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Why Choose a Local Chinese Shipping Company? | Advantages and Disadvantages

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Shipping and freight are always a huge part of the puzzle that is importing from China. Based on the type and size of your commodity, you will have various options such as air freight, sea freight, express shipping, etc. and totally different processes. However, the phenomenon of Local Chinese Shipping Company cannot be overlooked. In this article by ddpch, we will explain why choose a local Chinese shipping company and talk about the advantages and disadvantages.

Advantages of Choosing a Local Chinese Shipping Company

Here at first, we are going to talk about the pluses, the selling points of going with a local shipping rather than an international one.

1: Cheaper

Cheaper would be the very first reason you want Made-in-China goods. Lower labor costs, lower exchange rates, lower expenses, and other factors make the charge of Chinese forwarders much cheaper. This is not only true about shipping prices but also about other handling fees as well.

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2: More Personalized Service

Since you are working with one or two people in an independent office who will oversee your entire logistics activity, going with a Local Chinese Shipping Company can provide you with a more personal, one-to-one partnership. This situation can help enhance your operations as they become more acquainted with your operations and needs.

3: Better Market Knowledge

Without a doubt, a Local Chinese Shipping Company has more intel about the market and how to handle the logistics. Therefore, opting for a local company will increase your chances of finding better deals and gain more insight. 

Disadvantages of Choosing a Local Chinese Shipping Company

It all seems great and convenient, don’t you think? Like everything else in life, nothing is flawless, that is why in this section we are going to point out some of the down points of going with a local shipping company in China

1: Payment Troubles

Most local Chinese shipping companies only accept payment methods such as PayPal, Bank Transfer, Western Union, etc.. However, due to the transfer fees of such services, these payment methods are not always the most convenient option. So when shipping from China, these hidden transfer fees are something to weigh out.

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2: Scam Companies

We mentioned ‘Market Knowledge’ as one of the advantages of choosing a local Chinese shipping company, however, keep in mind that this very issue can lead to traps. Not knowing anything about the market and fully relying on the shipping company to sort things out might cause you to get stuck in a scam. So be sure to do your research about the legitimacy of the shipping company beforehand. 

3: Unfriendly Services

While you are on the topic of researching the company’s legitimacy, you might want to check out some of its previous owners. Reading reviews is also a great way of making sure you are going with the right company. Talk to previous customers or read feedbacks about after services supports. Some companies might not be friendly after delivering your cargo and get you in trouble afterward.

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