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Everything about FBA Amazon service | Full guide

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When importing from China or any other country, we come across the concept of the FBA Amazon service. What is this service and why is it helpful? In this article, we will read everything about the FBA service.

What is the FBA Amazon service?

The FBA Amazon service, or Fulfillment By Amazon (FBA) is Amazon’s service providing sellers with storage, packaging, and shipping assistance. This takes away the burden of sellers and gives them greater flexibility in their selling practices. The program enables vendors to send their goods to an Amazon distribution center, where products will be placed in warehouses until they are sold.

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Advantages of FBA service

Once sellers sign up for Fulfillment By Amazon, they will take advantage of all the services and benefits associated with Amazon. Including:

  • Amazon’s name is going to be associated with its products: Joining FBA service, is a guarantee of quality that most consumers would enjoy, making them more likely to patronize a seller because of it. Using the Amazon name associated with their goods would help sellers gain confidence from customers who expect excellent customer assistance and fast FBA delivery.
  • Subsidized shipping fees: Because Amazon has a contract with the shipping companies, retailers using FBA service will be able to pay less in shipping than if the goods were shipped from the account of a customer. Sellers can also offer free shipping over a certain amount as Amazon Prime and FREE Super Saver Shipping are available for products sold through FBA.

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  • Multi-Channel Fulfillment: Amazon is capable of shipping and handling inventory sold on multiple channels, not just through the Amazon market.
  • Standardization of shipping: All FBA service orders are handled in exactly the same way as Amazon treats its own products. This means that Amazon picks the item from its inventory when someone purchases it, packs the item and delivers it to the customer. A seller can feature an item on his own website, and Amazon still has to take care of all the heavy lifting through the Fulfillment By Amazon service.

Seller Responsibility When Using Amazon FBA

A seller using FBA service is responsible for the following:

  1. Selecting what goods to sell
    You can sell just about anything you want. But if you want to avoid storage fees, make sure you pick items that are going to sell quickly.
  2. Holding stock on your inventory.
    As a seller on FBA service, you will need to regularly check your Amazon inventory levels. This way, you will make sure your items remain in stock.
  3. Marketing and advertising products.
    When you market highly ranked brand name goods, you may not need to do so. But if you sell your own custom goods you will have to make sure that people will find them.

Now that you know everything you must about the FBA Amazon service, you can select your importing goods easier. In the meantime, if you need door to door freight or air freight, you can contact ddpch.

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