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buy product sample from a Chinese supplier. All facts

Buy product sample from a Chinese supplier{All facts 2021}

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in this post from the website we point to the facts about the product sample, payment methods, ordering, and evaluating the product that as a beginner, you need to know them.

they are a number of factors you need to know when importing products and goods from china. one of these important factors, is the product sample. when you find a reliable supplier, order the sample product is the next step. if you want to import goods from China, or elsewhere in Asia, first of all, you have to receive a sample of the required product. doubtlessly, you want to check the quality of the goods and so, the only way is to order a sample product.

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by investing in product sample you certify the survival of your business and company. the key to continue in the local market and compete with other retailers is the quality and also the price of your products. therefore, try to get the product sample before placing the order.

in this guide, we point to everything that you as an importer must know about investing in product samples.

table of contents:

  • why do I need the product samples?
  • types of product sample
  • order the product samples
  • should I pay for the product sampls?
  • how should I pay for the product samples?
  • I want to order more than one product sample. what should I do?
  • I receive the product samples. what should I do now?
  • summary
product sample

why do I need the product samples?

in most cases, it is the first time that you order such a product and usually, did not check it before. therefore, buying the product sample is the first step that must be done before placing your order with the selected supplier. not paying attention to this key factor, causes you to counter with a large number of products which stock in your warehouse and lack the required level of quality.

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there are three reasons which highlight the importance of ordering product sample:

  • review the product design: you must see the product and see whether it will be the best seller one or not. as most people care much about the design and overall look of the products, you as an importer must pay attention to consumers’ requirements.
  • review the product quality: nowadays, the measure of people for testing a product and again pay money for it is the quality. so not hesitate to test the quality of your products. they must align with consumers’ needings.
  • test the supplier: it must be proved that the selected supplier is reliable and capable to deliver all product samples before place the order. time is money for businessman and delay in delivering the orders cause a big obstacle for companies.

important tip: if you are not in the position to invest in product samples, it should be noted that some suppliers or manufacturers send the samples with no money. for example, several suppliers in Alibaba offer this service to their lpng term consumers.

types of product sample

depend on the product, samples categorized in some types which we point to in the below section:

factory sample

a factory sample is a normal sample which is not manufactured based on the buyer’s design or customized specifications.

factory sample is the most basic form of “evidence” which demonstrate the production ability of the manufacturer.

however, you should not only rely on factory samples and judge the customized product of the manufacturer as you must pay more money for customized products.

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factory samples can be divided into three categories:

  • material samples: these are not the finished products. otherwise, they are samples of materials that will use in the production of the goods {like fabric materials}.
  • randomly selected samples: these samples can be taken in the middle of the production process or at the time of paying the costs.
  • standardized samples: these types of samples are based on standard routines, for example, the parts of the machine.

custom made product samples

if you are an importer and want to import customized products from China, first of all, must see the customized samples of the selected supplier.

sometimes the seller fails to provide custom samples according to the buyer’s needs. On the other hand, in some cases, the time to manufacture this type of sample is not predictable and might take even some months.

not all the suppliers and manufacturers will be able to provide your requirements. in this time, you must review other suppliers.

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you must have information about materials which will the supplier use. do not let the supplier use low quality material as it can face you with a large product with no consumers.

note: you should not select a supplier which provides low quality samples and as long as you can, try searching for a good supplier.

production samples

these types of samples are products based on the actual process. these samples are usually used for laboratory testing, quality control, and functional tests.

usually, the third party tries to get these samples.

other types of product samples

here we mention the other types of product samples that are less common but still as an importer from China, you must know them.

virtual product samples

virtual products vary from each other and can be a 2D photo to sophisticated 3D models.

sample product

order the product samples

once you have selected a supplier, the next step is ordering the sample products. most of the suppliers and manufacturers in China support this service. you or your source agent in China can contact them and announce your requests.

in your request message you have to point to some important questions, like the price of samples, whether the samples are free or not and if they are not free, ask about the way of paying, method of shiping the product samples and the required quantity.


in the process of ordering the product samples, must pay attention to some factors: for ordering the customized products, usually, you have to order 2 or 3 ones.

now you or your source agent have to review and test the products after you receive sample products. as this sample is a reference for both you and the manufacturer, do not hesitate to analyze its quality and also other important factors.

should I pay for the product samples?

sometimes yes and sometimes no. paying the money for the product samples is something that you as an importer from China must negotiate with the supplier. some suppliers send the samples for free and some of them not. usually, we see that although the supplier sends the samples for free for their trusty consumers, they have to pay the transportation costs.

however, sometimes the supplier pays for both the samples and transportation costs. if you are getting a customized product, be prepared to pay even higher plus the shipping costs. mostly the samples are transported by the air for the period of 3 to 5 days. as a result, you should pay between 50-100 USD for larger items.

if the costs of ordering a sample are high for you, we suggest you negotiate with the supplier to receive the goods at lower prices. although the costs of ordering product samples are high, spending money in this stage means save money later.

payment method for product sample

how should I pay for the product samples?

the best way to pay the supplier is through PayPal but sometimes the factory does not have an account in this system. in these situations, you should negotiate with the supplier to find the best way of paying.

I want to order more than one product sample. what should I do?

when you want to select a supplier, ordering multiple samples to test the quality of each supplier is inevitable. in these cases, shipping each by air separately from china to other countries can be costly. the most efficient way is to ship the samples to the country that the factory is located in and then bundle them into one box. usually this service is offered by sourcing agents.

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important note: always make a list of the three best sample products that meet your requirements. in this way the decision process will be easier.

I receive the product samples. what should I do now?

when you receive the samples, the next step is to evaluate them in order to make sure that it meets to your requirements. it suggested reviewing the way each product shipped. if the box has been damaged, it means that this will happen to the larger cargos, too. see whether the own product is damaged or not.

but if you receive the sample products with no problem, you should check the product according to your reference sheet and see whether it meets your request or not.

if you can not test the products, collaborate with a lab, source agent, or specialist to test and review the quality of the product for you and report the result.


in this article from website, we tried our best to highlight the importance of ordering the product samples. try to evaluate and analyze the quality of the samples after getting them from different suppliers. if reviwing the samples is not your job, please ask a source agent or a specialist to check it.

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