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20 Top Trade Show in China in 2021!

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    Reaching global markets requires moving towards an open economy and applying export strategies and looking carefully at different customers’ needs in other markets. Achieving this goal requires a strong presence in various industrial markets. One of the essential platforms for introducing and identifying technical capabilities is the trade show.

    A trade show is a center for exchanging information and achieving new phenomena of science and technology transfer. Attending the exhibition will indicate all company’s abilities.

    In other words, the trade show can be called a live advertisement. Because in the exhibition, people such as producer, distributor, consumer of goods or services come together at the right time and place.

    The exhibition is a place to indicate the progress of a region or country in various fields. It increases and raises the level of information, general, scientific, and technical knowledge of visitors.

    Today, exhibitions are not held solely for commercial purposes; therefore, they do not evaluate an exhibition’s success by the value of the contracts concluded during the exhibition because the achievements of an exhibition are beyond the trade exchanges.

    Today, most advertising and marketing experts consider the exhibition as one of the most essential marketing methods and prove that the direct return of participating in an exhibition is many times more than the costs incurred. It can be claimed that results are much more impressive than other advertising methods!

    In this century, a trade show has an important educational function. Attending an exhibition is one of the most cost-effective marketing activities. In the trade show, companies can get countless opportunities to research and study the market situation, meet competitors, and watch various fields’ latest achievements in a limited time and a place with appropriate facilities. The buyer who visits the show has the opportunity to see, touch, and analyze the products up close! Therefore, she/ he does things that she/he can’t even do on the telephone or the Internet!

    At present, developed industrial countries, such as China, are familiar with the principles and regulations of the trade show, and are they are well acquainted with new methods of advertising and marketing, export packaging systems, principles and techniques of negotiations for trade contracts, standards and mechanisms for entering global markets! 

    Besides, they are fully aware of the structure of different markets and the target countries’ economic, political, and cultural characteristics. As a result, the success rate of any company or country in export depends on the mentioned parameters, which is one of the essential missions of the trade show.

    This article aims to talk about top trade shows in China. In the end, you will have enough information about it.

    Some significant features of the trade show

    It is better to know that trade shows have some specific features that they must be taken into consideration:

    • A trade show is an industry! Whatever that leads to revenue and it adds value to a business is considered an industry. 
    • Creativity in the trade show! In the exhibition, many new ideas come to mind, and they inspire the business, and many innovations will happen in the business. 
    • Many information is exchanged in the trade show! The exhibition reduces the cost of searching to find goods with access to information. The exchange of information has precisely the same value and credibility as the exchange of goods and administrative services.
    • Thoughts are made in the trade show! The three important members of the exhibition are organizers, participants, and visitors. In the exhibition, it is possible to encounter ideas and take advantage of human talent and genius. The exhibition is a category of knowledge, talent, and user.
    • Concentration! In a specific time and place, all economic, cultural, artistic, political, and social activities are gathered, and people can easily access the information they need.
    • Evaluation and reaction of the visitor! In the exhibition, the buyer’s response and the visitor to the goods can be felt in the shortest possible time, and there is no need for a written survey.
    • Finding potential buyers! One of the most critical marketing challenges is identifying potential buyers. Trade shows provide access to unknown buyers who are difficult to reach under normal circumstances.
    • Evaluation of competitors! In the exhibition, it is possible to find out what competitors use techniques and methods. In this situation, there is a healthy atmosphere to find competitors’ progress and try to evaluate the current business level.
    • Group support! New start-ups that are not well-known in the market find the right situation in trade shows to introduce their services. This method is very cost-effective for start-ups that do not have enough marketing information in the early stages, and they can easily advertise their products and goods by paying a low cost.

    Different types of trade shows

    There are different types of trade shows that in the following, they will be introduced:

    • General trade shows: These shows are held once a year or every few years. They are a place to offer or display new products and industrial, agricultural, and household goods. The venue will also be in a specific city or region, or country. This trade show is generally held at the national level. 
    • Specialized trade shows: In Specialized trade shows, usually unique goods for specific groups or topics are introduced. In such a trade show, the new technology or technical advances are tried to be offered to interested parties and experts. The main objectives of holding these trade shows are to present the industrial and technical knowledge and promoting the sciences of scholars. Specialized exhibitions in each field attract their own audiences and provide a favorable environment for exchanging information! 
    • Exclusive exhibitions: These exhibitions display the products of one country in another country. These exhibitions can play an essential role in increasing exports and introducing countries’ capabilities to other nations.
    • Non-commercial trade show (expos): These trade shows are mainly theatrical. The latest technologies are on display to serve the business in the future.
    • Trade shows of sale or direct supply of goods: These exhibitions are less critical. It is formed in a way to eliminate the shortcomings of the distribution system and to support consumers.
    • Virtual trade shows: Virtual trade shows are one of the new achievements of today’s researchers and thinkers. They try to establish a simultaneous relationship between the seller and the buyer with the least cost and the least time. Virtual trade shows are ideas that some organizations, such as the Japan Chamber of Commerce, trying to implement. One of the advantages of such a trade show is reducing costs and time spent visiting specific exhibitions.
    • International Satellite trade shows: These trade shows are a new way by which all World Exhibition Union members can be in their homes and in the current state of holding international trade show! In this system, the satellites are placed in the orbit or predetermined orbits and transmit the details of the trade show to different parts of the world. This project, which according to many experts, is feasible and will be implemented in the next century, will create a significant change in the world of international exhibitions.

