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biggest city in china

10 biggest city in china (2021 version)

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Do you wan to know about the 10 biggest city in china? here is all you need to know. World-famous cities such as Japan, Europe, and the United States, including Indonesia, have their characteristics, depending on the country. Likewise, in China, such as Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Taipei, and Guangzhou. Each of these big cities has its uniqueness.

Where are the biggest city in China?

Other biggest cities in China scattered throughout mainland China or China are no less magnificent and interesting than the main cities. Some have become tourist destinations, historical tours related to Chinese travel in the past, cities with fashion centers, entertainment cities, industrial cities, technology, etc. Here are the names of the cities:


One of the biggest city in china is Harbin. According to the 2010 census, the city is the eighth-most populous city. Harbin is a substantial industrial base for China. To be the axis in Northeast China for economy, science, culture, and communication. What is special about the city of Harbin is the nickname Ice City because it is famous for its recreation and winter tourism spots. (winter). Beautiful ice sculpture festivals in winter often take place there. Another specialty of Harbin is that it is the center of Chinese fashion with its new designs that have penetrated the city even before arriving in Shanghai.

 NANJING: biggest city in east china

It is the second biggest city in East China and is the capital of Jiangsu province. Nanjing City has been one of the most important cities in China for thousands of years. Many historical heritage sites are there. In the field of technology, according to the Nature Index, Nanjing is among the top three cities that are the center of China’s scientific research, especially in the fields of chemical science, pharmaceutical biotechnology laboratory, wireless communication laboratory, and the best computer software. For air transportation, Nanjing has an airport called Lukou International.


 It is a city in the northeast of Zhejiang province, China. Ningbo is an important port city in the south of Shanghai city. Ningbo is also an exporter of electrical products, textiles, food, and industrial equipment. The airport in Ningbo is Ningbo Lishe International to serve domestic and international routes, including to Taiwan and Singapore. Lines for high-speed trains with a speed of 250 km per hour in Ningbo were built for routes to Hangzhou city and Wenzhou for routes to southern cities in Fujian province. There are seven expressways built to connect towns around Ningbo, namely Hangzhou, Taizhou, Wenzhou, Jinhua, Shanghai via the Hangzhou Bay and Dongguan bridges.

 SHENYANG : biggest city in northeastern china

 It is the largest city in Liaoning province, China, and northeastern China in terms of population. Shenyang is also one of the important industrial areas in China and has been a center of the heavy industry since 1930, becoming the commercial and transportation center of Northeast China, especially with Japan, Russia, and Korea. There is an airport called Taoxian International, which is located in the Hunnan district for air transportation. Other airports are East Pagoda in the Dadong district and Beiling Airport in Huanggu, which are specifically used for the company’s test flights. And Yuhong airport for military purposes. Shenyang City also has high-speed rail lines for the CRH5-001A EMU train bound for Beijing and the northeastern Chinese cities of Harbin, Dalian, and Changchun.

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 Located in Jiangsu province in East China, 100 km northwest of Shanghai. The main economy of Suzhou city is in the commercial and trade sector. Significant industries, including steel, electronic equipment, textiles, and computers, also play a role in Suzhou. The airport in Suzhou city is Sunan Shuofang International. For rail-type transportation, the city happens to be on the Shanghai-Nanjing corridor. The expressway in Suzhou city is connected to the Nanjing-Shanghai expressway. The city of Suzhou is also one of the most attractive tourist destinations in China due to its pagodas, stone bridges, and carefully designed gardens.


 The city is located in the southeast of Fujian province, China, on the Taiwan Strait. The air in this city, which is in an island separated from mainland China, is relatively clean, with low levels of pollution. With such conditions, in 2006, Xiamen was ranked 2nd as the most suitable city for a living (“most suitable city for living”). Essential industries in Xiamen city, for example, Fisheries, shipbuilding, textiles, machine tools, chemical industry, telecommunications, and financial services.

TAIYUAN : biggest city in north china

 One of the nicknames of this city is “Dragon City”. Taiyuan is the largest city as well as the capital of the Sanxi province in North China. Taiyuan is one of the main industrial bases in China, including coal, which is the mainstay of Sanxi province. The biggest city in china has also been the center of coal trading transactions since 2012. The airport in Taiyuan city is Taiyuan Wusu. Serving flights to major Chinese cities such as Beijing and Shanghai and coastal cities, such as Dalian.


 It is the capital of Hubei province and one of the nine urban centers of China. Wuhan is also known as the “China Highway.” Its transportation is connected with dozens of rail, highway, and expressways that pass through/through the city and connect other significant towns. Due to its important role in domestic transportation, Wuhan has also been dubbed the “Chicago of China” by some overseas sources. Chicago is the name of an extensive and famous city in the United States. Wuhan is also the transportation, education, cultural, financial, economic, and political center of Central China.


 The city is located in northwest China in the province of Sannxi. Since 1990 it has been part of the economic revival of mainland China, especially in the central and northwest regions. Xi’an is also a cultural, industrial, and educational center with facilities for China’s research and development, national security, and space exploration programs. The Xi’an metropolitan area Xianyang is the most populous city in Western China. According to a July 2012 report by the Economist Intelligence Unit, Xi’an is among the top 13 megacities in China.


 It is the capital of Henan province. To become the center of education, technology, economy, and politics in the province. Zhengzhou is an industrial city that produces tractors, locomotives, plantation machinery and electrical equipment, cigarettes, and meat processing. Several other high-tech industries have grown in recent years. Become the axis of transportation such as roads, railways, aviation, and communications. A train line from this city connects to Europe and a busy international airport to Asia, Europe, Africa, America, and Oceania.


 Changchun City is also the “City of Automobiles” or the city of automotive cars. That’s because the largest city and at the same time the capital of Jilin Province, its primary industry is the manufacture of automobiles. Because of the important role of the automotive industry, there are also those who call Changchun the “Detroit of China.” Detroit is the name of a city in Michigan in the United States, which is the automotive industry. Changchun is the largest research, development, and automobile industry center in China.

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