. But there are not as many prep service companies in China as there are in the USA. As a general rule, Chinese sourcing agent companies play the role of a prep service firm in the process of FBA service from China 2020.

    There is also a very fair price for using a Chinese prep service company. The only problem is that the supplier would need to bear the cost of transport from the manufacturer to the warehouse of the sourcing agent. But no problem, the cost as it is in China, is affordable. It is best for the suppliers to test it on a case-by-case basis, and see whether it is appropriate.

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