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cheapest shipping rates from China

How to find the cheapest shipping rates from China? | Top Tips

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    For anyone importing from China, every dollar counts. Meanwhile, after purchasing all your goods, you need to focus on the shipping method. When it comes to shipping goods from China, there are numerous choices. But which ones are the safest and most economic? In this article, we will read about finding the cheapest shipping rates from China.

    Choosing the cheapest shipping rates from China depends entirely on your unique circumstances, but we hope the content below will give you some useful insights into what you should consider when bringing your products home. Let us talk about the different options you might have while importing your products. 

    Shipping Method: Post, Courier, Air cargo or Sea freight?

    Different methods of logistics can make a huge difference in both travel times and freight charges. Hence we must always assess which approach will be the most cost-effective. So depending on your unique products, you can make a decision and choose the cheapest shipping rates from China.

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    Normal Post

    cheapest shipping rates from China: Normal Post

    This means normal, daily China Post that may take up to 2 ~ 5 weeks to get to you. This is the cheapest option for small shipments, such as samples and boxes, if you can hope. You can register and monitor the information online but it can not be changed in time.

    This method is most often not recommend. 

    Advantage: Pretty cheap. 

    Disadvantage: Not Safe. Lost shipments are difficult to locate.

    Express courier 

    When it comes to finding the cheapest shipping rates from China, for most people, transporting with a courier company will be the most appropriate. Courier service, commonly used by DHL, UPS, and FedEx in China. TNT is popular in Europe but not as popular in China as the others.

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    You get fast delivery times with courier service and an online tracking facility. Most courier shipments only take 2 ~ 5 business days to reach anywhere around the globe.

    Advantage: Get delivery with seamlessness. When it arrives, all you have to do is register for the kit. Delivery is timely and effective in most cases. When a problem arises, there is a tracking number which can help to resolve the issue. 

    Disadvantage: The price is considerably higher than the postal service.

    Air freight

    cheapest shipping rates from China: Air freight

    When finding the cheapest shipping rates from China, if the weight of the imported goods is too high for couriers, 500 kg, for example, the best bet could be air shipping. The rates will be significantly lower with air freight than with courier companies.

    For not so heavy freight this way, and there are tight deadlines or tighter security controls. The transit time of air freight varies according to airline schedule but usually ranges from 2 to 10 days, which is not horrible.

    Sea freight

    Transportation by the ocean can take a long time, but it can hold a large volume of goods, bringing down the costs. Also, a major benefit of this model is the variety of cargo that can be delivered. That is why logistics mode is popular and widely used.

    If you plan ahead and have enough time to wait, despite the lengthy delivery time, sea freight will be your top choice. It will be in the range of 3~60 days depending on where you are.

    How to find the cheapest shipping rates from China?

    Shipping rates can make up a significant percentage of your overall cost of landing the product, so keeping them as low as possible at all times is important. Yet sometimes, time is more important than money.

    All about balance. Upon contemplating all the actual circumstances choose the right way. You will have to determine which reasons to declare a winner is the most important to you and your company. Of course, whether ocean or air shipping is right for you could very easily change from shipment to shipment.

    The DDPCH can manage every step of your preferred shipping method. With our years of experience in delivering sea and air freightexpress cargos, Amazon FBA, and DDP shipments, we guarantee the fastest and most reliable procedures.

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