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Choosing air freight from China to Belgium (Brussels)? | Read first

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As the capital of the European Union, Belgium is one of the biggest importers from China. If you are also planning to join this market and import from China, this article will help you. In this text, we will explain how choosing air freight from China to Belgium works. With the information of this article, you will be able to make a confident decision about shipping from China to Belgium.

What is air freight?

Air freight (moving cargo products, unaccompanied, by plane) is usually for urgent deliveries or items that are very expensive to produce. Compared with sea freight, this method of shipping from China to Belgium is relatively expensive, and there are restrictions on what can be transported safely and legally using air cargo.

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When it comes to choosing air freight from China to Belgium, there are a number of different options to consider:

  • Consolidated freight (consoles): which carries many different shipments in one flight.
  • Back to back or direct services: in this case, a single cargo shipping from China to Belgium is carried in the hold of a scheduled plane.
  • Charter services: this method of air freight from China to Belgium rarely happens and is at a very high cost. In this type of shipping, a forwarding agency charters an entire freight aircraft for one single shipping.

Such shipments can happen in the passenger aircrafts’ holding area or in dedicated freight aircrafts capable of carrying enormous amounts of cargo on one flight.

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Shipping from China to Belgium

While choosing air cargo from China to Belgium, you are getting ahead of time as opposed to sea freight. By shipping from China to Belgium, you can have your products all the way from China to your warehouse in Brussels in less than 24 hours.

Flight duration from Beijing to Brussels is 10 hours, 25 minutes; this time for flight from Shanghai to Brussels is 11 hours, 45 minutes; travel duration from Shenzhen is 12 hours, 10 minutes; flight duration from Guangzhou to Brussels is 12 hours, 2 minutes.

Brussels airport

Brussels Airport, at the heart of Europe, is the recipient point of your air cargo from China to Belgium. This airport receives an average of 60,000 tonnages and flies out an average of 50,000 tonnages in cargo every month.

Since April 2019, Chinese Sichuan Airlines Cargo started delivering air freight services from China to Belgium. This airline is based in Chengdu Airport in Sichuan and has decided to operate direct full cargo flights to Brussels. This newly established route has started with 3 flights a week with anticipation of increasing it to 6. Via Brussels, this airline is able to cater and provide to the whole of Europe.

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