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Finding wholesale suppliers in china

Top Tips for finding trust china wholesale suppliers (Vip Guide)

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Finding wholesale suppliers in china is hard, and there are numerous problems for those who decide to import goods from China. The main difficulties are represented by long delivery times and a high minimum quantity to order. These aspects represent a major obstacle for a cash-strapped startup that needs to import goods from China. On the other hand, finding wholesale suppliers in china means choosing all the products you want without waiting months and months to see them.

Why I choose china for wholesale suppliers?

As we know, almost 80% of goods sold in marketplaces such as Tokopedia, Shoppe, Bukalapak, and so on are imported from China. Your distributor also supplies goods from China directly, of course. You can also become an importer taking goods from China to get affordable prices with quality which is certainly quite high, especially if you import in large quantities because the suppliers will give you a discount or discount if you buy their goods.

Finding wholesale suppliers in china

Finding a wholesale supplier in China who can guarantee that the production of the goods goes smoothly and without problems is not easy. Moreover, a delay or a problem in producing the goods could mean a considerable economic loss for your business.

How to Finding wholesale suppliers in china for Imported Chinese Goods?

As we know, finding wholesale suppliers in china is not as easy as we imagine, not to mention our limitations to see the suppliers’ performance, language limitations, not being able to shop directly (if looking for Chinese suppliers through the Chinese marketplace), etc. However, every problem has a solution, right. So come on, check out the tips and tricks you can learn to get the following reliable suppliers.

Five way finding wholesale suppliers in china

You need to know that getting a supplier is not as easy as imagined, given our limitations in seeing the supplier’s performance. However, there are a few tricks you can try to get a reliable supplier, as follows:

Looking for Reference On Connection

The easiest way to finding wholesale suppliers in china is to ask or look for references through acquaintances or relatives who have experience as importers. So that they can provide specific information regarding which Chinese suppliers are reliable and of high quality. In this way, you can narrow down your search to make it easier to analyze at a later stage.

Trade on Alibaba Marketplace

Another way that you can use is to visit and transact on the Alibaba marketplace site. You must have often heard of this marketplace. Yes, Alibaba is an e-commerce platform from China that focuses more on the B2B or Business to the Business system as a gathering place for suppliers from China with their international buyers.

Alibaba also offers a fairly strict system for sorting their suppliers. However, this does not mean that all suppliers here have a good reputation. Therefore, you still have to be selective in choosing it by finding wholesale suppliers in china on this site.

Visiting Suppliers Directly

If you are visiting or traveling to China, there is nothing wrong with looking for agents or suppliers importing goods from China by visiting the shops directly. In China, many wholesale shops are used to serving importers. Therefore, they are well aware of the procedure. In addition, if you have found the right supplier, you can still haggle on the price of the goods.

Through Third-Party Services

You can also use collaboration methods or work with third parties. The point is, certain logistics companies can be used as partners to choose suppliers from China. We know that every logistics company generally has very wide connections to various countries. That’s why you can take advantage of logistics service connections to find suppliers from China.

Those are the important steps that must be done when looking to find wholesale suppliers in china easily. It may be useful!

Visiting Exhibitions

You can visit exhibition fairs where it is easier for you to finding wholesale suppliers in China. With this exhibition, all factories and suppliers gather and are divided into several categories. For example: at exhibitions, you can find electronics suppliers, machine suppliers, spare parts suppliers, toy suppliers, cosmetic suppliers, and others. So many suppliers that you can get. You can also ask for their business card if there is an important need in the future, you can contact them.


Finding suppliers to import goods from China is certainly a challenge for importers. Neighboring countries have developed not a few items to become products that have high selling value. Using the above method, you can rest assured of finding wholesale suppliers in China.

Be sure to solve the underlying problem; it is good to contact a DDCPH that constantly works with Chinese suppliers. DDCPH is the only platform that works only with serious and reliable Chinese suppliers, capable of producing goods in line with EU regulations. It also takes care of the quality control of the products, of the shipment, of the documents necessary to pass customs.

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