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Everything about door to door shipping service from China

Everything about door to door shipping service from China | Details for importers

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Some phrases in the shipping industry can be confusing for importers to follow. Door to door delivery appears to be one of them. If you are importing from China and have heard this term, read on. In this article, we provide more information about door to door shipping service from China.

What is the door to door freight?

As its name suggests, door to door shipping is when the freight forwarding company picks up your goods from the door of your consignment warehouse to the door of your own.

However, one of the biggest issues is that companies do not always realize that “Door delivery” is actually referring to the door of the warehouse. Some assume the door can mean to the door of their customer that can only be true in the case of drop-shipping or direct shipping. But in those contexts, the delivery destination is not recognized as a door perse.

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To be clear, in the door to door shipping service from China, the freight forwarding company will pick up your cargo containers from the origin warehouse door. Then takes it to the port, boards it on a ship and finalizes paperwork and redeem it at the destination port to deliver it to your warehouse.

Door to door shipping service from China

When importing electronics from China, (or any other goods), a great option for you is to choose a door to door shipping service. But why is this so important?

When importing goods from China or any other country, rules of customs are ship freight services will vary. This is especially true in a market like China with thousands of shipping options and services that are competing. In this case, collecting accurate data about every step and arranging transportation for each, might be a hassle for the importer. Hence, we recommend you to use Door to door shipping service for your cargo. Benefits of this system include:

  • Pick up services: Goods collection from a designated address to be delivered to the port of origin.
  • Shipping services: Ocean/Sea freight the cargo from the port of origin to port of destination.
  • Customs: Customs clearance services at both port of origin and port of destination.
  • Delivery services: Cargo delivery from destination port to a designated final address (warehouse).
  • Ground transport services: Covers all ground transportation costs at origin and destination.
  • Handling costs: Local and cargo handling expenses at both ports of origin and destination.
  • Surcharges: Ocean/Sea freight and surcharges.
  • Customs clearance fees: covering all customs clearance fees (excluding relevant duties and taxes).

Now that you know everything about door to door shipping service you can confidently choose this service for your next cargo. Contact DDPCH for more info on the door to door shipping service from China.

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