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Alibaba Guide: how to choose the best seller in Alibaba ( Top Tips 2020 )

Alibaba Guide: how to choose the best seller in Alibaba ( Top Tips 2020 )

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Alibaba is the best website you can trust. many brands do their online sell with Alibaba products. you can have a reasonable reason for buying from this website. the reason is that its products are really affordable and it’s the largest website in the world. also you can have more benefits if you work directly with one manufacturer. in this case you can get more discount and create your custom products and design. however some people fear of buying from Alibaba especially when it is their first time. but you should know that this website is reputable and really safe. it introduces the manufacturers that you can trust. generally Alibaba is like Amazon or eBay. it is the parent company of 9 main companies and one of the largest capital firms in the world. in addition, it’s the biggest market place in Asia.

 Why we recommend Alibaba?

 You can use this website to find cheap products and sell them online and have a good profit.  Even Amazon  sellers buy and  sell Alibaba products. There are some rules that you should follow in order to be successful. First of all,  you should order just from Chinese companies.  Secondly,  have purchase from Gold suppliers.  Thirdly,  in payments make sure the  beneficiary name matches the company name.   Finally,  if it is your first time,  it’s better to order small  and  slowly increase your order.  What before ordering,  you should know that there are two types of suppliers,  gold and non gold.  A gold supplier for increased ranking Marketing Services, …  And Alibaba has limited identify for them.  What a gold supplier isn’t equal to good quality,  eating gives some suppliers  a legitimate and invested  seller. We recommend to work with gold supplier  though it doesn’t mean that they are the best.

 How to find the best suppliers on Alibaba?

 When you look for a product on Alibaba,  try to find three suppliers,  contact them and get the price.   And don’t forget to store the results of your search. Suppliers on Alibaba  do not reply to many buyers.  Because of that you see that the supplier response page on the search result is lower than %100.

Chinese suppliers always use Alibaba that it has been a daily activity for them.  Some suppliers have profile pages and so thousands of enquirers.  But some of these enquirers do not lead to orders. Because of this,  they don’t respond to everyone.  There are many points that have an affect on suppliers’ respond.  You should know what products you want and you shouldn’t ask just for a price list or catalog.  Also,  you should be clear and shouldn’t ask many complex questions.  In addition, your country is important for suppliers.  If your country is their  desirable country,  they will respond.  More over, it’s better to download WeChat as they prefer to communicate over it.  Be sure that if  they add you to WeChat,  they never  ignore you.  Don’t forget  the right supplier is really important  for your  import export business.  There are many suppliers that may provide your product.   But don’t decide fast. Before taking decision you must understand your suppliers and their  offers so that you can choose the best person.

 Five important tips to choose better suppliers from Alibaba:

 1. Choose many factories and suppliers

 To do this, you should  do your  market  research.  You should know you want to work  with  a factory   or  trading. company.  if  they offer too many products it means that they are a trading company and not a factory.  Trading companies can provide less product , but the quality of the products is not clear.   So it’s better to work with a factory.

2. Compare the quotes of suppliers

Analyze the suppliers’ price, quality, and quantity of the orders.  Compare their offers in details.  Also you can ask to have a trial order of a lower quantity.  In this case your can receive the products  and test them in your market  in order to be sure of the quality.

3.  Try to have a fair price for your products

 If you  bargain too much for your products, your may receive lower quality of products.  You should know that they have a business and want to make a profit.  So if the price is high it’s better to order more products in order to get less price. 

4.  Get exact samples

Sometimes  the products you receive  are not exactly  what you wanted.   Even photos of the  products that you had sent seem  that they are not exactly what you need. And you see that there are many differences when you will get the products   and see that they are not your exact requirements.  Therefore, never proceed with a first  order   without  receiving  actual samples. When you receive the samples, test them and make sure about your satisfaction of the result.  However, you should know that samples are more  expensive. But it worth to spend time and money for your first order to be sure.  After ensuring  of the quality, create a purchase order document and send it to the supplier. This purchase order should include the quality, quantity, specification, sizes, lead time and payment terms.

5.  Don’t rush factory production lead times

 Production lead times are different in the product.  As factories do not have products in stock ready to send to you,  it will take time to make and organize their manufacturing process. They have to buy  raw material , manufacture and arrange quality control test, packaging and leading for export.  So don’t hurry up. If you hurry, factory may make mistakes that will cost you more. Make sure you receive photos  and videos of the finished product  before they are packaged and sent to you.  Actually a good supplier will send you pictures. You should wait for 30 days after confirmation of your order.  Remember that suppliers do not start making your products until they have received the money.

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