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Depending on the type of items that you need for shipping from China to Ukraine you can work with us in DDPCH shipping company, we offer you air freight, sea freight, Door to door, and express shipping with different benefits and also we have the best rate in trade. Do you need these services? just connect with our always online team.

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Welcome to Logistics in Ukraine from DDPCH. In this service, we will explain how to ship from China to Ukraine and answer any challenges or queries you may have concerning the procedure. Depending on what goods you need to transport to Ukraine, you have numerous alternatives, which are given below. If you have unique shipping requirements, we can continually create a deal to meet your needs.

DDPCH Shipping Company is a one-stop international freight forwarder that can assist you in transporting you from China to Ukraine. In 2023, China was the 2nd biggest import partner for Ukraine, worth USD 7 billion. Importing from China to Ukraine is conducted through multiple methods. Our suggestion is door to door shipping from China to Ukraine. Read on for more information on forwarding your commodities via door-to-door shipping from China to Ukraine.
DDPCH is a one-stop international freight forwarder that can assist you in transporting goods from China to Ukraine. DDPCH provides a comprehensive range of services for shipping from China to Ukraine and vice versa. Together with us, we will discover the best solution and save costs and transit time from China to all cities in Ukraine.

China Ukraine Bilateral Relations

China-Ukraine bilateral trade relations have expanded rapidly in the last few years. China has been the largest trading partner with a single country, bypassing Russia. Needless to say, total trade relations in favor of China, a reality that dominates world trade patterns, remain strongly tilted. This makes Door to Door Shipping from China to Ukraine an impressive option. But this is not all.

A few explanations explain the flourishing bilateral trade relations between the Sino-Ukrainians. Exports of Ukrainian crops to the Chinese market have increased due to China’s need for agricultural goods, a direct result of the U.S.-China trade war and increasing tariffs on American products. Moreover, the strained diplomatic and economic relations between Ukraine and Russia contributed to a 65 percent decrease in trade values with Russia from a total of $31 billion in 2013 to $11.6 billion in 2018. As a result, there has been a substantial rise in Chinese imports in the Ukrainian market.

Shipping from China to Ukraine

Shipping from China to Ukraine can be a challenging operation. DDPCH provides four solutions for shipping to Ukraine from China. We will evaluate these options and recommend the best way to ship your package from all cities in China to all cities in Ukraine. With us for choosing the most suitable shipping solutions.

  1. Air freight: Air freight from China to Ukraine is a speedy transportation option that is perfect for sensitive products. This method is more costly and less cost-effective. Air freight allows you to transfer items to Ukraine quickly and easily.
  2. Sea freight: Sea freight is the finest and cheapest shipping method for customers who do not want extremely fast deliveries. This transportation option is suitable for bulky goods.
  3. DDP (door to door): DDP (door to door) is a convenient delivery option in Ukraine. This service, DDPCH, takes care of phases of the shipping process, from picking up your cargo in China to clearing customs in Ukraine and delivering it straight to your door.
  4. Express Courier: DDPCH provides express courier services, which are popular due to their ease and efficiency. Many people and businesses in China use express courier services to transport items to Ukraine. These services are recognized for their dependability and quick delivery, making them popular.

Air freight from China to Ukraine

Air freight from China to Ukraine is the transfer of cargo by air cargo carriers, usually between major airports in China and Ukraine. Air freight from China to Ukraine provides speedy delivery in a few days, making it an excellent alternative for customers looking for quick shipments, while it is more expensive than sea freight.

The increase in demand for air freight services from China to Ukraine is due to the country’s increasing urbanization and thriving economy. For those who do not want to wait weeks for maritime transportation, air freight is a quick option, carrying goods from China to Ukraine in only a few days.

