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Everything about Taobao (Full Guide 2020)

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Taobao is the Chinese form of Amazon or eBay. Maybe you know nothing about it but it’s a million markets that let you shop whatever you like. Taobao is great saviour for all since it saves your money and satisfies your needs to shop. it is a large and profitable customer-to-customer (C2C) online platform. Jack Ma after founding Alibaba decided to establish that become popular in the world. Selling on this website is based on gross trading volume.

Some  facts about TAOBAO

In the past, for buying on Taobao you had to have a China bank account but now by Alipay it has been easy. For supporting popular brands and preventing fake goods, Taobao opened Tmall in which there is no third party and shops and brands set up their outlets. In this way people can trust.

Taobao’s business model

Taobao earns money simply by online marketing services, commissions on transactions and storefront fees. Also, you cannot set up a store in Taobao for free since nobody allows you to sell your goods and new sellers expense for a security deposit, online shop design, stock management and computing programs. Ranking of Taobao is number 11 in the list of the top 15 most visited sites. In addition, it has more than 127.5 million visitors every day. Furthermore, it is a great creator of jobs in China and have created 9.7 million jobs. Regarding gender, there is no bias.

How To Buy From Taobao: A Step-By-Step Shopping & Shipping Guide

How to ship from Taobao?

You should follow some guidelines before confirming your order. There are 4 delivery options.

  1. Direct shipping
  2. Consolidated shipping via air freight
  3. Consolidated shipping via sea freight
  4. Contact seller personally to arrange for shipping

Choosing one of these options depends on what you are shipping.

Option 1: Direct Shipping

Method of shipping: the seller will ship your goods via international courier service. It takes 8 to 12 days and is suitable for single purchases which are small or light.

Option 2: Consolidated Shipping Via Air Freight

Method of shipping: the seller will ship your items via air freight and takes 7 days to reach. It is recommended for multiple purchases you need urgently.

Option 3: Consolidated Shipping Via Sea Freight

Method of shipping: the shop seller will ship the products via sea freight and it takes 18 days to reach. It is recommended for heavy goods (furniture, lights, tables etc.)

Option 4: Contact Seller Personally To Arrange For Shipping

Method of shipping: it depends on your arrangement with the seller and the time of delivery depends on method of shipping. It is recommended for sensitive or personalized items which require constant communication with the seller.

How to buy from Taobao?

Firstly, sign up for a free Taobao and Alipay account. Secondly, link your credit card or bank account, then provide verification, then you can start shopping. You can directly buy from Taobao or go through a third party like Ezbuy. Also, you can search on Lazada’s Taobao collection.

The only demerit of this website is that it’s just Chinese and there is no English Version of Taobao. Knowing the language is a problem for most international customers. So we guide you so that you can do it. Also, if you know Mandarin you are able to communicate with them, otherwise, ask a friend who knows Mandarin. Moreover, to solve this problem, you can use some tools such as Google Chrome Browser, Google Translate and Google Translate App to get the page or the whole website translated into your language.

Is It Safe To Buy From Taobao?

  • Only purchase from shops or sellers with a high number of reviews
  • The reviews should have a mix of good and bad reviews, and reviewers should upload pictures of the actual item (watch out for fake reviews though)
  • Reach out to the seller via AliWangWang to find out more about product availability or more pictures before committing to the purchase
  • If the deal looks too good to be true, then it most likely is…

How to buy directly from?

You can buy from Taobao directly and cheaply. Since an agent get 10% fee, so direct buying saves money. However, if you live in Europe or other areas, purchasing from Taobao directly is not an option and you should have a taobao agent.

Part 1. Preparation

Before ordering, you should know there are some items that Taobao and the forwarder will not let foreigners buy. Here are 8 categories of these items.

1. Items that exceed size or weight limits set by taobao

2. Food: Tea, inst ant noodles, bamboo products, etc.;

3. Liquid, paste, powdered items: Cosmetics like perfume,lipstick,foundation,nail polish,pencils,pens,alcohol,thermometer,ink etc..

4. Knife and Gun: Survival knife,toy gun,water gun

5. Electronic device: Humidifier,rice cooker,electric toy,vacuum cleaner,etc

6. Magnetic items or parts: Magnets, audio equipment such as audio, motors, speaker, compasses, coils, etc.

7. Battery and items with inbattery: Mobile phones, computers,powerbank,watches,lithium battery

8. Branded,fake,replica,counterfeit items: If you have to buy prohibited items, you must use a taobao agent who can provide various shipping solutions.

Part 2. Create Your Taobao Account

You should use your mobile number to register the Taobao account since Taobao sends SMS to you to verify your account.

Part 3. Add Your Address

Now, you should add receiver address in the “shipping address” part.

But make sure the mobile number is correct since the forwarder will send you messages when your product is moving.

Part 4. Choose Product And Seller

You can use product image and English keywords to search on taobao. Just click on “Buy Now” and checkout. Also, check the seller’s rating and reviews on the product page.

Part 5. Place The Order

Now, go to the confirm order page and choose the delivery address, the shipping method and confirm the information.

Part 6. First Payment

After submitting your order, you should make the first payment. You can choose one of these payment methods; Credit card, Malaysia eBanking or Alipay gift card.

Part 7. Manage Your Order

After paying, you can go to “Purchased Items”  and monitor your order status.

Part 8. Second Payment(International Shipping Fee)

After receiving the goods by the warehouse, You can check the status;  the weight and the rent-free period.The free storage time in the warehouse is 20 days. Remember that there is limitation for the weight of your package so be sure that your package does not exceed the limit. Finally, on the next page confirm the delivery method & delivery address, click the “Submit and Pay” button to pay the final international shipping fee.

Part 9. Tracking & Receiving

All shipments are door-to-door, but it’s better to track your order and contact the forwarder. The speed of the local customs clearance and postal services affect the delivery time. You may be charged customs duties and taxes for things bought from taobao. The amount of tax is the total value of your parcel plus the shipping fee.

If you use UPS or DHL, invoice of custom will be emailed to you and money will be got from you at your doorstep at the time of delivery. But if you use If EMS, you will receive a call from post office and you will have to go there and pay.

Part 10. After-Sale

After sending your goods,  you can request for a refund within 25 days.

  • You can request for a refund by clicking the “Refund” button within the first 10 days
  • You can request for a refund via “After-sales application” within the next 15 days

If there is a refund, you will get the money within 7 days. 

Part 11. Resolving Issues

So you can enjoy your shopping on Taobao. So when you buy directly from Taobao, it is surely the best source when for buying cheap and marvelous goods online.

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