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In this article from the ddpch website will focus on transmit time, price and airports from China to Argentina.

As you might also know, China is a huge country with diversified and differentiated products and services. In this case, it is so obvious that you want to import your required products from this country.

Argentina is a large country in the southern half of South America which is its businessmen tries to import their products from China.

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As so, below we will point to some nesseccary information about shipping from China to Argentina.

Understanding the logistics of shipping from China to Argentina can significantly streamline your import processes. This involves factors like determining the most efficient and cost-effective shipping methods, taking into account the transmit time between the two countries, and familiarizing yourself with the various airports and sea ports that serve as key points in the shipping route. Whether you choose air freight for its speed or sea freight for its lower cost, it is essential to have a clear grasp on the associated costs, customs procedures, and transit times. Armed with this information, you can make informed decisions and enhance the profitability and efficiency of your import business.

What is the transit time for air shipping from China to Argentina?

Compared to ocean freight, Air freight is very faster and generally, it takes between three to five days for cargo to deliver from China to Argentina.

It takes 4 to 7 days for a cargo to reach the port and between 6 to 13 days for door to door service.

It should be noted that season, location, and cargo size play an important role in transit time. Obviously, not only transit time but also the price for shipping several events like the Chinese new year and Golden week increase dramatically.

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As you must pay more for shipping cargo to Argentina in air freight mode, ddpch will guarantee the safety of your cargo.

DDPCH is a big company in China that offers good quality services to its consumers. Our consumers are happy with our services and always we offer reasonable prices.

Additionally, it’s important to consider the regulations and protocols for international shipping from China to Argentina. Compliance with local and international laws, understanding tariffs and duties, and ensuring proper documentation is part of this complex process.

Depending on the nature of your goods, certain restrictions or additional procedures may apply, making it crucial to be aware of these details. Equally critical is having a reliable partner for your shipping needs – a freight forwarder or shipping agency with experience in this specific route can be a valuable asset. They can handle many of these complexities and provide advice based on their expertise, ensuring that your goods are transported smoothly and efficiently. By understanding these key aspects of shipping, you can avoid unnecessary delays or costs and ensure a successful import process.

What is the price for air shipping from China to Argentina?

As we mentioned above, several factors influence the price rates. But generally, the city where you want to import also plays an important role in shipping prices from China to Argentina.

The most popular cities where Argentine businessmen provide their required products are Beijing, Chongqing, and Shanghai.

For air shipping cargo from PEK airport in Beijing, for instance, to EZE airport in Buenos Aires, you should expect to pay up to 721 dollars; from CKG airport in Chongqing, however, you must be ready to pay for up to 887 dollars. Transporting a product from PVG airport in Shanghai to EZE airport will cost 906 dollars.

Let’s talk about other cities too.

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For air shipping from PEK airport to MDQ airport in Mar Del Plata, you have to pay up to 1.203 dollars. For shipping from CKG airport to the same airport in Argentina, it is expected to pay up to 1.105 dollars. Lastly, you should be expected to pay 1.150 dollars for shipping from PVG airport to that same airport in Argentina.

For shipping cargo from PEK airport, CKG airport, and PVG airport by air freight to SFN airport in Santa Fe in Argentina you have to pay up to 1.170 dollars, 1.050 dollars, and 1.220 dollars.

For getting the latest air shipping prices in ddpch company you should contact with our team.

Apart from the aforementioned cities, there are other significant Chinese cities and ports utilized by Argentine businesspeople for their imports. For instance, cities such as Guangzhou, Shenzhen, and Tianjin play a critical role in the shipping process. The costs for air cargo from CAN airport in Guangzhou, SZX airport in Shenzhen, and TSN airport in Tianjin to EZE airport in Buenos Aires are approximately $920, $950, and $980 respectively.

Likewise, if you are considering shipping from these cities to MDQ airport in Mar Del Plata, it will cost around $1,250 from CAN, $1,275 from SZX, and $1,300 from TSN. For air freight to SFN airport in Santa Fe, Argentina, you can expect to pay $1,240, $1,270, and $1,300 respectively.

Remember that these prices are subject to change based on various factors like the nature of the goods, the weight of the shipment, and the current market conditions. Therefore, it’s always best to reach out to our ddpch team for the most accurate and updated air shipping prices.

What are the Chinese and Argentina airports for shipping products from China to Argentina?

Your freight forwarder or source agent in China will choose the best airports for you to decrease the costs. But if you are trying to do these things yourself, you should inform about Chinese airports.

Shanghai, Shenzhen, Beijing and Ningbo airports are the most used ports for air shipping from China to Aargentina.

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However, you have to consider Argentina’s airports, too. The best airports to import products from China to Argentina are Zarate and Buenos Aires.

Selecting the best shipping routes is vital for cost-efficiency. If handling logistics independently, it’s essential to know the main airports in China and Argentina. China’s primary airports for shipping to Argentina include Shanghai Pudong (PVG), Shenzhen Bao’an (SZX), Beijing Capital (PEK), and Ningbo Lishe (NGB). These serve as critical international freight hubs. In Argentina, the key airports are Buenos Aires Ezeiza (EZE) and Zarate Airport.


DDPCH is a big and populated company in China which offers DOOR TO DOOR services to all his loyal consumers. However, it is suggested to book your cargo shipping ahead to prevent unexpected issues and get the best prices.

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Most businessmen in Argentina and other parts of the world try to provide their own required items from this country.

Maybe you are the next one!

Door to Door shipping service is one of the most attractive services for all people that have some business with ChinaDDPCH as one of the leading agent for Door to Door (DDP) shipping service from china have the ability for providing DDP shipping service include AIR and Sea (FCL/LCL) from the central city in China to all country around the world.


The major airports in China for air shipping to Argentina are Shanghai Pudong International Airport (PVG), Shenzhen Bao’an International Airport (SZX), Beijing Capital International Airport (PEK), and Ningbo Lishe International Airport (NGB).

Required documents can include a commercial invoice, packing list, bill of lading or airway bill, and potentially certain certificates depending on the nature of the goods.

Costs vary by city, but for example, shipping from PEK to MDQ could cost up to $1,203, from CKG up to $1,105, and from PVG up to $1,150.

The popularity of certain cities is often due to their strategic location, good infrastructure, and presence of major international airports or sea ports.

To get the latest air shipping prices, you should contact the ddpch team directly.

Look for a freight forwarder or shipping agency with experience in the China-Argentina route, a strong track record, good customer reviews, and transparent pricing.

The popularity of certain cities is often due to their strategic location, good infrastructure, and presence of major international airports or sea ports.

Understanding these logistics can help streamline your import processes, allowing for more efficient and cost-effective shipping methods.

Several factors can affect these costs, including the nature of the goods, the weight of the shipment, current market conditions, and the chosen shipping method (air or sea freight).

The most popular cities are Beijing, Chongqing, and Shanghai. Other significant cities include Guangzhou, Shenzhen, and Tianjin.

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