    Exhibitions are considered one of the most effective ways to introduce services and display goods and products to many potential customers and visitors. “The share of trade shows in return on investment is 10 to 1,” said Dr. Alan Konopaki, Exhibition Advisor and Head of Income International Research. 

    Many exhibitors quickly lose their significant benefits because they do not use the trade show properly. Today, the most successful exhibitors are those who are fully prepared to spend more time with visitors!

    The role of trade shows in business success

    The presence of businesses in trade shows is essential from various economic and cultural aspects. Trade shows play a significant role in the success of the business. As mentioned earlier, the trade show is most used in developing the economic market because most businesses attend the fair to promote and sell their products. 

    The presence of businesses in trade shows helps to develop customer relationships, partner, and employee search. Trade shows are an experimental market for new products, and; therefore, they serve as a market research tool. The presence of businesses in exhibitions is important for new businesses because they can gain insight into their competitors, performance, and products. The role of trade shows are as the following:

    • Economic role (The exhibition will benefit the exhibitors and visitors and the local economy in the trade show area. Hotels, restaurants, transportation companies, and companies that provide exhibition services to the organization and exhibitors also benefit from the trade show. Exhibitions offer a large number of jobs in the local area, especially for small and medium-sized companies.
    • Social role (Exhibitions have always been a tool for the exchange of knowledge modified and processed in a proper context. In today’s knowledge-based society, information is a determining resource, so the production, selection, and transmission of information is one of the most important tasks of the national economy)

    Reasons to participate in the trade show

    There are many reasons to participate in the trade show that they are as the following:

    • First reason: in the trade show, a business can show the efficiency of available goods or services
    • Second reason: the trade show is the cheapest marketing tool.
    • Third reason: it showcases the latest products.
    • Fourth reason: it allows us to study the market and identify competitors.
    • Fifth reason: it can help businessmen and businesswomen identify new needs.
    • Sixth reason: In the trade show, the company can be advertised for free using mass media.
    • Seventh reason: The trade show provides a good opportunity in a short time to know essential visitors.
    • Eighth reason: The trade show will help businessmen and businesswomen to find potential customers.
    • Ninth reason: In the trade show, a company can negotiate with the client and the visitor in a deep, detailed, and practical way.
    • Tenth reason: The trade show is a place for visiting prominent and special people. A company should recognize potential customers and distinguish them from ordinary people and negotiate with them.

    The trade show management

    Choosing an exhibition manager is one of the most critical and strategic decisions. The exhibition manager should be passionate, persistent, strong , eloquent, and all in all a leader!

    The role of the manager in the success of a trade show is very fundamental and essential. An exhibition manager must be enthusiastic, he/she should be concerned about the future of work, sensitive and persistent. She/he can plan, organize, command, coordinate, communicate, and report and budget.

    There are seven main tasks for an exhibition manager:

    • Ability to anticipate basic operations and set up an action plan to meet the organizational goal.
    • To clearly define and divide the work and powers of the forces under his/her command.
    • To successfully fulfill the responsibility, select and employ colleagues to achieve the predetermined goals desirably.
    • To make continuous decisions about specific or general activities of employees and issue orders to lead the organization.
    • To Implement the duties of different jobs of the organization to achieve organizational goals and create unity of procedure among colleagues
    • To apply reporting to supervised forces and be aware of progress.
    • To plan and budget financially and monitor and control the costs of the exhibition.

    20 Top trade shows in China in 2021

    According to the statistics presented in the “Research Report on China Exhibition Industry” published in 2018, in 2017 alone, more than 10,000 different exhibitions were held in China. China’s exhibition industry’s direct revenue is estimated at 55 billion Yuan, and the corresponding indirect revenue is estimated at 400 billion Yuan. This vast and growing industry in China has also provided one of the most significant business opportunities for many businessmen and businesswomen.

