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LED Fair Shenzhen

LED Fair Shenzhen | Full Guide for Visitors 2020

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LED Fair is the initiator of the worldwide foreign LED series. If you are in the industry and importing from China, attending the LED Fair Shenzhen is a must. In this article, you can read more about LED Fair Shenzhen

What is the LED Fair Shenzhen?

As the benchmark of the global LED industrial chain, LED CHINA Shenzhen is aiming to building a full one-stop platform with a wide range of LED products, LED applications in various industrial sectors and solutions in expandable market segments. 

Why Visit LED Fair?

Like we said above, as an importer in the LED industry, visiting the LED Fair Shenzhen is mandatory. Here, we will get more in depth as to why you absolutely must visit this fair in Shenzhen.

Diversify the list of sources

LED Fair Shenzhen aims to build a supply chain with the most comprehensive sources of the industry. Anything about LEDs is in LED Fair: LED monitor, LED screen, LED lighting, illuminant, LED chips and packaging, manufacturing equipment and testing tool, and, most importantly, good quality.

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To benefit from the value-added services

LED Fair attracts many successful companies from the LED industry who, in addition to providing high quality LED products and after-sales services, are able to provide tailor-made custom solutions to meet consumer needs from different market segments. These technologies are gradually entering advertising media, protection and security, video conferencing, television, stage entertainment, retail and supermarket, landscape design, digital signage, smart city lighting and commercial lighting, and so on.

For new ideas from Shenzhen

Shenzhen is famous in China as the City of Development. You can find innovative LED solutions around the corner, here and there. Visiting the city itself is like getting a piece of technology. Be ready for inspiration.

LED Fair 2020 Dates

Due to the outbreak of COVID-19 worldwide, the LED Fair was initially re-scheduled for 24 to 26 of April 2020. But unfortunately, this was again postponed to a more suitable time.

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LED Fair Location and Address

The LED Fair is held at the “Convention & Exhibition Center” of Shenzhen. The address of this convention center is: 

  • Fu Tian C B D, Futian Qu, Shenzhen Shi, Guangdong Sheng, China

How to Go?

  • Get on the metro line 11 and change to line 1 at the ‘Chegongmiao’ station. At the ‘Convention & Exhibition Center’, exit at the D exit. 
  • Alternatively, take the airport shuttle bus Line 9.
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