Here are the benefits of flying freight from China to Ukraine:

  • Fast delivery
  • High dependability
  • Suitable for time-sensitive deliveries
  • Flexible freight administration and
  • Customs clearance help.
  • Direct flight choices.
  • Track and trace capabilities
  • Experience in handling perishables
  • Reduced the chance of theft.
  • Options for responding to emergencies

DDPCH provides a wide range of globally recognized air freight services with price and pace. With our comprehensive global air freight network, we protect your company and markets from deliveries, multiple consolidations, customs clearance, to door to door from China to Ukraine to end-customers anywhere in China. We offer a wide range of air freight forwarding services to and from all major airports in China with guaranteed regular delivery.

Air freight cost from China to Ukraine

Understanding the cost of air freight is essential when choosing a shipping option. You must know the air freight costs from China to Ukraine before choosing an air freight option for shipping products there. The cost of air freight from China to Ukraine is from $4 to $6 per kilogram. Nevertheless, it’s conceivable that your rate will rise if your weight increases. Connecting with DDPCH experts may help you receive the finest shipping solution and rate, along with an offer if you need to know the precise rate and additional costs for shipping from China to Ukraine.

Origin City (China) Destination City (Ukraine) Cost per Kilogram (USD) Cost for 50kg (USD) Cost for 100kg (USD)
Beijing Kyiv 4 200 400
Beijing Kyiv 5 250 500
Beijing Kyiv 6 300 600
Shanghai Lviv 4 200 400
Shanghai Lviv 5 250 500
Shanghai Lviv 6 300 600
Guangzhou Kyiv 4 200 400
Guangzhou Kyiv 6 300 600

The cost range for air freight from China to Ukraine is shown in this table. This expense is primarily from different cities in China to different cities in Ukraine.

How long does air freight take from China to Ukraine?

The transit period for aviation freight between China and Ukraine is three to six days. Naturally, figure out the average transit time between China and Ukraine based on several variables, including the origin and destination airports, cargo processing, flight availability, and more. Transit time from China to Ukraine is shortened if there is a direct flight. Nonetheless, the effectiveness of freight handling will also affect the total duration.

Origin City (China) Destination City (Ukraine) Estimated Transit Time (Days) Notes
Beijing Kyiv 3 - 5 Direct flights and those with short layovers may be at the lower end of this range, while options with longer layovers could extend the time.
Shanghai Kyiv 3 - 5 Similar to Beijing, the presence of direct flights and efficient logistics can minimize transit times.
Guangzhou Kyiv 4 - 6 Given the greater distance and potentially fewer direct flights, transit times can be slightly longer.
Beijing Lviv 4 - 6 Flights to Lviv may require additional layovers, potentially extending the transit time.
Shanghai Lviv 4 - 6 Similar to flights to Kyiv, but with possible additional layovers due to the destination.
Guangzhou Lviv 5 - 7 The increased transit time accounts for the distance and the complexity of the route, possibly requiring more layovers.

The air freight transit time from different Chinese cities to different Ukrainian cities is displayed in the following table. This table is approximate and lacks detail.

The best airports in Ukraine for air freight

for air transportation from China to Ukraine, you need to get your cargo to the best possible destination and airport in Ukraine. But what is the best airport in Ukraine?

Air freight from China to Ukraine

Boryspil International Airport

It is the largest and most equipped airport in Ukraine, which manages more than 65% of the country’s total flights. The international airport is located 29 km east of central Ukraine and handles more than 12 million passengers and 2 million tons of cargo annually. Boryspil airport in Ukraine was established in 1959 and has undergone many changes since the 1990s to make it the most equipped airport in Ukraine.

Simferopol International Airport

The second busiest airport in Ukraine is Simferopol, which handles more than 5 million passengers and more than 1 million tons of cargo annually. The airport was first built in 1936. However, in 2014, due to the conflict over the integrity of Ukraine and Russian intervention, the airport was completely on a single Russian flight for a week. But it has resumed its work and is now one of the busiest airports in the world.

Sea freight from China to Ukraine

Sea freight is a well-liked mode of transportation for cargo from China to Ukraine. This strategy has several benefits that encourage traders to employ it. Sea freight is the least expensive shipping option. However, it takes longer to go from China to Ukraine.
Choose the sea freight option when receiving products if you don’t care about the length of the shipping process. Ukraine has several ports, each equipped to import commodities by water. Then, optimize this shipping strategy for the importer.

