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best price on Chinese wholesale websites

How to find the best price on Chinese wholesale websites? (2021 Version)

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    This article is based on the experience of many years of experts in this fileld. After reading it, you will understand why it is convenient to buy from Chinese wholesale websites.

    Shopping from Chinese wholesale websites

    You can start directly from China Wholesale Websites.

    Advantages and Disadvantages:

    • Wholesale sites often offer lower MOQs than factories.
    • You can easily understand this because factories cost more to produce. They hardly accept very few orders.
    • You can buy wholesale anytime, anywhere.
    • With the development of the Internet and e-commerce industry, a business can be done online. Many Chinese websites such as Chinabrands, Alibaba, Chinavasion and Made in China offer major purchases.
    • Saves time and energy.
    • As long as you have the right producer, you can build a successful long-term relationship.  In general, buying from online Chinese wholesale websites is a simple process, you just have to wait for the order.

    Therefore, choosing a reputable supplier is very important. It is better to have a tracking number to check the status of the order.

    In addition, choose reliable supplies such as DHL, EMS, and others.

    • You can not check the desired quality alone.
    • When you receive the product, it may not be as good as what was on the web.

    Visit exhibitions and factories

    China’s largest trade fair opens in Guangzhou

    Advantages and Disadvantages

    • You may get a better price.

    By negotiating directly with the manufacturer, you will have space to save money. There are all kinds of factories at the trade fair. You have more options to choose the right option for you.

    • This is a great way to find new products.

    Hundreds of manufacturers represent their products, you can easily find out next season’s trends.

    • You have to travel to China.

    It is time-consuming and you need at least a week to visit the exhibition or factory and negotiate with the suppliers. If you do not want to buy big goods, travel is not necessary. And there are hundreds of suppliers in every show, you can not visit them all in a short time.

    Find wholesale companies from directory websites

    Find wholesale companies from directory websites

    A guide to popular suppliers and wholesalers in China.

    • Lots of directory companies to identify wholesalers.

    A directory website aims to provide information and services to businesses and individuals.

    There is a list of wholesale companies according to different filters.

    To find good suppliers, you need to find information on popular listings such as Global source, Salehoo, Wholesale, Electronic Resources.

    • You have to contact the factories yourself.

    The directory only gives you information about the manufacturers, including price, location, company name, and more. For more details, you should inquire on your own.

    • Have higher MOQ orders.

    You can understand that you are working with factories, so there is a limit to the number of orders.

    A good wholesaler needs you to choose several times, you even need to work together several times to know if this is right for you.

    However, before identifying Chinese wholesale websites, we need to do some research on them, i.e. check their price, location, and other details to choose the best one to buy wholesale from China.

    Why should we focus on the services of Chinese wholesale websites?

    Why should we focus on the services of Chinese wholesale websites?

    Although all suppliers from China are somewhat good, they operate differently in the service model and its provision and support. Some have free shipping, some have discounts, but you still need to evaluate your cost with all the options.

    Wholesale MOQ is useful for reducing risks in trading.

    First of all, you need to set your MOQ to manage your inventory. Many manufacturers and wholesalers of goods in China ask you to order the required 500-1000 goods, although their prices may be low and you may have a good profit.

    Introducing 5 Chinese Wholesale Websites

    Today, in many countries of the world, there is a great desire to buy online. Even in terms of cost-effectiveness, online shopping from wholesale sites have advantages. Over the past few years, China has been known to supply low-cost products, due to its low wage rates.

    There are several sites in China dedicated to offering wholesale products, most of which are in English to focus on international users. The following is a list of the top Chinese wholesale websites.


    This site is part of the Alibaba Group and offers goods at wholesale prices.


    Launched in 2006, the Chinese wholesale website claims to offer more than 80,000 items in various categories such as computers, electronics, mobile phones, video games, sports equipment, and hair dryers.


    DHGate is the best wholesale website in China, launched in 2004. This site specializes in providing a business-to-business database, which offers this in various categories such as electronics, computers, cars, and sportswear.


    Launched in 2006, this Chinese wholesale website is a wholesale store. This site claims to be the best wholesale website in China that offers low prices for its products through direct purchases from the manufacturer.


    This website is the cheapest wholesale website in China. This site claims to offer many products at factory prices.

    The company mainly specializes in supplying electronics in several categories such as Android phones, DVD players, MP3 players, and DVD projectors.

    About DDPCH service

    As you can see, the ddpch website offers the best services, so stay tuned to introduce ddpch services to you:

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