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5 Top Tips to save money on shipping costs {FULL GUIDE 2022}

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If you do not care about some important factors, the shipping costs can become very high. as a businessman, however, you should calculate these costs.

For small businesses, shipping costs can play an important role in the survival of the company. If you as a trader can lower these costs, then, your profit margins will be dramatically higher.

In situations where the budget is limited, most attention must be given to these costs. The majority of the importers think that the only money they should spend is money to purchase goods or products. However, this mindset should changes.

Poor or no planning for shipping costs can result in paying more, as well as losing profits. There are several hidden costs in process of sending products or services which you must inform about them.

Tax and duty charges, sticker and signature service costs, fuel, and DDP costs are among the hidden costs which you as an international trader must know them.

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In this guide from the ddpch website, we will point to several factors which you as a business owner must consider before shipping your products to the target country. These tips help lower the shipping cost.

Table of contents:

  • Top tips for saving money on shipping costs
  • Pay attention to package dimensions
  • Consider the distance
  • Book the shipping before
  • Pay attention to holidays
  • Engage with a sourcing agent
  • Other important tips you should consider
  • Last words
  • About us
Shipping costs

Top Tips for saving money on shipping costs

For lowering the transportation costs, there are several factors which you must consider. Here are some of the factors which you must care about when getting ready to ship your cargo.

1. Pay attention to package dimensions

All the careers follow a basis for calculating the shipping costs for each package. On this basis, the weight and sizes of the package determine the transportation costs.

As a result, for lowering the shipping costs you must consider the dimensions of your package. It is suggested to use packages which completely fit your products.

Bigger packages mean you have to pay more money. Use standard packages and ask skilled product source agents to do this for you.

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One other factor that influences the costs is the weight of the package which is approximately not under your control.

One of the good things you can do is to use free packages which carriers offer to their customers. As these boxes are standard, you do not face additional fees as they are manufactured with normal size regulations.


Here are a few strategies for lightening packages:

Use corrugated boxes for packaging goods:Compared to standard cardboard boxes, corrugated boxes are a sort of e-commerce packaging that is tougher and lighter. The space between the inner and outer layers of the box is filled with rows of tiny air-filled grooves.

Use a lightweight material for packaging:

Many different packing materials are available, some of which are heavier than others. Use air pillows, packing paper, bubble wrap, foam inserts, Versa Pak wadding rolls, excelsior, and other lightweight choices. The objective is to reduce the weight of the objects by packing them tightly.

Create a unique mailing package:

You’ll need less packing material if your shipping package closely fits the size and form of your contents.
If your product sells in large quantities, the cost of creating a specialized container can soon pay for itself in reduced shipping expenses.

Check the rates available if you utilize the carrier-provided Flat Rate packaging if you send heavy things:

No matter how much the bundle is worth, it offers the same price.

Use efficient packaging techniques to reduce the weight of each shipment by a few ounces:

This might significantly increase profit margins over time and provide a strong return on your time and resource investments.

Package dimension

2. Consider the distance

The second factor which influences the total shipping costs is distance. The lower the distance, the cheaper the shipping costs will be.

Consider sending your cargos from the port closer to your target country. This way not only receive your packages sooner but also pay less for shipping costs.

Also, we suggest you not deal with several carriers. negotiate with multiple carriers and once you find a carrier that offers reasonable prices and suits your needs, make your partnership long-term.




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Always working with a special carrier, increase your power to bargain. Know that you have the negotiating power. Over time, then, your shipping costs will become less.

Distance in shipping costs

3. Book the shipping before

Consider your time you want to receive the package, as well as the shipping costs. Usually, you do not need everything to arrive in a day.

If you are shipping products which time affects them, for example, they are perishable goods, certainly, you need to receive them soon. In this situation, the only proper way of shipping is through express or air freight.

But, on the other hand, if you are shipping normal products, you can choose the slower way, for example, sea freight. It is suggested not to send products but UPS or FedEx.

Usually, it takes 40 days for a ship from China to arrive in european countries. However, it takes less time to arrive in Asian countries.

Book ahead

4. Pay attention to holidays

The next factor you must consider and to say is the most important one is considering the holidays.

As in the days, the traffic gets to the sky, the shipping costs increase, too. You have to plan before and have strategies to send your packages so that they arrive before the start of the holidays.

Not paying attention to this important fact will face you with paying more money for shipping your products on time.

In situations where you send the products to customers, you can pass the extra fee to them.

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But if you intend to import goods for your own business and plan to sell them on holidays, you have to plan ahead to ensure that not only receive your products but also not faced with extra fees.

Shipping costs in holidays

5. Engage with a sourcing agent to lower the shipping costs

You do not have information about the process of shipping products and importing if you are a newcomer. While a sourcing agent lives in the country where you want to import from, is familiar with these processes.

Working with a sourcing agent means lowering not only the shipping costs but also your time. Source agent is your representative in the country and does his best to lower the shipping costs.

As source agents are specialists in their job, know all the carriers well, and use their negotiating power.

The other things that the source agent can do for you are negotiating with the supplier, buy the products with discounts and then send them to your given address.

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Our skilled technicians in the ddpch group can be your source agent in China and all over the world. we are familiar with most of the suppliers in the country and make our bests to buy products for you. Also, we can send the products to your given address and lowering the costs significantly. our company offers you various shipping options. Contact us and let our team help you to reduce shipping costs and improve your business.

Source agent

Other important tips you should consider

Although these tips are not as efficient as those mentioned above, they play a role in decreasing your shipping costs:

  • If possible, do not pay for insurance: The chance of a package getting lost or stolen is very low, so, it is preferred not to pay extra fees for insuring your packages. As a result, you beat the high shipping costs.
  • Reuse the packages: You try to put as much like products in a package when shipping. So, we suggest you put each consumer’s product in smaller packages and then use the first boxes for using again.
  • Pay shipping costs online: If you try this way and pay with Express Mail, up to 60 percent, and also, with Priority Mail you have the chance to save up to 16 percent. Then, you can use these saving to improve your business.
Pay shipping costs online

last words; shipping costs

There are several factors which you must care about when shipping products, like paying attention to packages dimensions and, more important, considering the holidays.

When you have a shipping strategy, you do not face extra fees in preparing the packages and shipping them.

In other words, have good shipping strategies will result in lower fees and makes the customers happy.

If shipping products is not a new topic for you, actually, you are familiar with hidden costs, for example, costs of packing supplies and making your customers wait, too.

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