Following your selection of sea freight, you must select between LCL (Less than Container Load) and FCL (Full Container Load) as the sea freight method. When using the LCL technique, your products are combined with other cargo for a different carrier, significantly lowering your rates and expenses. However, the products may be harmed or delayed by the LCL technique. You can fill the entire container when shipping the products from China to Ukraine via FCL. They get to you more quickly and safely using this way.

Sea freight from China to Ukraine

Sea freight cost from China to Ukraine

The sea freight cost from China to Ukraine is of utmost importance. There are various factors to consider when calculating the shipping rate, including the lower price compared to alternative ways of exporting products from China and the availability of two shipping methods, such as FCL and LCL. We have developed a table below to describe the closest amount for sea freight using two approaches due to the differing costs of sea freight with lcl and fcl.

Origin Port (China) Destination Port (Ukraine) LCL Cost (per cubic meter) FCL 20' Container Cost FCL 40' Container Cost
Shanghai Odessa (via Constanta) $100 - $150 $2000 - $2500 $3000 - $3500
Ningbo Odessa (via Constanta) $100 - $150 $2000 - $2500 $3000 - $3500
Guangzhou Odessa (via Constanta) $110 - $160 $2100 - $2600 $3100 - $3600

How long does Sea freight take from China to Ukraine?

The transit time of sea freight from China to Sudan varies based on factors such as distance, volume of shipments, FCL(Full Container Load) or LCL(Less than Container Load), and peak periods. However, the duration of sea freight between China and Sudan can vary from 20-25 business days. Once the items arrive at our warehouse in China, they typically take 50–65 days to travel by sea from China to Ukraine. Plan your purchases 80 days ahead of time to ensure that the items arrive on schedule. The transit time from China to Ukraine using the LCL and FCL methods is displayed in the table below.

Origin Port (China) Destination Port (Ukraine) FCL Transit Time (Days) LCL Transit Time (Days)
Shanghai Odessa (via Constanta) 30-40 32-42
Ningbo Odessa (via Constanta) 30-42 32-44
Guangzhou Odessa (via Constanta) 35-45 37-47

Door to Door shipping from China to Ukraine

Door to door shipping from China to Sudan is available, and in this method, we will pick up your products from your seller in any city in China and deliver them to you at your desired destination in Sudan without involving you, and DDPCH will handle all customs clearance in Sudan. The cheapest way to ship cargo from Guangzhou, China to Khartoum, Sudan is to deliver by truck to Nansha port, transfer to a vessel, and ship to Port Sudan before delivering by road to the final destination in Khartoum. The route’s total transit time is estimated to be around 39 days, which includes loading and unloading at the origin and destination, as well as terminal handling at transit terminals. When it comes to door to door shipping from China to Ukraine, the transportation is via land and air freight.

The total transit time for Door to Door shipping from China to Sudan is estimated to be around 22 days, including loading and unloading operations at the origin and destination.

Origin Port (China) Destination Port (Ukraine) FCL Transit Time (Days) LCL Transit Time (Days)
Shanghai Odessa (via Constanta) 30-40 32-42
Ningbo Odessa (via Constanta) 30-42 32-44
Guangzhou Odessa (via Constanta) 35-45 37-47


Finally, shipping from China to Ukraine can be very easy if you work with DDPCH, and the most important thing is to select the most suitable shipping method; you can ship from China to Ukraine by sea freight or air freight. The choice is based on factors such as urgency, budget, size and weight of goods, and type of goods. Our experts have years of experience in the field and can provide you with the best shipping method.

Another important point is the customs clearance in Ukraine; if you need it, DDPCH can handle 0 to 100 clearance of goods for you when shipping from China to Ukraine. For more information, talk to our experts, who are available 24 hours a day, and they will provide you with the most recent rates for all types of shipping from China to Ukraine.

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