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Why to choose UPS for shipping from China?!

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Within 200 years, the World has experienced significant changes. Due to technological advancement, many people can go to the farthest corners of the World and provide their business products. 

Then, they can give these packages to different companies to transport them to the preferred destination. There are different services for making freight forwarding easier for businessmen and businesswomen, and they choose one of them according to their situations.

No matter how long is the destination, these companies will do it for you!

Therefore, it is not surprising to see different courier companies which offer several services, but if you want to choose the best, you must know each of them completely, and then decide which one meets your needs!

UPS is one of the prominent companies for delivering packages to different parts of the World. Now, it has connection to more than 220 countries. This company has tried to enhance the nature of services giving to customers in these years, and it is one of the most powerful company for delivering boxes!

This article aims to discuss why to choose UPS for shipping from China. After finishing this article, you will have enough information. 

UPS in China 

UPS is an American international company which was established in 1907. After some years, this company tried to expand its activation beyond America, and it opened the headquarter in China in 1988. 

In those years, China’s potential resources were well-known, and many prominent companies have started to branch in this country. 

China is a great country that offers high-quality and low-price products. Therefore, it is not surprising that many people worldwide go to this country to order products for their business.

It is nearly 30 years that UPS works in China, and there is no doubt that some people choose UPS for shipping from China. 

The headquarters of this company is located in tow important cities, Shenzhen and Shanghai. It offers many options to those who want to transport small, medium, or large packages inside or outside the country. Weekly, more than 200 flights are operated to deliver the boxes, indicating this company’s superb facilities. 

Some of the insurance services offered by this company that causes many people to prefer UPS for shipping from China are as below:

  • Cargo Insurance (It insurances goods for transit to anywhere in China and the World) 
  • Trade Credit (It enables the customer to grow business in China and save from bankruptcy and potential risk)
  • Global Asset Based Lending (It provides the warehouse for customers) 

Competitive advantages of UPS for shipping from China for Express Services

When it comes to express delivery, it indirectly refers to the fact that the customer time is limited. UPS offers an extensive option for express services. The speed of delivery in this company is yet unrivaled. The technologies and shipping tools are designed to satisfy customer desires, and they are not expensive. 

Besides, the customer can track the shipment, creating trust between the customer and this company. It is not surprising that when many people are in a hurry and want their packages delivered safely, use express services in USP for shipping from China.

The other services for import or export the packages to or out of China are as below:

  • The professional team of this company helps you to plan, ship, and import
  • This company’s experienced team allows you to find, manage tariff codes, and calculate landed cost estimates. 

By all these excellent services, there is no doubt about choosing UPS for shipping. Customers can rely on this company, and it is one of the significant achievement of UPS.

China Europe LCL Rail Services 

Many businessmen or businesswomen transport their packages from China to other countries, and many of them choose UPS for shipping from China, becuase this company has tried to expand its services. 

In 2020, UPS added an option to LCL service from China to Europe for rail shipments. It provides more flexibility in-transit time, and it is a great advantage for all businessmen and businesswomen who choose this company for shipment. 

This service has more advantages that they are as below:

  • Low prices for shipment 
  • Providing a more flexible plan for a weekly door to door service 
  • More reliable and fixed delivery plan and transit times 
  • Better tracking 
  • A more environmentally friendly way for transportation (because in this way, the carbon emissions reduce!)

UPS in Shenzhen 

As mentioned before, one of the headquarters of this company is in Shenzhen in China. This company has taken this prominent hub and tried to process its facilities. 

UPS has increased its capacity to 50% for super large packages. Then it is an incredible chance for customers to choose UPS for shipping from China. 

This hub has separate sorting for express and cargo shipments. Also, it has on-site custom office and processing for clearance for import commodities. 

This company owned a self-operated aircraft that gives a professional face to this company and causes many people to know it as the first and the last option. 

Concluding remarks!

This article tried to point out some essential and prominent USP features in China and why people choose UPS for shipping from China. There is no doubt that it is a great company, and it has valuable experience for freight forwarding from China to different countries. 

But there are many other courier companies that before choosing UPS for shipping from China, it is better to gather reliable information about them. 

Each company’s official website is the most reliable center for getting information; hence, you can read reviews that they are significant in choosing the best. 

Many people, who have experience in shipping from China, suggest local companies. Then it is a good idea to know them too!

It is expected from person, who lives in the 21st century and she/he has easy access to the internet, to examine different companies and after that, choose the one that meets all his/her needs!


Dear customers;

If you need an impressive rate and competitive offer for Door to Door Rail and Trucking service from China to European countries, please contact our Sale Team.

Id UPS still shipping from China?

From 26 march of 2020 and until further notice, the UPS service guarantee is suspended for all shipment from any origin to any destination.

How long does it take UPS for shipping from China to USA?

It is 1 to 2 weeks for regular posts, 3 days for air express, 8 to 10 days for air freight and 30 to 40 days for ocean freight.

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