    1. Shanghai International Unattended Retail Exhibition: it is held from January 7 to 9, at Shanghai – National Exhibition and Convention Center. Business Services, AI Technology, will be introduced in this trade show.
    2. ISPO Beijing: it is held from January 14 to 16, at Beijing – New China International Exhibition Center. Business Services, Apparel & Clothing, Sports Industry, will be introduced in this trade show.
    3. Guangzhou International Travel Fair: it is held from February 25 to 27, at Guangzhou – Canton Fair Complex. Business Services, Travel & Tourism, will be introduced in this trade show.
    4. Salon du Chocolat Hong Kongit is held from February 5 to 7, at Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre. Food and beverage will be introduced in this exhibition.
    5. SPS – Industrial Automation Fair Guangzhou (SIAF Guangzhou): it is held on March 3 to 5, at Guangzhou-Canton Fair Complex. Industrial Engineering, Automation Robot will be introduced in this exhibition.
    6. China International Petroleum & Petrochemical Technology & Equipment Exhibition (cippe Beijing): it is held from March 30 to 1 in April, at Beijing – New China International Exhibition Center Categories: New Energy will be introduced in this trade show.
    7. Global Sources Electronics phase 1 – Consumer Electronics Show: it is held from April 11 to 14, at the Hong Kong Asia World-Expo Categories. Electronics will be introduced at this trade show.
    8. Canton Fair Spring International Pavilion – Phase 1: it is held on April 15 to 19 at Guangzhou – Canton Fair Complex. Electronics will be introduced in this exhibition.
    9. Canton Fair Spring International Pavilion – Phase 3: it is held on May 1 to 5 at Guangzhou – Canton Fair Complex. Food & Beverages, Arts & Crafts will be introduced in this exhibition.
    10. Hong Kong International Medical and Healthcare Fair: it is held on May 3 to 5 at Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre Categories. Health Industry, Medicine & Medical Equipment will be introduced in this exhibition.
    11. Shanghai International Bakery Exhibition: it is held on May 6 to 8, at Shanghai-National Exhibition and Convention Center (NECC) Categories. Hospitality, Food, and Beverages will be introduced in this exhibition.
    12. China Xiamen International Vegetarian Food Fair: it is held on May 6 to 10 at Xiamen International Conference & Exhibition Center Categories. Food and Beverages will be introduced in this exhibition.
    13. China Xiamen Traditional Handicraft Fair: it is held on May 6 to 10 at Xiamen International Conference & Exhibition Center Categories. Arts and Crafts will be introduced in this exhibition.
    14. Shanghai International Sugar and Liquor Trade Fair: it is held on May 6 to 8, at Shanghai – National Exhibition and Convention Center (NECC) Categories. Food and Beverages, Wine and Spirit, will be introduced in this exhibition.
    15. China Stationery Fair(CSF): it is held on June 8 to 10 at Shanghai New International Expo Centre(SNIEC) Categories. Home and Office, Stationery and Education will be introduced in this exhibition.
    16. China International Lubricants and Technology Exhibition is held from June 9 to 11 at the Shanghai – National Exhibition and Convention Center (NECC). Automotive, Industrial Products, Chemical will be introduced in this exhibition.
    17. Guangzhou Electrical Building Technology (GEBT): it is held from June 9 to 12 at Guangzhou – Canton Fair Complex Categories. Electronics will be introduced in this exhibition.
    18. International Food Beverage and Imported Food Expo: it is held on June 9 to 11, at Beijing – China International Exhibition Centre Categories. Food and Beverages, Wine & Spirits, Tea & Coffee, will be introduced in this exhibition.
    19. Motor & Magnetic Expo: it is held on July 1 to 3 at At Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center Categories. Automotive, Industrial Engineering, Plant & Machinery will be introduced in this trade show. 
    20. Shenzhen International Small Motors And Motor Industries, Magnetic Exhibition: it is held on July 1 to 3 at Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center Categories. Electronics, Industrial Engineering, Plant & Machine will be introduced in this trade show.

    Concluding Remarks 

    This article tried to talk about top trade shows in China. As we explained so far, a trade show is considered very crucial for the growth of a business. Many new ideas are presented in a trade show, and new business to the market can use them to increase their level!

    Experts in business and marketing also remind us that it is necessary for every business to take part at least in 2 trade show in a year! Interactions with new people in these places will inspire all businessmen and businesswomen to plan for the future.

    Many potential customers are in trade shows, and if you have learnt how to attract potential customers, you can easily attract them to your business.

    As you know, China is a very powerful country, and some experts believe that it will be the absolute power of the world shortly. Therefore, when a trade show is held in this country, many people go to it from all over the world.

    If you have the condition to take part trade shows in China, you will be familiar with many people that they will change your business life. Then, it is better to have a complete list of all trade shows related to your job and have a plan to participate in them!


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    How many trade shows are held in China every year?

    more than 200 trade shows are held in China every year.

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